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How to Build a Six-Figure Blog Without Anyone Knowing : According to Alexa, this post is the 14th most popular page on the at the moment! This graph is starting to look impressive. Thank you all for sharing and commenting! . It was email marketing (or, a friend of mine who email marketing) that led to my accidental discovery. Let me add that this person is one of the smartest people I know, and when I heard he was going to give internet marketing a try, something inside me just he was going to make a lot of money. My instinct wasn’t wrong, and it didn’t take my friend long to start having success. The concept is quite straight forward. If you can produce a high converting sales page and a decent product, you can make a lot of money very quickly. I don’t relate to this method, since I prefer to give value in the form of content before I would ever try to sell to somebody. Since I’m not using the ideas, I thought a great “service” would be to send these ideas out to my audience. The results absolutely blew me away. . 1. 2.

50 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs Generation Y is poised to redefine the way we do business in America and globally, but that doesn’t mean smart business strategies are inherently a part of your young DNA. Whether you successfully complete one of the best online business administration programs or fail a few times on your own, you’ll need to learn some basic business principles and discover how to communicate and collaborate in the real world before finding success. These blogs can help you communicate, collaborate, master the science of SEO and social media marketing, shake hands like a professional and more, whether you’re expanding your lawn mowing business or promoting sustainable building in South America. Tools and Resources Find helpful guides, toolkits, and other resources to help you turn your business idea into a successful company. This website and blog is devoted to sharing business tools, how-to guides and other resources for young, ambitious entrepreneurs. Inspiration and Testimonials

Gapminder Is Cool When I first stumbled onto the name voyager at the Baby Name Wizard a few years back, I felt like I was seeing the future. It was the sort of web tool that folks dream about. I had exactly the same feeling when I recently visited They have an interactive data tool called “gapminder world” that is truly remarkable in the way it allows you to visualize data. The dynamics are mesmerizing; you can run time forward and see how any relationship you care about has evolved. Infant mortality is a particularly interesting variable to use because the gains are so great. (The one danger of great data tools like these, however, is that they create such beautiful graphs that it is easy to forget that what you are looking at are correlations, not necessarily anything causal.) Google (which acquired Gapminder’s underlying software) also offers the tool as a “gadget” through Google Spreadsheet. (Hat tip: Dana Chandler)

7 Sneaky Ways to Use Twitter to Spy on Your Competition These days, spying on your competition is easier than ever. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for businesses, and it gives you an advantage that you may never have had before. Because so much Twitter data is public, you can easily use that data to learn so much about your competitor’s followers and strategies. In this post, we will look at seven ways you can use this data to look behind the scenes of what your competitors are doing. Before We Get Started If you are not already using a Twitter management client, I would suggest you try one. For these examples, I am going to use my Twitter management client, HootSuite, as you can do everything discussed using a free account. 1. One of the best ways to get to know what is working for a competitor is to watch what they do. You don’t even have to directly follow them. In the above example, I am following two accounts from Best Buy. 2. Why watch just one side of the conversation? The lesson? 3. Well, now you can. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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