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All In The Mind - 29 January 2011 - That Does Not Compute: the hidden affliction of dyscalculia Natasha Mitchell: Well, the full force of 2011 is with us, isn't it, what a tumultuous start to this la Nina year for so many of us here in Australia, in Brazil, in Sri Lanka. It's hard to comprehend the scale of it all. Natasha Mitchell on board, welcome to a year of fresh shows on the rich life of the mind. Numeracy skills are on the nose in Australia. We're more familiar with dyslexia, that difficulty with processing words, but it seems that up to 8% of us struggle with numbers, arithmetic and calculations because of a legitimate condition called dyscalculia, a condition that's flown under the radar for too long. Lucie: I do lots of French activities with my dad, create movies with my dolls, dance, I write stories with my computer all the time and would print it out and my mum takes it to work and shows a man who does lots of scripts and he says she could become a script writer. Can you tell the time right now? Corinne Podger: And what time is it Xavier? Xavier: 7.30 yes.

The Last Straw: DKE Sponsors Hate Speech on Yale’s Old Campus : BROAD RECOGNITION Yale is not new to fraternities acting in despicable, misogynistic ways. The Women’s Center has tried to deal with horrible forms of chauvinistic actions conducted under the guise of fraternity rush processes. Yale’s female freshmen are not new to the feeling of being unsafe– as last year’s “Pre-Season Scouting Report” demonstrates. The words: “No means yes, yes means anal.” If “[n]o means yes,” there is no such thing as rape. The symbol of the action: A mob of men inciting violence and intimidating women, in a place where almost all freshmen women have their residences. What is the significance of a moving gang of men, chanting in deep, throaty, voices for sexual assault– more specifically, for rape? The action itself: An organization calling for young men to participate in such an action, in order to be included in said organization. This act was committed under the aegis of the “rush” process, in which new pledges must perform a series of tasks in order to join the fraternity.

Stopping bullying: why gender matters I get so fed up with conservative groups who are against educational programs that specifically address issues of gender and sexuality in schools. There were recent controversies in Vallejo, CA and Alameda, CA over this issue. They argue that generic anti-bullying programs are sufficient to stop the negative behaviours that happen between students in schools. Generic anti-bullying programs don't work - we need to specifically name and address the more common and painful forms of bullying that happen between students to have any impact. I'm going to write a brief case-study based on a recent series of workshops I gave in a high school to prove my point. When I begin a workshop with a group of students I start by asking them if they have seen various forms of bullying in their school. * physical bullying (tripping, shoving, knocking books, etc.) * verbal bullying (name calling, spreading rumours, telling mean jokes) * non-verbal bullying (exclusion, drawing pictures, gestures, mean glares)

David Schreck on Politics in BC How to Read People: Detecting Lies Have you ever wished that you could tell when someone is lying to you? Whether you’re dealing with Mike the mechanic from the local repair shop, or watching one of our beloved politicians on prime time, learning how to ferret out deception is a deserving skill in a world very unlike Pleasantville. It is in this final post on How to Read People, that I go into detail about how you can detect lies. How to Read People – Series 1. Human communication is an extremely complex exchange. There seems to be some limitation built into us whether by learning or by the design of our nervous systems, a limit that keeps our channel capacities in this general range – determined by George Miller author of The Magical Number Seven. Because of our apparent limitation in conscious processing, the average Joe can only detect lies with about 50% accuracy. If you have any hesitation in ever meeting me, for fear that I’ll unveil your deepest secrets, let it be known that I haven’t yet reached this level.

Farmers’ union wants Canada-EU trade deal scrapped Epoch Times | Oct 20, 2010 Farmers’ union wants Canada-EU trade deal scrapped Proposed agreement will boost trade and the economy, says Van Loan By Joan Delaney Epoch Times Staff With the fifth round of talks in the proposed Canada-EU free trade agreement taking place this week in Ottawa, the National Farmers Union has launched a campaign against the deal, saying it threatens the democratic rights of Canadians. The NFU says too much is being bargained away in the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and want it scrapped. The organization, which obtained a draft of the agreement earlier this year, says CETA would subject farmers to “draconian” property rights enforcement measures, including the virtual elimination of the age-old practice of saving, reusing, and selling seed from their crops. “It includes the freezing of bank accounts too, so you couldn’t even defend yourself in court. “That’s a tremendous platform for Canadian companies from which to compete.” “Why?

5 Cases of Workplace Bullying That Led To Tragedy Intimidation. Threats. Berating. Teasing. Horror stories of bullied kids killing themselves to be free of the constant torment they face from peers have even pushed several states to create laws against bullying, encouraging individuals to report school bullying incidents to authorities. From the playground to the office, the struggle for power continues well into adulthood and the effects of adult bullying can be severely detrimental. Workplace bullying is defined as the In the majority of cases, bullying in the workplace is perpetrated by management but it can also occur with clients, subordinates and co-workers. Driven to Death Image source: Journal de Montreal Take for instance the recent suicide of Carl Dessureault. When he returned to work, the mocking resumed. No Help For Dedicated Nurse Image source : Daily Mail Gettins kept a diary detailing the torment she suffered at the hands of staff. Cooking Nightmares Image source: SMH A Writer’s Woes Image source: The Hook Image source: CBS

Amy Goodman: Obama in the Company of Killers Obama in the Company of Killers Posted on Nov 9, 2010 By Amy Goodman If a volcano kills civilians in Indonesia, it’s news. As the people around Mount Merapi dig out of the ash following a series of eruptions that have left more than 150 dead, a darker cloud now hangs over Indonesia in the form of renewed U.S. support for the country’s notorious Kopassus, the military’s special forces commando group. Last March, Nairn revealed details of a Kopassus assassination program in the Indonesian province of Aceh. One document names 15 leaders of the Papuan civil society, all “civilians, starting with the head of the Baptist Synod of Papua. President Obama lived in Indonesia from the ages of 6 through 10, after his mother married an Indonesian man. A series of cell-phone videos have come out of Papua showing torture being inflicted on men there at the hands of what appear to be members of the military. This was the third attempt by President Obama to visit Indonesia. © 2010 Amy Goodman