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Matt Warnock Guitar - Your Online Guide to Playing Better Jazz Guitar

Matt Warnock Guitar - Your Online Guide to Playing Better Jazz Guitar

Learning Charlie Parker | Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing Today GuitarBytes - FREE bite-sized video podcast lessons on effective guitar technique Follow our FREE weekly video podcast lessons to learn about some of the key Jazz, Blues and Contemporary guitar playing techniques and how best to use them. These video podcasts are suited to guitar players from intermediate levels and upwards and are sure to complement any guitar tuition you currently receive. Darren is an accomplished virtuoso guitarist and founder of GuitarBytes. As a composer, arranger and professional musician Darren has performed with many musicians as diverse as Jools Holland to members of Girls Aloud. He is also a regular performer at the Edinburgh Festival, Southport Jazz Festival and Scarborough jazz festival to name but a few. Visit Darren's website now!

Jazz Blog, Ear Training, Jazz Trumpet, Atlanta Jazz A cohesive solo flows together and has a sense of logic to it. Each part builds upon the last, whether rhythmically or melodically, as it guides you to the end of the solo. The sense of cohesion makes you feel like the solo is a deliberate and well-constructed piece of music. The opposite of a cohesive solo is one that meanders without any sense of direction or purpose. NOTE: When I described a meandering solo in the previous paragraph, I wasn't talking about free or avant-garde jazz. There are several ways to build a cohesive solo, but I think the easiest method is through the use of motif development. You can use motif development in a variety of ways when creating a solo. Motifs are also a great way to start a solo. In the clip below, I start out with a 5-note motif that contains the notes of the blues scale in descending order. iwasdoingallright - audio clip - Simple solo with a single motif. Create a relatively short motif with 3-5 notes from the blues scale.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Archive - Free Guitar Lessons Online - Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons The following free guitar lessons have been created with the beginner in mind. It is suggested that new guitarists begin at lesson one, spending at least one week learning the exercises and songs in that lesson before moving on. Learning to relax while playing guitar will help immeasurably, so be sure to have fun! Learning Guitar - Guitar Lesson One Have you always wanted to play guitar, but never got around to actually getting started? Learning Guitar - Guitar Lesson Two This free guitar lesson picks up where lesson one left off. Learning Guitar - Guitar Lesson Three Lots more instruction for beginner guitarists in lesson three, including learning a blues scale, a new strumming pattern, three new chords, and many new songs. Learning Guitar - Guitar Lesson Four In the fourth installment of this this free guitar lesson series, we learn about power chords, note names on the sixth and fifth string, new strumming patterns, plus a whole bunch of new songs.

The Key Bop Chronicles | a blog about improvisation, piano, and the Jazz tradition In a recent appearance on the NPR quiz show ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, the actor Kevin Bacon was asked how he felt about ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’, a game which was invented by college students in the 1990s inspired by Bacon’s seeming omnipresence in movies of that era. (I recently ate an excellent takeout burger from Bad Apple, a Chicago bar owned by Craig Fass, one of the inventors of the ‘Six Degrees’ game.) Bacon told Peter Sagal, the host of ‘Wait, Wait’, that he was initially ‘horrified’ to learn of the game. In its simplest form, the game allows one movie buff to challenge another to start with any combination of a film and an actor, move to another film which shares at least one actor with the first film, and continue the sequence until they find the shortest possible path to a film involving Bacon. Bacon said of his initial reaction, ‘I really thought it was a joke at my expense.

Jazz Improvisation techniques, tips, & inspiration - Ryan's Smashing Life Combo for Evere: Comment jouer du Jazz. Comment jouer du Jazz. Il faut distinguer deux disciplines l'improvisation comme soliste (en anglais : 'improviser' ou 'soloist') d'une part, et d'autre part l'accompagnement ('comping') comme équipier ('sideman').Il faut distinguer ensuite deux pratiques, à savoir l'apprentissage et l'exécution. Cette distinction est beaucoup plus subtile qu'il n'y paraît au premier abord. En effet, à la grande différence de l'apprentissage de la musique classique, le but de l'apprentissage du jazz est l'exécution improvisée, et non pas l'exécution exacte, fidèle à une quelconque partition (il n'y a pas de 'texte', au sens où on l'entend en classique). Le but de l'apprentissage du jazz est de parvenir à jouer autre chose que ce que l'on a appris. "uun- et- deeux- et- troois- et- quaat- et- uun-…" rythme binaire avec 8 croches par mesure, de longueur inégale et d'importance inégale ('croches swinguées'). "un- et- deux- et- trois- et- quat- et- un-…" "uun- ET! - soit quatre noires inégales : "Uuuun- DEUX! D.

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