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Slic3r - Open source 3D printing toolbox

Slic3r - Open source 3D printing toolbox

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Automatically clearing the bed and starting the next print (Videos+Instructions) - Fully automated production! So when visiting the huge CNC shop where they build my hotends I saw an awesome auto-feed lathe that you load up with bar stock, it turns a workpiece, parts it off whereupon it falls into a little chute, and it then pops out the back of the lathe into a little basket for collection. The guy running the machine shop says he just fills the machine, presses "go" and goes home for the night! Well, I had massive engineering jealously right there. If he could do it, then why not me on my little RepRap?!

3D printer improvements: Review: what materials can be 3D printed? What materials to 3D-print ? Every now and then I am being asked about it, so here is a post on the many materials that can be 3D-printed at home. It is not complete and will expand with time. It is no buyer's guide either, nor a technical document.

MatterControl - 3D Printing Software MatterControl is a free, open-source, first of its kind software package that lets you design, organize, and manage your 3D prints. MatterControl 2.0: What's New Get a birds-eye view of all the new and improved design tools and capabilities of MatterControl in our What's New article, or read through the online documentation to dive deep into its capabilities. MatterControl Design Apps Find out what you can do with MatterControl's newest set of Design Apps - made to help you personalize and customize 3D prints - whether they are your own, or a shared, online file. Read all about it in our MatterControl Design Apps article.

STL Volume Weight Calculator In two lines: Vital stats for 3D printing objects. Quickly estimate the cost of printing your 3D object! What is STL ? t-glase Features - taulman 3D taulman3D” releases “t-glass” A low temp (212C) industrial 3D Printing Material The main features of t-glase Strength - Specifications on the strength of t-glase will be posted as soon as the data is returned from the test labs. We have started using a local test lab along with the lab's at a few universities to accumulate data. The process involves printing several "test bars" These are bars printed at 5" x .5" x .25". The setup for printing these is 1 perimeter and 100% solid layers.Temperature - Optimum temperature is about 212c to 224C, but will print down to 207C and up to about 235C.

Printed 3D prosthetics Archives for the category: 3D printed prosthetics April 15, 2014 Carpenter who cut off his fingers makes 'Robohand' with 3-D printer Richard van As lost his fingers in a carpentry accident and finds help online. CNN reports. After days of scouring the Internet he couldn't find anywhere to buy a functional prosthetic finger and he was astonished at the cost of prosthetic hands and limbs which began in the tens of thousands of dollars. 12 Ways to Fight Warping and Curling EmailShare 105EmailShare Curling As printed plastic parts cool the different areas of the object can cool at different rates. Depending upon the parts being printed, this effect can lead to warping and curling. Although PLA has a much lower shrinkage factor than ABS, both can warp and curl, potentially ruining a print.

Thumbscrew to level bed from beneath (Page 1) — STL Sharing & Print Showoff — SoliForum - 3D Printing Community Trying to see a gap of 0.010 under a straight edge is not easy. When I put the straight edge from near left to far left, I can put a piece of paper under the straight edge and move it almost completely from front to back, so there are "lips" on the front and back edge. That is the only thing that I can detect using your suggestion. In particular, I cannot detect the 0.010 problems across the back. 3D Printing with Cotton Fiber 3D printing is an exciting new technology trend that can have a huge impact on product manufacturing. Currently, there are limited materials that are compatible with 3D printing technology- the majority of 3D printing technologies use plastics or metal alloys as the printing materials. The use of readily available cotton fibers would allow for the production of 3D printed materials with a greater range of properties. The Seeker desires proposals for 3D printing technology that use cotton fibers, or material derived from cotton fibers, as the printing material or substrate.

Alternative Print Surface I’ve always had trouble with ripping my Kapton tape. Prints are can be removed easily, without damaging the tape if the print bed cools down, but it takes so long to heat up, I hate to let it cool too much. Also, if I want to cancel a print and restart it right away with tweaked settings, I’m too impatient to cool it down first.

Rostock MAX 3D Printer Kit THE NEW ROSTOCK MAX v2 Lead time 7-10 days The NEW Rostock MAX v2 - The largest build envelope of any printer under $1,000!