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Arjen Lucassen Guilt Machine Cover and original artwork by Christophe Dessaigne Logo and layout by Thomas Ewerhard Release dates Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 28 August 2009 Europe: 31 August 2009 North America: 29 September 2009 Released by Mascot Records Editions Limited Edition 32-page Digibook (CD + DVD)Special Edition Digipack 24-page booklet (CD + DVD)Regular Edition Jewel case 24-page booklet (CD only) Guilt Machine Bio Guilt Machine: Jasper, Arjen, Lori (2009) Arjen Lucassen has never been afraid to follow his instincts. Jasper Steverlinck (2009) Arjen’s unwillingness to bow to trends and outside expectations is once again apparent in his latest release, On This Perfect Day, the first album from his new project Guilt Machine. Artistically, Guilt Machine is a deeply personal statement reflecting years of emotional turmoil. Arjen Lucassen - Guilt Machine (2009) “Depression is something I’ve also struggled with for most of my life,” adds Lori Linstruth. Lori Linstruth - guitars and lyrics (2009) Track List 4. Downloads

Star One With a career spanning more than three decades, composer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen has firmly established himself worldwide as driving force in progressive rock. While best known for his rock opera project Ayreon, the multi-talented Dutchman also regularly embarks on musical side projects such as Ambeon, Guilt Machine and Star One. Arjen’s side projects all explore different aspects of his musical personality, with each new release being a creative reaction to the style of its predecessor. Star One is no exception. Space Metal (2002) Space Metal (2002) The first Star One album, Space Metal (2002) was Arjen’s reaction to his previous project, the relatively soft Ambeon. After releasing the first few Ayreon albums, Arjen had noticed that many others were following in his footsteps and releasing their own rock operas. So with all these singers, why not just call Space Metal an Ayreon album and be done with it? Space Metal Arjen! Victims of the Modern age (2010)

Ayreon New Ayreon Release – The Theory of Everything AYREON was born two decades ago Arjen was suddenly and inexplicably overwhelmed by a compulsion to create rock-operas. This was back in the 1990s, the era of grunge and alternative rock, so the idea of releasing a rock opera was unthinkable to most sensible people. Flash forward to 2010, and Ayreon has won Arjen so much critical acclaim that he can now draw from a vast pool of vocalists and musicians who are eager to work with him. Every artist I contact has to be into Ayreon from the start. Musically, Ayreon albums tend to be characterized by extreme opposites: brutal guitars cut to lighthearted mandolins, classic roaring Hammonds collide with screaming digital synths, and dark death grunts battle angelic celtic voices. People often ask Arjen to name his favorite album, but for him “it’s impossible to say. A chronological Overview of Ayreon albums The Final Experiment (1995) ‘The Final Experiment‘ is Arjen’s first rock opera.