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Never miss another workout.

Never miss another workout.
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Withings - Smart products and apps - Homepage Open Oxylane 24me | Smart Personal Assistant Quantified Self | Self Knowledge Through NumbersQuantified Self | Self Knowledge Through Numbers Dismoioù Dismoioù est un moteur de recommandations qui vous aide à trouver les bonnes adresses autour de vous. Grâce à sa communauté de plus d'un million de membres, vous saurez toujours où vous rendre pour sortir, manger ou bien faire du shopping ! Ainsi, avec Dismoioù : - Trouvez les lieux qui vous plairont et faites de bonnes découvertes, - Participez à Dismoioù en notant les endroits que vous visitez pour conseiller la communauté d'utilisateurs, - Trouvez les informations dont vous avez besoin sur un lieu (téléphone, adresse...) et partagez vos sorties avec vos amis. Dismoioù est disponible sur : - iPhone, - iPad, - Android, - et sur Bada. Gagnez jusqu'à 80 Maximiles par semaine ! Comment gagner vos points sur le service Dismoioù ? 1. Combien de points gagnez-vous ? * Check-in : permet au service de géolocaliser l'endroit où vous êtes positionné et de le notifier à votre communauté. Vous pouvez gagner en 1 semaine jusqu'à : 80 Maximiles

The Daily Muse Expands From A Community For Professional Women To “The Muse,” A Career Destination For Everyone The Daily Muse is rebranding today to serve a wider audience. The company has expanded and is going under the name The Muse now, which includes job listings, company profiles, and a career advice publication under the old name, The Daily Muse. The Daily Muse originally targeted women in their twenties and thirties, but The Muse will now offer content for all professionals. “As we grew, we began to notice something we didn’t expect: People we didn’t intend to find us, who we didn’t think would need or use our resources, came in droves,” the company wrote in a blog post today. The site, founded by ex-McKinsey analysts Kathryn Minshew, Alexandra Cavoulacos and Melissa McCreery, launched in September 2011. Minshew says one reader said he used the site every day for a month or so before realizing that it was targeted at women; he likened the experience to going to the bathroom and realizing there aren’t any urinals there.

Nieuwe Heren Aegis: as stated in the Iliad, is the shield of Zeus, possessing great powers, forged by Hephaestus with a surface of gold like scaly snake-skin. With Urban pollution growing out of hand, and lifespans diminishing due to airborne pollutants we felt the urge to design a jacket that counters those effects. A sensor in the parka registers hazardous molecules and signals you of the intensity. The more Led’s illuminated the worse the air quality. A built in respirator with an active carbon filter helps you inhale fresh air. Biking/walking through the city wearing this garment even contributes to the air quality, as the suit is treated with a TiO2 (titaniumdioxide) solution, which cleanses the air due to it’s photocatalystic properties. The garment is created from schoeller®-Ceraspace™, a scaly fabric created out of ceramic particles, making it far more abrasion and heat resistant then leather.

Fotolia Instant Soyez créatifs ! Fotolia Instant est une invitation à créer en s’amusant, en toute spontanéité ! Le rire d’un enfant, des amis en plein été, l’être aimé sous la lumière matinale, un paysage à couper le souffle... Nous voulons voir des clichés inspirés de la vie comme elle vient ; des images pleines de fraîcheur, la capture de moments authentiques. Nous choisirons les photos qui seront à l’image de l’esprit que nous voulons insuffler à cette collection. Gardez à l’esprit que plus vous modifiez votre image, moins elle a de chances d’être achetée. Breather Founder Explains How On-demand Rooms Could Unlock Cities With An App [TCTV] Breather is a new startup billed as a sort of “Zipcar for rooms”. Announced at the LeWeb conference in London and due to launch later this year, it’s closed $1.5 million in funding from Canadian VC Real Ventures, along with Gary Vaynerchuk, Loic Le Meur, Mike Walsh and others. The idea is to have a network of well-kept rooms – sort of mini business lounges – which a user can unlock with a smartphone app. That’s it. The idea is to create rooms where people can chill out, rest or get work done in peace and quiet. To literally take a breather. The startup has partnered with Lockitron, makers of a lock that enables you to lock/unlock a door with your phone. Of course, it would appeal to travellers or business people but also to the rising number of global nomads, as well as to real estate companies that have rooms in buildings which are burning cash but bringing nothing in. After New York City, there will be a slow national roll out, with other cities in the pipeline, like London.