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Brandieself added: The Vuze Blog - The Vuze Blog

Brandieself added: The Vuze Blog - The Vuze Blog
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Brandieself added: Best Data Recovery Software for PC - The Vuze BlogThe Vuze Blog People are addicted to photos and images. So much in fact that Facebook reported more than 250 billion photos have been uploaded to its social platform with 350 million photos uploaded every day on average. With all of those photos of family, friends, vacations and memories that you’ve taken what would you do if you lost all of them? What if you forgot to create a backup of your digital photo albums? Having a backup and recovery plan for your electronic media and personal files is important because, well, you just never know when or if something could go wrong. Wondershare can help you quickly recover more than 550 file formats from computer. The name says it all with this product. A great data recovery tool with a free version that allows you to recover up to 2GB at no cost. Have you ever had to use data recovery software? We have no commercial relationships with any of the vendors discussed in this blog, and disclaim responsibility for them and their goods and services.

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2012 Continuing a long-standing New Year's tradition, we present an up-to-date list of the world's most visited BitTorrent sites. At the start of 2012 The Pirate Bay continues to pull in the most visitors, followed by Torrentz and KickassTorrents. The six-year-old TV-torrent distribution group EZTV appears in the list for the first time, ranked 8th. Update: here is the list of 2013′s top torrent sites. Which torrent sites get the most visitors at the start of 2012? The most notable absentee this year is TorrentReactor, one of the oldest torrent sites on the Internet. Below we have compiled a list of the 10 most-visited torrent sites at the start of the new year. 1. The Pirate Bay is probably the best known BitTorrent brand on the Internet. Alexa Rank: 78 / Compete Rank: 577 / Last year #1 2. Torrentz has been the leading BitTorrent meta-search engine for years. Alexa Rank: 142 / Compete Rank: 1.053 / Last year #2 3. Alexa Rank: 257 / Compete Rank: 1,165 / Last year #4 4. 5. 6. 7. 9.

95 best websites you should bookmark today Google is the internet surfer's best friend and worst enemy. If you know what you're after, just type it into the search engine's famous little box and – hey presto – you'll be given a list of related sites in order of relevance. Such is Google's dominance that its name has become a synonym for search. And rightly so. Searching for something implies you know what you're looking for. How do you ask Google for some brilliant sites, sites which will feed your mind, soul or just let you waste time in style? Our experts have put their thinking caps on and come up with a list of their favourite sites. 20 websites that changed the world Best sites for learning Martin Cooper uncovers the best sites for discovering amazing facts and figures When you're after something to feed your mind, body or soul, you'll be sure to find something on the internet that will make you think. eHow If you're ever in doubt about how to do something, visit eHow. Cooking for engineers The CIA World Factbook

How to Build a Six-Figure Blog Without Anyone Knowing : According to Alexa, this post is the 14th most popular page on the at the moment! This graph is starting to look impressive. Thank you all for sharing and commenting! . The idea behind Email Blogging actually came to me by mistake. It was email marketing (or, a friend of mine who email marketing) that led to my accidental discovery. Let me add that this person is one of the smartest people I know, and when I heard he was going to give internet marketing a try, something inside me just he was going to make a lot of money. My instinct wasn’t wrong, and it didn’t take my friend long to start having success. The concept is quite straight forward. If you can produce a high converting sales page and a decent product, you can make a lot of money very quickly. I don’t relate to this method, since I prefer to give value in the form of content before I would ever try to sell to somebody. The results absolutely blew me away. . Over 91% of people opened that email. 1. 2.

The Inside Story of How British Spies Hacked Belgium's Largest Telco When the incoming emails stopped arriving, it seemed innocuous at first. But it would eventually become clear that this was no routine technical problem. Inside a row of gray office buildings in Brussels, a major hacking attack was in progress. It was in the summer of 2012 that the anomalies were initially detected by employees at Belgium’s largest telecommunications provider, Belgacom. Last year, documents from National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden confirmed that British surveillance agency Government Communications Headquarters was behind the attack, codenamed Operation Socialist. The full story about GCHQ’s infiltration of Belgacom, however, has never been told. Now, in partnership with Dutch and Belgian newspapers NRC Handelsblad and De Standaard, The Intercept has pieced together the first full reconstruction of events that took place before, during, and after the secret GCHQ hacking operation. “a breathtaking example of the state-sponsored hacking problem.”

Law basics :: 3strikesNZ – Understanding the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Law Once you’re read the basics, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions for more information. What’s the new law about? The law is called the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011. It amends the Copyright Act 1994 to provide owners of copyrighted works such as movies, TV shows and music a quicker and easier way to penalise people infringing their copyright via online file sharing. The intention of the law changes is to crack down on peer-to-peer file sharing. You get 2 notices (warnings) and then, following the 3rd notice, the copyright owner can take you to the Copyright Tribunal. The person who owns the Internet account (account holder) is liable, even if he or she wasn’t the person who broke the law. Top When does the new law start? The law comes into force on 1 September 2011. However, notices can be sent for alleged infringements occurring in the 21 days before the notice. What’s covered by the law changes? Only online file sharing that infringes copyright. Not yet.

Top Site List Planet - Top 10 Lists of top websites and apps Hacking Sites- Top Ten Into Hacking? Computer hacking can refer to accessing computer networks, accessing activity within computer programming, intercepting telephone calls and messages without... Read More App Messengers Top Ten Chat with messenger.... Basketball Fans News Sites - Top Ten Basketball fanatic? London Tourist Attraction Sites - Top Ten Love London? Unsolved Mysteries Sites Top Ten The greatest unsolved mysteries! 50 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs Generation Y is poised to redefine the way we do business in America and globally, but that doesn’t mean smart business strategies are inherently a part of your young DNA. Whether you successfully complete one of the best online business administration programs or fail a few times on your own, you’ll need to learn some basic business principles and discover how to communicate and collaborate in the real world before finding success. These blogs can help you communicate, collaborate, master the science of SEO and social media marketing, shake hands like a professional and more, whether you’re expanding your lawn mowing business or promoting sustainable building in South America. Tools and Resources Find helpful guides, toolkits, and other resources to help you turn your business idea into a successful company. This website and blog is devoted to sharing business tools, how-to guides and other resources for young, ambitious entrepreneurs. Inspiration and Testimonials

Gang of Romanian and Moldovan crooks stole £1.6m from ATMsSecurity Affairs According to the police, a group of Romanian criminals has stolen nearly £1.6 million in series of jackpotting attacks. The technique of the jack spotting was presented for the first time by the popular hacker Barnaby Jack in 2010 and it consists in a method to force ATMs to spit out cash. (Barnaby Jack is dead of an accidental drug overdose according the results provided by the San Francisco’s medical examiner’s office.) The investigation allowed the identification of a couple of suspects, which are members of a larger gang composed by individuals for Eastern Europe. The British police believe that the group of criminals is composed mainly by Romanian and Moldovan. The police arrested a man and a woman in Portsmouth, according some details disclosed by law enforcement the criminals infected the ATM machine through a malware that was transferred with a removable media. Tyupkin is just one of the different strains of malware used in the cyber criminal ecosystem to hack ATMs. Share On