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SQLAlchemy - The Database Toolkit for Python

SQLAlchemy - The Database Toolkit for Python
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Top 10 Python Libraries You Must Know In 2019 Top 10 Python Libraries: On this Top 10 Python Libraries blog, we will discuss some of the top libraries in Python which can be used by developers to implement machine learning in their existing applications. We will be considering the following 10 libraries: Introduction Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and has replaced many programming languages in the industry. There are a lot of reasons why Python is popular among developers and one of them is that it has an amazingly large collection of libraries that users can work with. Here are a few important reasons as to why Python is popular: Hence, new applications can be developed by writing fewer lines of codes. The simplicity of Python has attracted many developers to create new libraries for machine learning. So the first library in our Top 10 Python libraries blog is TensorFlow. TensorFlow What Is TensorFlow? This library was developed by Google in collaboration with Brain Team. Features of TensorFlow 1. 2.

Green Unicorn SGDB flask-mongoengine Package Index > flask-mongoengine > 0.7.0 Not Logged In flask-mongoengine 0.7.0 Download flask-mongoengine-0.7.0.tar.gz Flask support for MongoDB and with WTF model forms Flask-MongoEngine -------------- Flask support for MongoDB using MongoEngine. Downloads (All Versions): 92 downloads in the last day 908 downloads in the last week 3766 downloads in the last month Website maintained by the Python community Real-time CDN by Fastly / hosting by Rackspace / design by Tim Parkin

google/leveldb Beautiful Soup: We called him Tortoise because he taught us. [ Download | Documentation | Hall of Fame | For enterprise | Source | Changelog | Discussion group | Zine ] You didn't write that awful page. You're just trying to get some data out of it. Beautiful Soup is here to help. Since 2004, it's been saving programmers hours or days of work on quick-turnaround screen scraping projects. Beautiful Soup is a Python library designed for quick turnaround projects like screen-scraping. Beautiful Soup provides a few simple methods and Pythonic idioms for navigating, searching, and modifying a parse tree: a toolkit for dissecting a document and extracting what you need. Beautiful Soup parses anything you give it, and does the tree traversal stuff for you. Valuable data that was once locked up in poorly-designed websites is now within your reach. Interested? Getting and giving support If you have questions, send them to the discussion group. If you use Beautiful Soup as part of your work, please consider a Tidelift subscription. Download Beautiful Soup

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