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Light Painting Photography

Light Painting Photography
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Néon Flexible - Spécialiste en bande souple et en néon flexible Eric Staller - about Hello, I'm Eric Staller. Welcome to my site. If you know anything of my work you have some idea of the thread of optimism that runs through it. For 30 years I have been surprising and delighting my public, both within the museum walls and without. My work comes in three sizes: SMALL (studio work), MEDIUM (urban UFOs) and LARGE (permanent artworks in public places). If you want to give a gift to uplift and inspire yourself, or your company, or your community, you have come to the right place. en bruto Light Painting: explanation, techniques, examples. DEFINITION A 'light painting' digital photograph is created by the movement of a light or lights, using a slow camera shutter speed, to create a image. Because this type of photography requires a long exposure (typically from one second to ten seconds), it is usually done at night or in an unlighted room. While light painting effects can be simulated with Adobe PhotoShop or other image editing program, light painting is an in-camera photography effect and not achieved through computer manipulation of the image. The effects possible with this purely photographic technique are unlimited and a new area for experimentation now that they are much easier to work with in digital photography.DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND LIGHT PAINTING With the immediate feedback of the digital photography LCD screen, light painting photography has come of age. The photographer can quickly adjust exposure, color balance and focus along with adjusting the movement of lights to make a better composition.

Julien Breton – Kaalam | Art of calligraphy calligraphie, light painting, calligraphe, graff, graffiti, performance, live Light Painting Video, Patrick Rochon | Light Painting Photography By now most of you have probably already seen this amazing 360º light painting project by Patrick Rochon and Timecode Lab [Stephane and Eric]. I tried to get these three creatives together for an interview when this first came out but Patrick was in Vegas creating more light painting awesomeness for a show out there. Now that things have settled down a bit for this light painting master and the geniuses at Timecode Lab I had the chance to catch up with them to hear a little more about this project. 24×360 from Timecode Lab on Vimeo. LPP ∇ Your 24×360 light painting project looks really great can you tell me a little more about it, who was involved and how long did it take for the project from concept to finished images? TCL ∇ [Stephane] Timecode Lab started doing bullet time photography for brand activation events on 2011 and Eric has been involved since the beginning. LPP ∇ How did the project come about? TCL ∇ [Stephane] We used 24 Canon T3 with kit lenses (18-55) at 18mm.

Strobist How to Light Paint Source: Instagram user jan215parichadr Light painting, the night photography technique where streaks of light and color move through a still picture, results in the coolest photographs on the web. Even better? Source: Instagram user thirdeyefoto The following suggestions are best used when light painting with multiple people: one (or several) to control the light sources and another to work the camera. Set up a tripod — Light painting calls for long exposure times, which can cause slight unwanted shakiness (and not of the light paint streak variety) in the camera when held by hand. Should you want to also include a subject in the image, use a flash to capture more than just the paint streaks. POPSUGAR, the #1 independent media and technology company for women.

Julien Breton – Kaalam | Art of calligraphy calligraphie, light painting, calligraphe, graff, graffiti, performance, live Under the city - Nantes - France - 2011 Photography by David Gallard Le mouvement - Abstract calligraphy Abbaretz - France - 2011 Photography by David Gallard Lorsque l'homme n'aura plus de place pour la nature, alors peut-être que la nature n'aura plus de place pour l'homme - Stephan Edberg - Abstract calligraphy Ile neuve - France - 2011 Photography by Julien Breton Nous croyons regarder la nature, mais c'est la nature qui nous regarde et nous imprègne - Christian Charrière - Abstract calligraphy Ile neuve - France - 2011 Photography by Julien Breton La Loire, un grand fleuve de sable quelque fois mouillé - Jules Renard - Abstract calligraphy Ile neuve - France - 2011 Photography by Julien Breton La nature fait les hommes semblables, la vie les rends différents - Confucius - Abstract calligraphy Ile neuve - France - 2011 Photography by Julien Breton Celui qui voyage sans rencontrer l'autre, ne voyage pas. Moonset - Abstract calligraphy Nantes - France - 2007 Photography by Julien Breton

Photography techniques: Star trail photography Introduction Since the Earth rotates, the stars are not at fixed places in the sky but appear to move, more or less towards the west. To photograph the tracks the stars make across the sky, all you need is a camera that remains fixed to ground and have it expose for an appreciable amount of time. Such photos can be quite artistic. The stars appear to rotate around both the north and south poles in the sky, of which you generally only see one. Star trail photos are always eye-catching, if done correctly. What you need All you need to photograph star trails is a camera with lens that can do time exposures (on 'B' or Bulb mode), a cable release or lockable shutter release, and a tripod. Any star trail photo needs an exposure time of several minutes up to several hours. The choice of lens depends mostly on the composition you choose. The tripod needs to be sturdy enough to not move by wind and such, otherwise the star trails will not be perfect. Exposure times, aperture and film Variations

How to Create a Light Painting Spirograph with Light Pens | Jason Page Did your grandma have a spirograph kit at her house when you were a kid? Well, mine did, and I can’t tell you how many hours my cousins and I spent playing with it. Carefully selecting the right combination of gears and pen colors to create a colorful geometric design was quite therapeutic. I never really considered the fact that one could create a spirograph with light, but that’s exactly what Jason Page does with a simple flashlight, a piece of string and an easy to use Light Painting Brush system. If you’re not already familiar with Jason’s incredible light painting work, let me tell you a little bit about him. You can see more of his imaginative light paintings here: LIGHT PAINTING INSPIRATION BY JASON PAGE Now that you know more about Jason, watch his tutorial on creating a light painting spirograph. Light Painting Tutorial, Spirographs from Light Painting Photography on Vimeo. Jason says these are key to getting that fine line of light in your spirograph.

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