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Put history in its place!

Put history in its place!

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Le calendrier des travaux agricoles du Rustican Traité d’agronomie du Bolonais Pietro de’Crescenzi, 1459 (Ms 340, musée Condé, Chantilly) L’auteur Pietro de’Crescenzi, né à Bologne aux environs de 1233, a fait des études de droit. Entre 1269 et 1299, il exerça la profession de juge-conseiller auprès de différentes municipalités de l’Italie du Nord ; puis il se retira près de Bologne dans son domaine, la Villa dell’Olmo, où il rédigea autour de 1305, sans doute en latin, un Traité d’agriculture (Ruralium commodorum opus), dont on ne possède pas le manuscrit original. L’ouvrage

Making a Genealogy Map Using the Google Maps API Introduction I wanted to try out using the Google Maps API for a project, so I decided I’d try to use it in conjunction with some genealogy data to see what I could come up with. The result is a family tree which is mapped out spatially rather than chronologically; once rendered, the following visual data is revealed: Migration paths - see where particular people suddenly moved a large distance Geographical density/immobility - see which areas the most family members were from Most popular places - see which villages or cities successive generations lived in Example

Maps in Family Research One of the first special aids a beginning genealogist will want probably is a blank pedigree chart. The second might be a family group form. The third will most likely be a "good map." Chances are that you are not very familiar even with the area where your grandparents were born. You may know it is a small town near Peoria, IL but you probably don't know exactly where Peoria is in relation to Chicago (probably the only city in Illinois a non-Midwesterner can locate with any accuracy), etc. Your First Map

Grassroots Mapping Everplaces Because it's not a lonely planet Everplaces is a community where people who lovetravel, food and design share recommendations or use your Email Love from people around the world Histoire et bande dessinée Pour les sciences sociales, la bande dessinée est à la fois un allié et un front pionnier. Elle offre des possibilités immenses, qu’on est loin d’avoir épuisées. Le dessin est capable d’animer un récit, d’expliquer des situations, de provoquer des émotions. Science Hack Day / NightISS Image classification of night time images taken from the International Space Station Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, et al. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Image classification: Right now there are around 1.800.000 images at the Johnson Space Center database (The Gateway of the Astronauts). Around 1.200.000 images were taken aboard the ISS (date 20/02/2014). - Bringing Genealogy to Life Polymaps Historypin

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