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Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law

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Bob Bowman: Star Wars Secrets & Lies (3) 1 Billion AGAINST Indefinite Detention without trial law Billionaires Bet Big on Market Crash (The Reason Why Is Shocking) - The Sovereign Investor Investment titans are making massive billion-dollar bets that the stock market is approaching an imminent crash, but perhaps most shockingly of all … is why. Multibillionaire Carl Icahn, for example, recently increased his short positions by 600% … betting as much as $4,321,000,000 that the stock market will plummet sharply and suddenly! George Soros — who is considered to be the most successful hedge fund operator in history for timing market crashes — is getting in on the action, too. He just made a $2.2 billion bet that the market would collapse. Even famed investor Jim Rogers went on record saying: “A $68 trillion ‘Biblical’ collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans.” Mysteriously, just about every major financial whale is taking specific steps against the market … all at the same time. In fact, we haven’t seen this many concentrated bets on an immediate crash since 2008 when the stock market collapsed by 58%. The glaring question is … what’s coming that has them so sure?

Rense & Marti Oakley Guardianship Theft, Looting And Murder The president must go Who gives the president that authority? Not the Constitution. Also, did you hear about the National Defense Authorization Act? Sens. David Vitter and Mary Landrieu betrayed us and voted for this, and eventually it went to Obama, who went against his promise to veto it. I would have had a better opinion of the president if he vetoed it like he promised. The Russians, whom we harass over their human-rights record, are criticizing this administration for essentially legalizing martial law. Under this NDAA, the U.S. military has free rein to arrest and detain anyone indefinitely without trial. So did the terrorists win? We are becoming a police state and forced into bankruptcy. I am almost certain President Obama will win re-election no matter his challenger. Even if Mitt Romney were to somehow beat him in the general election, he is just another progressive who will continue this stupidity. So either way, it won’t be good. If we can be thrown in prison indefinitely, why can’t they? Terril Hebert

most dangerous bill | S.510 'food safety modernisation act' Senate Bill S510 Explained… Sort of… 1. It puts all US food and all US farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency. It resembles the Kissinger Plan. 2. COMPLIANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act*, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. 15 GOP senators help Democrats Kill Constitution In a stunning expansion of the power of unelected bureaucrats to control the population, the U.S. Not a single Democrat voted against the ominous measure, which was first submitted by ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, D-Illinois. While the vast majority of Republicans voted against this assault on the Constitution, 15 broke ranks and helped Obama and the Leftwing Democrats that presently run Congress seize control over the food supply. Among the Republican defectors the most surprising is normally staunch conservative David Vitter. A previous article by Mr. Like this:

Fukushima May Yet Wipe Out Life on Earth: An Interview with Prof. Tony Hall (14) Recall Every Congressman Who Voted for the NDAA How Bilderberg Will Use Technology to Rule by 2050 Aaron DykesActivist Post Are you ready, or do you have any idea what the future has in store? Bilderberg 2014 focused on technology – with mass surveillance and Big Data putting an “end to privacy” and initiating dominance from an “Internet of Things” where we live in public, and under the thumb of digital control. Watch this special video report: The End of Privacy, the Era of Big Data and the Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) are all milestones in an ongoing plan for social control – taking shape and updating annually at the elitist Bilderberg conferences. 2014 only amplified that trajectory… The lure of the infinite possibilities of the Internet, the convenience of “smart” gadgets, endless entertainment and various environmental pretexts are letting “them” take control of a world where they monitor your lives and steer it via digital authorizations and a digital global currency. Aaron Dykes is a co-founder of, where this first appeared.

Don't ever give up hope that people will open their eyes and see the truth. There is a man in heaven with all power working to do just that by leslymill May 8

Although I may feel that we have crossed the point of No Return (sense 9/11),
I do believe that this video is quite compelling, straight forward & honest as to,
what is happening around us, It is so very sad to know that there are those who,
Apron seeing this, will still scoff, roll their eyes & say that it's just a bunch of cooks,
Acting like Chicken Little, & They will continue to believe that nothing is happening,
For I live with such a person.....
Thank You for sharing this very informative video....... by nightshade May 7