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MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map

MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map

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ited Nations Cartographic Section Web Site LINKS TO OTHER WEB SITES: This is the United Nations Geospatial Information Section web site. Links to other sites are provided for information only. The inclusion of these links and their content does not imply official endorsement or approval whatsoever by the United Nations. DESIGNATIONS USED: The depiction and use of boundaries, geographic names and related data shown on maps and included in lists, tables, documents, and databases on this web site are not warranted to be error free nor do they necessarily imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.

Downloads Latest Release The latest release is Mapnik v3.0.9. Mapnik 3.0.9 Maps in History and History in Maps Map of Dukedom Biržai, 1645 by Józef Naronowicz-Naroński. Famous cartographer, mathematician, architect, military engineer [colonel] of Grand Duchy of Lithuania (XVII c.) Juozas Narūnavičius – Naronskis (Józef Naronowicz-Naroński, Naronovičius) among many maps beeing in duke Radwila employ in 1645 prepared map of Dukedom Biržai. More about Dukedom Biržai (link). New attack on freedom of expression Australian police seize artw New attack on freedom of expression By Susan Allan 15 February 2006 In an unprecedented attack on democratic rights and freedom of artistic expression, police in the Australian state of Victoria illegally, and without any prior warning, removed an artwork displaying a burnt and tattered Australian flag from a Melbourne gallery last month. Created by Azlan McLennan and titled Proudly unAustralian, the flag was on a billboard on the first floor outside the Trocadero Art Space gallery.

How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere - Thrifty Nomads We’ve all experienced the tiresome, repeated searching when trying to book the cheapest possible flights to any given destination. With endless search engines and continually fluctuating prices, the approach to frugal flight booking is overwhelming. Here’s some key tips that will save you time, frustration and most importantly money when booking your next flight. 1. Keep your searches top secret You’re not crazy for thinking that a flight price has changed after searching it a few times in your web browser. These maps show where the world’s youngest and oldest people live What can the median age of a country tell you about its future? Turns out, quite a bit. Using data from the CIA Factbook, we’ve created the graphics below to show you the median age of every country in the world.

Tutorial: Freedom Board with Adafruit Ultimate GPS Data Logger Shield Many times I start with a project and tutorial, only to get interrupted for emergency tasks and assignments. For a long time I wanted to add GPS (Global Positioning System) functionality to one of my projects. While I started a few months ago on this, it took me until this week-end to finish the at least the first part: a SD card data logger with GPS :-): I calculate global positioning and time information, can use it in Google maps and store it on a SD card: Adafruit GPS Data Logger Shield on a FRDM-KL25Z Board This tutorial is about using the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Data Logger Shield with Eclipse and Processor Expert. I’m using the Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board, but in general any board or hardware can be used, as long I have 5V, GND and RX on the microcontroller.

Culpepper Minuteman Blog April 27, 2010 New CD Album Releases, 4-27-2010: Drawn Together soundtrack, Mary Chapin Carpenter The only real new album that looks even vaguely interesting is The Age of Miracles by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Medical Geography and Disease Surveillance A Survey has been developed by myself to document and compare GIS utilization in the workplace. This is intended only for sharing at this blogsite (and Medical GIS conferences) –no gimmicks, no advertising. Survey Monkey is used, which is a secured survey site that gathers no private information. Why the survey? There must be others like me trying to deal with the frustrations experienced due the slow progress made when it comes to incorporating high level GIS skills into the workplace. This survey assesses GIS availability and utilization in both academic and non-academic work settings.

Osmapi This documentation is about a python class to communicate with OpenStreetMap API v0.6 developped by User:EtienneChove (currently maintained by User:Metaodi). Please submit an issue if you require other features. Hello World : node download Documentation The documentation is available online: Examples Seam carving: content-aware image resizing Ariel Shamir and Shai Avidan have presented the coolest digital image effect I have ever seen. “Seam carving” allows an image to be resized non-uniformly, so you can change the height to width ratio in the image without cropping, but also without distorting important features in the image (such as faces). If I understood the demonstration correctly, the algorithm detects horizontal and vertical paths which span the whole image and have the least gradient magnitude along the span. When resizing an image, the pixels along these seams are stretched or removed, leaving the rest of the image untouched. Areas of an image that absolutely need to be preserved can be manually excluded, and the seam generating function will negotiate paths around those pixels. You need to watch the video to really see this in action, but the technique can also be used to remove whole portions of an image without perceptible artifacts.

World Map Signatory States (183) Ratifying States (162) Non-Signatory States (13) nzjrs/osm-gps-map @ GitHub A Gtk+ Widget for Displaying OpenStreetMap tiles. A Gtk+ widget (and Python bindings) that when given GPS co-ordinates, draws a GPS track, and points of interest on a moving map display. Downloads map data from a number of websites, including The library has excellent performance and is currently used in a number of Gtk+ and Maemo applications. Currently supports a number of different mapping sources openstreetmap (default) maps-for-free satellite maps from a number of proprietary providers

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