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Researchers track mobile phone locations with cheap hardware and open-source software While cop shows have shown us that it's easy for service providers to track a person's location via their mobile phone, researchers at the University of Minnesota have revealed it's also an easy task for hackers. Using a cheap phone and open source software, the researchers were able to track the location of mobile phone users without their knowledge on the GSM network, which is estimated to serve 80 percent of the global mobile market. According to the new research by computer scientists in the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering, a third party could easily track the location of a mobile phone user without their knowledge because cellular mobile phone networks "leak" the locations of mobile phone users.

Universal Tablet Stand Fancy it Fancy it Add to list Share Loading... Use @ to mention someone Remzibi's OSD / Poor Man's OSD User Manual and FAQ There are two video modes used in the world today. This defines the number of rows available to print graphics as well as the refresh speed of the video output (which is why it flashes when you view a PAL device on an NTSC screen). NTSC has 13 rows and PAL has 16 rows. Highcharts product What is Highcharts? Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive charts to your web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types. Features

Electric Bike Kit Battery & Wheel included. Choose your battery and wheel size pair from the drop-down menu to the left. Includes (everything you need to ride the day your kit arrives): Complete Wheel 24", 26", 700c (28" and 29") Sizes available. (tube, tire, rim) with 250-watt, 24-volt or 350-watt, 36-volt brushless planetary hub motor (motor is sealed, rain and mud-proof). Side Scan Sonar Side Scan Sonar is a marine geophysical technique that is used to image or “see” the ocean floor (or lake or river bottoms). The method uses pulses of sound (sonar) shot sub-horizontally across the sea bottom from a towed transducer or towfish. The sound pulses reflect off of relief or objects that project above the bottom. The strength and travel time of reflected pulses are recorded and processed into an image or picture of the bottom.

pupil - Eye tracking with Python, OpenCV, Glumpy + Hardware prototype Pupil is an eye tracking hardware and software platform that started as a thesis project at MIT. Pupil is a project in active, community driven development. For noncommercial use, the hardware is accessible, hackable, and affordable. The software is open source and written in Python and C where speed is an issue. Ceramic Speakers designed by Joey Roth - simple, modern full range drivers for desktop or entire room How do I connect the Subwoofer to earlier versions (versions 1 and 2) of the Ceramic Speakers? The Subwoofer is fully compatible with all versions of the Ceramic Speakers. The included RCA to 3.5mm cable is used to connect the Subwoofer to the 3.5mm input on the back of your original amplifier. The new version 3 amplifier connects to the subwoofer using the included RCA to RCA cables.

Fast Electric Bikes - How to Build a 50MPH Electric Bike From: Greg Davey Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Dear Electric Vehicle Enthusiast, Have you had enough of increasing gas prices and auto insurance rates? Teralab - Spot Welder Electronics This project is a very simple spot welder which will weld thin sheet metal. It will just about weld 0.38mm thick steel. Sheet steel half this thickness welds effortlessly. It can be used for assembling high vacuum components and making thermocouples. Ampoule Hue de Philips - Kit individuel Philips Hue Meet the hue app. The amazing way to control every Philips hue bulb in your home. All in the palm of your hand. It makes the light switch look like it came from the Dark Ages. Dive-Oz Discussion Forums - Australia's Leading Scuba Diving Forums - Navimate Im with Michael on this one. I think it is someones dream that they are trying to market without a working product. Uwatec had something similar years ago but I believe they were problematic and have not been on the market for ages (Neverlost or something like that). The problem was/is (I think anyway) they are attempting to be too clever with it by trying to have displays showing the direction to the boat. Basically it has to detect the strongest signal and would require an array of unidirectional microphones to achieve this. What does work quite well is Desert Stars products.

Rhino Slider for DSLR Cameras by Kyle Hart Want to show us some love? Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube videos. Hey guys I'm Kyle, a filmmaker and inventor from Seattle, WA. I've spent the past couple years learning ways to get cinematic motion. Stabilizers (Rhino Steady) and jib cranes have their place but a camera slider is one of the best.