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The Semantic Web For the Sustainable Materials Lifecycle MaterialSource, an online platform focused on the sustainable materials lifecycle, will relaunch with a semantic web focus by year’s end. In development by ontoforce, the revamped site will initially cater to users in its native Belgium, but it expects to expand to include an international audience. The goal, says ontoforce co-founder and CEO Hans Constandt, who also is MaterialSource’s co-founder and CIO, is to “apply the whole philosophy of the semantic web to doing the work of connecting small providers” in the space. It wants to lower thresholds for these purveyors of products and materials for sustainable construction to get their data to their markets in an efficient and integrated way. His partners include ontoforce co-founder and COO Stephane Roelandt and co-founder and sales/marketing head Tom Vankemmel, as well as key developer Jaroslav Martasek. “We’re putting semantic metadata around information from those providers’ materials,” says Constandt.

Klout – Measure Your Twitter Influence - Reviews by AppVita Klout is an application that will measure your Twitter influence by looking at how many followers you have, who those followers are, and how many people are retweeting your posts. In addition to giving each Twitter users a “Klout Score” of 0 to 100, Klout also offers interactive graphs that show who you’re influencing and who is most likely influencing you. For individuals and businesses, this information can be used to develop more targeted tweets that will help you gain followers and become more influential within the Twitter universe. Type your Twitter username into Klout to get started.

Pictify : Le Pinterest du monde artistique Article extrait du Réseau canadien d’information sur le patrimoine (04/09/2012) Récemment, un nouveau site Web de réseautage social, Pictify, a fait son apparition – avis aux musées : ceci s’adresse à vous! Pictify se démarque par deux aspects : il est conçu expressément pour le contenu culturel et vise un auditoire aux intérêts plus artistiques. Ce site Web a des fonctions semblables à celles de Pinterest, un site Internet de médias sociaux en croissance rapide, en ce sens qu’il ressemble à un énorme album‑souvenir de photos, réparties en collections diverses. Grâce à ce tableau d’affichage virtuel, les artistes et les institutions culturelles peuvent afficher des œuvres fascinantes en ligne, permettant ainsi à d’autres utilisateurs de la communauté de formuler des commentaires et de publier des photos semblables.

Trapit - Realtime Search for the Realtime Web A few weeks ago, a small team from @WalmartLabs visited the offices of OneRiot in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. OneRiot has developed some pretty nifty technology that analyzes social media signals from popular networks like Twitter and Facebook to deliver ads that are relevant to consumers’ interests. As our teams debated the finer points of Big Data, Fast Data, and machine learning technologies, it became clear to us that we could find no better colleagues than the guys at OneRiot.

Volkswagen’s Use of structWSF in their Semantic Web Platform at Frederick Giasson This story has been published by Jennifer Zaino’s in her article: Volkswagen: Das Auto Company is Das Semantic Web Company! I can now talk about this project that uses some pieces of the framework that we have been developing for more than 3 years now. The Objective TipTop Search Engine Open source data structs and semantic frameworks The Open Semantic Framework is a complete and integrated software stack that combines external open source components with specific enhancements developed by Structured Dynamics. OSF is a complete foundation to bring semantic technology capabilities to the enterprise. OSF has a variety of potential applications from enterprise information integration to collaboration networks and open government. OSF can integrate and manage all types of content — unstructured documents, semi-structured files, spreadsheets, and structured databases — using a variety of best-of-breed engines.

Activity System Design Tools - KP-Lab Tools Help From KPE Tools Help This page explains how to get started with using the Activity System Design Tools software. The purpose is to show what can be done in the user interfaces and how things work from the end user's perspective. [edit] Opening ASDT within KPE To start using ASDT, you need to open up KPE (Knowledge Practices Environment) with the ASDT plugin. THINK - Overview Overview | People | Collaborators | Sponsors | Publications | Tools The THINK (Tactical Human Integration of Network Knowledge) project is a collaborative effort of Pearson’s Knowledge Technologies (PKT) division, Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for the Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) and the MA&D Operation of Alion Science and Technology. The goal of the effort is to develop an integrated toolset that supports different but complementary analysis methods. The toolset addresses three inter-related aspects of human integration of networked knowledge: CMU’s tools for extracting and analyzing dynamic network structure; PKT’s tool for understanding and assessing the content of communication over a given network; and Alion’s tool for modeling and exploring network performance for given team structures, technologies and human cognitive behaviors.

RDF-Gravity Sunil Goyal, Rupert Westenthaler {sgoyal, rwestenthaler} Salzburg Research, Austria RDF Gravity is a tool for visualising RDF/OWL Graphs/ ontologies. Its main features are: Overview / Conzilla - The Concept Browser browse News 2010-10-10 Conzilla 2.3.0 released. (New collaboration backend) 2007-06-11 Conzilla 2.2.3 released. (Bugfix release) 2007-03-27 Conzilla 2.2.2 released together with Collaborilla 1.1. See the release notes for details. 2007-02-13 Conzilla 2.2.1 released. (Bugfix release) 2008-02-05 Conzilla user group started. 2008-02-05 Conzilla 2.2 released.

challehub - mindmaps Other pages of links you might find useful Graphic organizers for writing Infographics Project Management Time management Mind-map- the new Razor-sharp Mind Mapping search engineRead how to Exchange mind map files with other softwareGet the skinny on All the FREE web-based mind mappersLearn about all the Mind map librariesVic's compendium of software that supports knowledge

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