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Cost - Effective Mezzanine Flooring Material For Home & Office

Cost - Effective Mezzanine Flooring Material For Home & Office
Where a Mezzanine can add value EcoPro Mezzanines flooring systems are deftly designed to successfully cater to different application areas. Industrial Spaces EcoPro’s versatile features make it an ideal solution for creating extra spaces in industries and other work spaces. EcoPro structures can be used to build functionally dynamic and sturdy structures like ramps, watch tower, gangways discussion rooms, conference room, test rooms, canteen areas and more. Retail spaces Be it creating space for storage room, employee rest areas, changing rooms or for any other utilitarian purpose, EcoPro mezzanine flooring allows the retailers to use their available space optimally thus, adding value to their business. Bungalow / Villa – When it comes to bungalow, Villa or other residential complexes, EcoPro products serve as the perfect additions.

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High-Strength Exterior Wall Cladding - Architect’s Top Choice Fibre cement panels are composed of sand, cement and cellulose fibres which act as reinforcement. These panels are used as an exterior wall cladding material in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Fibre cement sheet or Fibre Cement boards as it is frequently referred to, normally come in the form of planks and panels along with various texture details. Fibre cement planks are made to mimic longer wooden planks and are frequently used in place of the latter. Panels are larger in size than planks, commonly measuring 4 ft x 8 ft.

Turmeric - The Gold Among Spices From curries to salad dressings, and teas to soups, turmeric has been there and done that! It’s probably the only spice after salt and pepper, to be used in almost every other food preparation, hot or cold, cooked or uncooked. In India, turmeric is also used heavily in worship rituals and ceremonies. The exotic ‘golden milk latte’ is also a traditional Indian concoction of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, honey, and milk. The exact origin of turmeric is not known but it is believed to be native to Southern India and Indonesia.

Tips to Keep Your Furniture Off Termite When it comes to choosing the right material for your home, be it the exterior or interior, you can never be 100% sure. Terms like plywood, gypsum, fibre cement board, WPC and other emerging building materials only add to the confusion. As a homemaker when you plan to make structural additions to your house there are some important factors about the building material that you cannot afford to overlook. This includes durability, stability, aesthetical appeal, resistance to rotting & termites and more. Termite infestation is one of the major issues that can hardly be ignored. Wooden-based materials with cellulose are prone to termite attacks.

Manufacturer and Supplier If you want to create a wow look for your rooms then, false ceiling using false ceiling boards can be the first step towards it. False ceilings are an integral part of any interior layout that enhances your taste and style. Ceilings are no longer just the underside of a roof structure or the top wall of a room. Curves, patterns, and other contemporary ceiling options are used to improve the visual appeal of the interior decor. Besides being used as an embellishment element, a false ceiling is also becoming popular owing to its features like better acoustic properties, thermal insulation and workability with paint, wallpaper or concealed ceiling lights, etc. What Makes Amaranth Amazing? Amaranth is a species belonging to the genus Amaranthu. It has been cultivated for their grains for 8,000 years. Amaranth plants are classified as pseudocereals that are grown for their edible starchy seeds, but they are not in the same botanical family as cereals such as wheat and rice. Amaranth species are still used as a grain are Amaranthus caudatus L., Amaranthus cruentus L., and Amaranthus hypochondriacusL. Much of the amaranth is sold in health food shops.

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Partition Wall in India A room divider is your ticket to having an organized home that has defined spaces! Irrespective of the fact whether you have an open floor plan or you just want to make maximum utilization of the available space and create cozy spaces in your humble abode, a partition wall can work for you. ECOPRO fibre cement panels can be effectively employed as a partition wall. You can use our panels in a number of ways and some of them are listed below: Living Room Partition Wall Acoustic Panels Manufacturer Home is every individual’s safe haven from the world; you want a place that provides you with a peaceful environment where you can relax and unwind after a tiring day at work. However, with the soaring of noise pollution, it seems next to impossible to achieve that. This is where our fibre cement panels come into the picture; they can double up as sound absorbing panels. These fibre cement boards are pretty high on functionality & style and can blend into any given interior design setting. You can use our fibre cement boards to control the sound quality of any given space.

Heat Island Effect - Alarming Issue of Mega Cities Several cities in India this year witnessed unprecedented soaring temperatures during summer and even recorded deaths due to heatwaves. The discomfort and health problems caused by extreme temperatures is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed seriously and urgently. According to the Indian government-backed research the two major cities, Delhi and Mumbai, are becoming “urban heat islands”, with significantly different climates to their surrounding rural areas.

Debunking 9 Commonly Held Credit Myths For the uninitiated, a credit score is a 3-digit number that is representative of your creditworthiness. This score is calculated using a mathematical algorithm by credit information companies also known as credit bureaus. In India, the standard score range that has been set is from 300 to 900 where any score above 700 is considered to be good. This score is referred by lenders before granting a loan to a borrower or credit card to an applicant. Your income is directly correlated with your credit scoreYour monthly income can only determine your loan eligibility and the amount you can avail of, it cannot explicitly decide your credit score.

Pin on CIPY You are signed out Sign in to get the best experience Sign up to see more Continue with Facebook Continue with GoogleContinue with Google By continuing, you agree to Pinterest's Terms of Service, Privacy policy. Dental Implant - A Way to Overcome Bone Loss Due to Missing Teeth Recently, a 33-year-old male landed at the clinic with an uneven and misaligned front row of teeth. After we conducted a complete mouth checkup, it came to our notice that 2 months back, the patient had a posterior tooth removed, but had not gotten it replaced. Apparently, a missing front tooth cannot be concealed and hence gets immediate attention but a back tooth is easily ignored. 4 Things You Should Keep in Mind to Avoid Identity Theft Be it professional or personal, our lives have now become deeply intertwined with the Internet. We practically cannot imagine fully functioning offices without the internet. COVID-19 has just made this chemistry more intense by forcing the entire world to rely on the internet to sustain their business during lockdowns. Truly, the internet has been a savior of sorts. But with all its virtues, the internet also happens to be a sinister playground of fraudsters and hackers constantly devising evil methods to prey on their targets.

Pin on CIPY You are signed out Sign in to get the best experience Sign up to see more Teeth Whitening - Fastest Way to Beautify Your Smile! We all have heard of the old adage “No matter how plain a person might be; they appear beautiful when they smile”. Surely, we stress on so many cosmetic treatments to look good today but underestimate the power of a mere smile. A bright smile can easily make a person appear pleasant and attractive. Having a good set of teeth can add confidence to your life, while pale and dark teeth can dampen your spirits. Teeth whitening then is one of the quickest ways to add a celebrity-like sparkle to your smile. It is an effective way to lighten the natural color of your teeth and remove stains and discoloration, without destroying the surface.