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Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters Mixx - Latest news and top videos and photos from around the web Clipmarks - What are you finding on the web? Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate ... Sharing Stream, Real-time Sharing, Trending Shares - ShareThis Stream Trending Content API Provides access to real-time socially trending content across the ShareThis Publisher Network of 2M+ websites. Overview Users sharing content on social networks, or friends and followers clicking on shared links indicate a measure of social popularity for content. We refer to this as Social Reach. How it works 1. Do you want to see the API in action? Base Endpoint URL Get Live Trending Content This is the method for requesting the latest list of URLs that are socially trending based on the sharing activity of all users in the given time period, domain and/or topic. Call description: Response description: - fresh links for developers Skimit - Home - Visually bookmark options you are considering fo The Next Big Web Thing In what language do deaf people think? December 26, 2003 Dear Cecil: In what language do deaf people think? I think in English, because that's what I speak. — Cathy, Malvern, Pennsylvania Cecil replies: You're on the right track, kid. The language of the deaf is a vast topic that has filled lots of books — one of the best is Seeing Voices: A Journey Into the World of the Deaf by Oliver Sacks (1989). The folks at issue here are both (a) profoundly and (b) prelingually deaf. About one child in a thousand, however, is born with no ability to hear whatsoever. The profoundly, prelingually deaf can and do acquire language; it's just gestural rather than verbal. Sign can be acquired effortlessly in early childhood — and by anyone, not just the deaf (e.g., hearing children of deaf parents). The answer to your question is now obvious. Still, sometimes we can get a glimpse. — Cecil Adams

Reddit es un sitio web de marcadores sociales, en el cual se pueden agregar noticias, link, videos etc donde los usuarios pueden dejar enlaces a contenidos web. Igualmente es importante mencionar que trata de una web, donde los usuarios publican contenidos y enlaces a páginas externas para que los visualicen otros usuarios.
Reddit ha cambiado mucho de manos, ya que fue fundada en junio de 2005 por Esti Fransman y Alex Ohanián con la ayuda de un fondo de inversión llamado y Combinator, después entre un juego iron swartz que decidió combinarlo con su sitio info amigo, posteriormente la editorial condé nast lo compró y decidió despedir a Armas Wards, después de eso su crecimiento de red fue aumentando poco a poco y en 2008 pasó a ser de código abierto. by carloshernan2 May 18

Watch Faking it Season 3 in here >> by ucansee Mar 16

This website is very simple and has many useful informations on it. Lot of infos on informatic stuff such as : programming, scripting, games etc.I really appreciate it, it helped me out for a bunch of stuff on internet and some problems i had with my computer. Thanks everybody from being on Reddit ! by zoombir Feb 7

Mensen wijzen elkaar op bijzondere websites:
handig, inspirerend en de kwaliteit is heel behoorlijk. by judith.verbeek Feb 16

Ce site est le meilleur site sur internet à l'heure actuel pour s'informer sur toutes sorte de nouvelles. Son principe est le suivant: C'est un site où la première nouvelle en haut de page est en lien avec le nombre de vote qu'elle a reçu et de la nouveauté de la nouvelle ( 2 facteurs). Pour voter, il suffit de s'inscrire sur le site (gratuit). On peu retrouvé l'icone ( genre d'extra terrestre au yeux rouge) sur à peut prêt tous les sites internets donnant des faits d'actualités ( politique, économie, science, etc.), autres ( jeux, etc.) . Le principe est d'aller sur un site ou l'on peut retrouver cet icône et si vous aimer la nouvelle de cliquer sur l'icône. Cependant, il est important de mentionner que le sites est en anglais, ce qui peut-être difficile pour certains élèves au début, mais à la longue très pratique pour apprendre l'anglais. by justlb Apr 9

Site de nouvelles fonctionnant au vote. Les nouvelles les plus recommandées se retrouvent au haut de la liste. by frederic.larochelle Feb 12

but to each their the end i just want the world to be a better place by randyindiego Nov 21

by randyindiego Nov 21

we are learning more and more everyday how governments are corrupt thanks to recently leaked files by randyindiego Nov 21

obviously governments are nervous about the public reaction so are weary to release all of the truth they have hidden away by randyindiego Nov 21

by randyindiego Nov 21

i too use to scoff at the idea of aliens but once you honestly open your eyes and mind. a nasa scientist wrote a book claiming to have found life on mars and has pictures as well by randyindiego Nov 21

why are you so egotystical to believe we are the only life in this infinite universe? by randyindiego Nov 21

no there are countless testimonies, eye witness accounts, stonehenge, pyrimids, top military officails have confessed as well by randyindiego Nov 21

actually that says science rejects that the earth is hollow, so why would i believe it is, that like the cop out "faith"-the belief in something that is not there. by randyindiego Nov 21

All you have successfully proven is that you clearly have no understanding of how the scientific method or critical thinking works. Congratulations randy, you're as uninformed as the religious zealots. Since you'll believe anything, here is "proof" that the Earth is hollow: by jmile69 Nov 21

proof cannabis is safer than alcohol by randyindiego Nov 21

proof our monetary system is not run by our govt by a rivate corporation, the federal reserve: by randyindiego Nov 21

proof that religion is false: by randyindiego Nov 21

jfk was inside job proof: by randyindiego Nov 21

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