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Herbal products

Herbal products

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Herbal Tonic Strengthening the Heart Khamira Marwareed especially useful in strengthening the heart provides energy. It elevates the mood normalizes palpitation and condition of depression. It also gives protection against the side effects of measles, chicken pox, and smallpox. A good tonic during the period of convalescence. Helpful in calcium deficiency and general debility. Herbal Medicine For Premature Ejaculation - What Are The Effective... Herbal medicine for premature ejaculation is often recommended by doctors. Many have been satisfied with the results and there have been few cases of serious side effects. Herbal remedies are usually effective, fast-acting, and are usually very safe and cheap. One of the most common herbal medicine for premature ejaculation remedies is ginseng. Ginseng has been used in China for hundreds of years and has been shown to be effective for men who suffer from this condition. There are many forms of herbal medicine for premature ejaculation that have been used in the past.

herbal medicine for sexually long time in pakistan Habbe Mumsik Mushki Khas is a safe reliable natural remedy that helps treat premature ejaculation (surat-e-anzal). It reduces sexual anxieties and allows you to last longer. The man reaches orgasm a lot quicker than he would like to, making sex a short-lived event. timing medicine name in pakistan V2 Ajmali is an excellent aphrodisiac. It is for Pleasure and Increasing Time.An effective herbal remedy for sexual and nervine weakness, spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission, potentiates the functioning of essential organs. A drug to be utilized to remain young. V2 Ajmali are powerful for the treatment of sexual debility, anxious weakness, spermatorrhoea (automatic fundamental stream) nocturnal emission (wet dream), early discharge and slimness of the semen.

Pak Herbal - Herbal Remedies For Sex Power - Using Tea to Increase Libido Herbal remedies for sex power can be a great choice. Many of them are easy to make and even less expensive than prescription medications. Herbs have been known to work miracles in many cases. Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) For Skin & Beauty Arq-e-Gulab (Rose Water) is produced by steam distillation of fresh rose petals. Rose water contains no artificial ingredients and is renowned as the most traditional of all facial cleansers. Effective for irritation, redness, and inflammation of the eye. Mild laxative especially for infants. Effective as a mild cardiac and nervine tonic. Used in the beauty industry for treating acne and skin irritations.

best timing tablets in pakistan Ilmas-e-Kemyavi is an expensive yet extremely effective Nervine tonic tablet for men wrapped in gold foil. It was formulated by Dr. Hakim Ajmal Khan. Ilmas Kimiyavi contains nine profoundly refined normal ingredients.The Nine normally happening ingredients are seen as very effective and research has demonstrated men of all ages are exceptionally satisfied with the results of Ilmas Kimiyavi. In the event that your Erectile Dysfunction is temporary or long haul through stress, tiredness, hardening of arteries or physical or mental reasons this medicine is for you.

What Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Are The Most Common? - Pak Desi Herbal Hub Many people are looking for the causes of erectile dysfunction. This is a common problem for men of all ages and can be very frustrating for a man who is experiencing this condition. If you suspect that you have ED, there are some things you should know about the symptoms, and what is going on in your life. These symptoms are just a few of the many causes of erectile dysfunction, so keep these tips in mind and take some time to find out what is causing this problem. Stomach Problems and Treatment - Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan Health is a big concern nowadays, especially when it comes to stomach. No one is safe from stomach issues. Everyone faces it at least once. Stomach troubles also affect your food and as a result, it deeply affects your mood and attitude. Let’s list down some common stomach issues starting from the mild ones to the severe ones.

Official Website Joint pain is a common disease in Pakistan. About one-third of adults reported having joint pains causing debilitation and restricted ambulation. Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan formulates herbal medicine named “Akseer Salajeet” for patients experiencing severe bones and joint pains. Akseer Salajeet is a highly effective medicine for bone and joint maladies. The major component is Suranjan Shirin, also known as colchicum luteum helps cushion the bones and protect the joints.It is an herbal formulation used in Unani system of medicine for rheumatoid arthritis and other issues related to bones and joints. Akseer Salajeet is available in tablet form.

What Is the Best Medicine For Premature Ejaculation? Do not get carried away by the hype on premature ejaculation because most of it can just be marketing tricks. It is not advisable to go ahead and try all the treatments out because in reality none of them can cure your condition. Many claim that herbal medicines are the best medicine for premature orgasm, but in fact only few are really capable of curing it. Do not get carried away by all the hype on premature orgasm otherwise you will have to regret later on. It is best to trust your medical doctor and follow their advice in treating this condition.

blood pressure medicine in pakistan High Blood Pressure Herbal High Blood Pressure Treatment in Pakistan High blood pressure (HBP) is a severe condition that can cause kidney failure, heart failure, coronary heart disease, stroke, and numerous other serious health problems. Generally, blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of blood pushing on the walls of the blood vessels when the heart pumps blood. If this pushing rises and remains high most of the time then it can damage the body in numerous ways. Unlike the Allopathic blood pressure (hypertension) treatment, herbal medicines can help reduce hypertension more effectively. Ajmal Dawakhana is offering the best herbal high blood pressure treatment in Pakistan.