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Guess Someone's Astrological Sign

Guess Someone's Astrological Sign
Favorite This Article Edit Article Edited by David J, Brett, Vivek Kumar Rohra, Jack Herrick and 76 others Has anyone ever guessed your astrological sign? Ad Steps 1Look for people with strong personalities. 9Predict a person's two basic signs: 1) monthly sign such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, and 2) yearly sign such as boar, rat, ox etc. Tips Fire signs are easy to recognize but sometimes difficult to tell apart. Warnings Everyone has different birth charts, so not everyone looks and acts in accordance to their birth signs.

6 Products Designed Solely to Make You a Worse Person The beauty of the free market is that it doesn't judge you. In most American cities you can--in one shopping trip--buy a shotgun, shells, a children's swimming pool and enough tacos to fill it up, and nobody will raise an eyebrow as long as your card doesn't reject the charges. But even the rational self-interest of the market takes the encouragement of our bad habits a bit too far. These are the products that seem specifically intended to turn us into a grave hazard to ourselves and others. The next time an officer of the law pulls you over after a long night knocking 'em back at T.J. Ah, hold on. It will make you fear the law? Anyway, the makers of the coyly named Antipoleez breath mints tout them as having a "unique combination of components (which) work to increase the consumption of breath producing molecules by the epithelium of the mucous coat of the upper respiratory passages resulting in clean, fresh breath." Fuck you.

Big Spanish Castle Stare at the dot for 30 seconds. Then, without moving your eyes, move the mouse over the image. The image will look like it's in color until you move your eyes. Note: JavaScript must be on for this illusion to work! Check your browser settings. Click here to leave a comment. © John Sadowski 2006 Comparing Switzerland to Bulgaria. The GINI index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income. In Bulgaria is 29.80 while in Switzerland it is 33.70. This index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income in a country.

Your Birthday, Your Tree and their meanings ( WOW Poetry, lyrics, music, stories, classics, Wish Only Well Find your birthday and its corresponding tree. Then, see the meaning behind it below. Do you recognize yourself? APPLE TREE (the Love) - of slight build, lots of charm, appeal, and attraction, pleasant aura, flirtatious, adventurous, sensitive, always in love, wants to love and be loved, faithful and tender partner, very generous, scientific talents, lives for today, a carefree philosopher with imagination. ASH TREE (the Ambition) - uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be egotistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over the heart, but takes partnership very seriously. BEECH TREE (the Creative) - has good taste, concerned about its looks, materialistic, good organization of life and career, economical, good leader, takes no unnecessary risks, reasonable, splendid lifetime companion, keen on keeping fit (diets, sports, etc.)

Astrology Software 101: What are the top 5 astrology software programs? - National Holistic Science & Spirit If you are planning on going the whole nine yards into professional astrology, the following programs are some of the best on the market. These companies offer licenses to print out their reports and sell them separately on your website or to your clients through e-mail or snail mail. A few offer promotional materials to set up shop and note taking, report writing, wheel design and database indexing for thousands of charts. The Top 5 Astrology Software Programs: 1. Includes: Forecasting, Relationship Analysis , Electional Astrology , Relocation Astrology, Rectification Classical, Medieval and Horary, Cosmobiology and Uranian, Esoteric and Prenatal, Vedic, Chinese, Huber ,Asteroids ,Fixed Stars ,Eclipses , Other Astronomical Cycles and Declination , In Mundo and Off-the Ecliptic, Harmonics , Diurnals ,Other Advanced and Cutting-Edge Calculations. Solar Fire Writer Reports Excellent reports by professional astrologers: Birth Chart, Relationship, Forecast and Astro Intelligence Reports 2.

6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses It's unlikely that the writers who created these characters consciously decided they would give them an undiagnosed mental disorder as one of their traits. Maybe they were just borrowing behaviors of a "quirky" friend, or maybe the writers suffered from the disorder and wrote the characters to mimic their own life. But one way or another, these characters show all the symptoms ... #6. Sherlock Holmes -- Asperger's Syndrome It's tough to pin down the exact personality traits of Sherlock Holmes, since his story has been recycled in so many incarnations. xraypictures"Solving crimes is all well and good, Watson, but I have a Yu-Gi-Oh! The Red Flags Before you skip down to the comments to submit your passionate defense of Holmes' mental state, we're not the only ones who think he shows up on the autism spectrum. Getty"Holmes, stop looking through my stuff for clues. "Care for a 70th rendition of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep,' my dear Watson?" "Flashperger's"? #5. The whole situation is pretty forked. #4.

