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Pich à la fraise

Saines Gourmandises... par Marie Chioca J'en reprendrai bien un bout... Fraise Basilic Accueil - Savoirs et saveurs Meal Ideas & Resources Mademois'El Gato My little Fabric, Food and Creation Peeta's Stuffed Cheese Buns What do you get when you mix bread, cheese, Hunger Games, cheese, and cheese? Say it with me: Stuffed Cheese Buns. And guess what, they're really quick and easy to make. And they have cheese. Sorry I keep making a bunch of Peeta food. Don't hate, but I'm not actually on "team Peeta". You know, sometimes I wonder if he's actually my great-great-great grandson. Anyways, even if we weren't related, I need a real man who can protect me from psychopathic teenagers in the woods. But what food does Gale have to offer? See, since Peeta and I have the same mind, I know exactly what he would bake. Not that I'm actually going to make these again tomorrow night when we watch the movie. But Peeta, you still are my grandson, even if I'm not on your "team". These only take about an hour. You just roll it into a ball, stick a hunk of cheese in, and then pinch it back together so that it can't escape. Once it's completely sealed, throw some more cheese on top. I put some fresh oregano in my butter.

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