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Re-Vamp your Friendship Bracelets!

Re-Vamp your Friendship Bracelets!
No, this tutorial does not have you making any type of designer DIY! It's a simple tutorial to make cool the-dye friendship braided bracelets. I came up with this idea when trying to get a more dainty tie-dye effect, instead of just using those thick strands of embroidery floss. This tutorial is simple, but just a bit tedious. The results are very pretty though! And you can add any kind of charms you want, which is the best part! Step 1: Gather materials. Step 2: Cut your embroidery floss. Step 3: Group all of your individual threads into 3 big groups, making sure you get a variant amount of colors in each group. Knot at the end, when it's long enough to tie on your wrist. Make them in a variety of colors! To add charms, simply place charms on a jumping and add in the middle of your braid. You are finished! I made a set out of my three friendship bracelets, with coordinating charms. If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me.

Rhinestone Bangles I’ve had this project on the back burner for a long time and I’m so happy to have finally finished it to show you all! These bangles make great sparkly accessories for the holiday season or easy DIY presents for your fabulous friends! *NOTES: I bought a stack of 20 simple bangles at Target for less than $5. The rhinestone strands are from Michaels. You can use dots of glue to help start and finish off the thread wraps if you find it easier and less stressful than tucking and wrapping. Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart How to make 5 bracelets in 10 minutes Today I would like to show you 5 different techniques to make some nice and easy bracelets. I wanted new bracelets and a lot of them so I made these very quickly. The best thing about these bracelets is that if you're crafty you'll make them for free because they can be made with what you have in your stash:left-over pieces from other DIY projects, little pieces of ropes, some yarn and so on. These bracelets are quick to make and you can have fun making them in every color! Let's start!

ASOS Braided Friendship Bracelets The next tutorial is pretty cool. I love the mix of shiny with matte thread, and these ASOS Retro Skull Friendship Bracelets would be super-cool to make for your friends and yourself! Plus, you can add charms to these (yes, I used a skull, but you don't have to) to customize these. These come together really quick because they are braids, so they are a lot quicker to make than some other friendship bracelets!

How to Make Rosette Fabric Flowers How to Make a Rosette Come learn to make one of the hottest crafts…. How to make a Rosette! Hey hey! DIY - Pink Bead Cuff Bracelet Recently I’ve been infatuated with cubed beads and have ordered a fair few over the last few weeks. I was hoping these pink beads were actually glass like the post claimed it was, unfortunately I think they are most likely plastic – but despite this annoyance I think the project came out quite well and perhaps if more paint scratches off the beads it will give the bracelet a whole different look. Tools: ChainWire CuttersRound Nosed PliersJewellery wire (18/20 gayge)Jump Rings (optional)End ClaspsBeads

Friendship Bracelets Macraméd friendship bracelets were all the rage when I was growing up in the eighties. All the girls at my school would obsessively make them for one another in a dizzying variety of colors, widths, and patterns. It's amazing, thinking back, that such young girls could make such beautifully intricate accessories. I, of course, tried my hand at making them as well. I would ride my bike down to the five-and-dime store and pick out the most sophisticated color combinations of embroidery floss I could find, but when it came to the actual macramé I never got beyond plain stripes. There was nothing wrong with plain stripes, except that the other girls seemed so much more advanced with their diamonds and chevrons. Quiet Lion Creations: Simple Square Knot Bracelet The first installment in my friendship bracelet-inspired tutorial section. This tutorial is a great, easy way to ease into the craft! These are addicting to make; they finish up quick, and you can mix and match colors to your heart's content.

Craftaholics Anonymous™ i am so jealous of all you mommies with little girls! we went to Davis’s boss’s daughter’s birthday party this last weekend. {did you follow that?!} so i had the opportunity to craft for a 6 yr old little girl. which was a total change of pace for me with 2 small boys! i made the party girl this fab little yellow and gray rosette headband…. that i really wanted to keep it….. but didn’t. we had to leave before she opened the presents, so i hope she liked it!

A Merry Mishap We know, we’ve mentioned our love of neon and old school, throwback jewelry in some recent posts, and today we’re at it again. If you didn’t think neon and geodes went together, we strongly urge you to reconsider! A Merry Mishap happens to make fabulous geometric shaped jewelry in fun neon colors. DIY Wrapped Spike Cuff Taking inspiration from Swellmayde’s Tribal Wrapped Choker, I’ve made a cuff version with stiff spikes rather than freely dangling ones. I’m still obsessed with cuffs so I’ve been turning any inspiration into a bracelet for more arm candy! Tools: Tutorial: Start on a cleanly polished cuff. 1. DIY Shamballa style macrame bracelet tutorial « Rings and Things Square knot macrame bracelets have been given new life due to the influence of high end designers. I’ve got the “Circle of Life” from The Lion King playing in my head as I write this. How else to explain how a simple macrame bracelet design, which has spent years as a summer camp staple and a tourist shop standard, has been reborn as the chic “Shamballa” brand must-have look? I think it is a great example of how basic techniques can be adapted to suit nearly any style or budget. Have hemp cord and plastic pony beads? You can make this bracelet.