4 Amazing Underground Dwellings! Get closer to nature by living in an underground home built from sustainable materials I’ve always wanted to live in an underground dwelling because it’s the closest I’ll ever get to living like a Hobbit, and it seems like the perfect place to go in case zombies attack. Most importantly, underground homes are very eco-friendly and are built directly into the earth, which means they take up less construction material and produce less waste. Here are 4 underground homes that get my “thumbs up” for being truly green and innovative: 1. This earthen home designed by KWK Promes has a grass roof that absorbs water and helps to regulate temperature inside the home. 2. Designed by Dutch architecture firm SeaRCH and Christian Müller Architects , this beautiful underground home located in a Swiss village has rooms that wrap around an interior courtyard, and they all get flooded with natural light. 3. This low impact woodland home was built in Wales by Simon Dale. 4.

The Finger Test to Check the Doneness of Meat Print Photography Credit: Elise Bauer There are two basic methods to test for how done your meat is while you are cooking it—use a meat thermometer, or press on the meat with your fingertips. The problem with the meat thermometer approach is that when you poke a hole into the meat with a thermometer, it can let juices escape, juices that you would rather have stay in the meat. My mother has been trying to get me to test meat with my fingertips for years, and for years, being somewhat of a scaredy cat (won’t it burn my fingers?) Then my friend David showed me up. Now the point of this story is not to embarrass David (though that would be fun, if it were even possible) but to encourage you, if like me, you’ve been shying away from trying this approach. This is one of those things that gets easier with practice. MethodHide Photos Open the palm of your hand. Now gently press the tip of your pinky and your thumb together. Press the tip of your ring finger and your thumb together. Hello!

Introduction to Tarot Cards Tarot Class by Michele Introduction to the Tarot The course will be generic in nature and will not be keyed to any specific deck. As long as you are using a standard Tarot deck with a theme that does not cause the interpretations to stray too far from the traditional, you should be able to follow along. The interpretations given will be simple, basic and have been culled from many sources. They are by no means "the correct" interpretations, but they will be based on the "traditional" meanings. I will not go into a long history of the Tarot here, too many books are available which can discuss this topic much more intelligently than I can. The Court Cards represent other people in our lives or aspects of our own personality. Some of the more common alternate names are: Wands - Staves Cups - Vessels, Bowls Swords - Crystals Pentacles - Disks, Coins I have included some basic astrological descriptions as the two systems, Astrology and Tarot seem to complement each other. Tarot Progression

Astrology Software Matrix 13 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For the Insane Workplace Everyone here at Cracked is pretty adept at using computers, and indeed we've had to be, ever since they told us we had to stop making magazines. And as with most computer-savvy people, we make heavy use of shortcuts and keystrokes to make our jobs easier, because apparently fannying about all day in comfortable chairs isn't easy enough for us limp-wristed chuckle-peddlers. LOL, looks like you guys could use a keyboard shortcut for not dying in a methane explosion, are we right? Because we can't do a god-damned thing without enumerating its many variations and rating them on badassedness, we decided to do that here with our favorite keyboard shortcuts. These are shortcuts that we use every day at Cracked. You'll recognize some of them, but others may be unfamiliar as our IT department has implemented a number of different desktop extensions to improve our mirth-ficiency. The Classics: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V Data Entry Professional's Choice: Tab Let's Get Out Of Here: F6

Welcome to Adopt-A-Native-Elder 100 Websites You Should Know and Use Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword. Culture My Year of TED: How 54 talks changed a life By Kylie Dunn What do you get when you cross a 39-year-old perfectionist with 54 TED Talks and far more honesty than any person probably needs to experience? Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword. Culture My Year of TED: How 54 talks changed a life By Kylie Dunn What do you get when you cross a 39-year-old perfectionist with 54 TED Talks and far more honesty than any person probably needs to experience?