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National Digital Learning Resources Network home page

National Digital Learning Resources Network home page
The National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) is a technical infrastructure that connects Australian schools to enable the distribution and sharing of digital resources through education portals. The Network is the outcome of initiatives of the Australian Government and the state and territory governments. The digital student resources and teacher support materials are aligned to the Australian, state and territory curriculums and are available through state and territory education portals and the national portal Scootle. All resources are provided free of charge to all Australian teachers and students.

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Third Grader Handcuffed in School - ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Sheriff A deputy sheriff shackled two elementary school children who have disabilities, causing them pain and trauma, according to a federal lawsuit filed today by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Children's Law Center, and Dinsmore & Shohl. The children, an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, were so small that the school resource officer, Kenton County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Sumner in Covington, Kentucky, locked the handcuffs around the children's biceps and forced their hands behind their backs, the lawsuit charges. A disturbing video shows the boy, S.R., being shackled and crying out in pain. S.R. has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and a history of trauma. The girl, L.G, was twice handcuffed behind her back by her biceps, also causing her pain.

Talk Tech With Me It’s the time of year for ‘Best Of 2013′ lists, so I thought I’d create my own. This list contains the 13 best multi-platform (web, iOS, Android, etc.) apps and sites for the classroom (in my opinion). Whether you’re a BYOT, 1:1 iPad, 1:1 Chromebook, 1:1 something else, or still convincing the movers and shakers in your building to switch to a BYO or 1:1 program, you’ll be able to use all 13 of these sites with your students! 13: YouTube: With over 6 billion hours of video being watched from the site every month, there is no explanation needed for the video sharing giant. However, it is worth putting on this list for many reasons. You can enrich your classroom with TED talks, Kahn academy videos, and much, much more coming from YouTube. Environmental And Sustainability Education NSW Government schools are guided by the NSW Environmental Education Policy for Schools Support for environmental and sustainability education is available at Curriculum Support Students are entitled to quality environmental and sustainability education that develops the capacity to live sustainably. Curriculum integration should occur through the provision of environmental and sustainability education programs that: Syllabus link "Scientific and technological activity is carried out by people in response to their needs, ie the need to understand, the need to create, the need to solve practical problems.

NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2013 : Booklist Home Scroll down to download individual titles in approved series. K-9 booklists can be downloaded at the right of this screen: in short form (title and author only) with full details (including annotation and publication details) new books for 2014 or download this basic excel version 'This Is Water': Complete Audio of David Foster Wallace's Kenyon Graduation Speech (2005) Last month, on the occasion of the author’s 50th birthday, we posted a large collection of free essays and stories by David Foster Wallace. But we missed a rare item: the complete audio recording of the commencement address Wallace gave at Kenyon College, in Ohio, on May 21, 2005–three years before he took his own life. The text of the speech has been published on the Internet and as a book called This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life, but the complete audio version has been hard to find. In the speech, Wallace talks about the challenge of moving beyond the superficial kind of freedom that can be acquired through power and wealth, toward a truer liberation that arises only when we become more fully conscious of the world outside our “tiny skull-sized kingdoms.” He says:

Digital Resources for Schools: inspiring research on World War One Alexander Bunyip's Under The Lake: The Real History of Lake Burley Griffin To celebrate the Lake's big birthday, join author, illustrator, and Bunyip wrangler Michael Salmon, to discover entertaining, true and highly probable histories, mysteries and legends, on, around and under the lake. Monday 26 May–Friday 30 May Victorian Certificate of Education Index About the VCE The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is the certificate that the majority of students in Victoria receive on satisfactory completion of their secondary education. The VCE provides diverse pathways to further study or training at university or TAFE and to employment.

50 Important Links for Common Core Educators Educators across the nation are working hard this summer to begin developing updated curricula that will fit into the new Common Core State Standards, which will be fully applied in 45 U.S. states (Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, Virginia, and Minnesota have opted out of statewide participation) by 2015. Yet despite the hubbub about the new standards, which were created as a means of better equipping students with the knowledge they need to be competitive in the modern world, many teachers still have a lot of unanswered questions about what Common Core will mean for them, their students, and their schools. Luckily, the Internet abounds with helpful resources that can explain the intricacies of Common Core, offer resources for curriculum development, and even let teachers keep up with the latest news on the subject.

Education Matters: Tassie’s first lesson is to think positive Associate Professor Elaine Stratford wants debate to achieve better politicies and structures in Tasmania’s education system over the next 30 years. Picture: KIM EISZELE Source: News Corp Australia TASMANIA should ditch the negativity as it embarks on a 30-year journey to fix its educational outcomes, the new head of UTAS’s Peter Underwood Centre says. Top Web Annotation and Markup Tools Ever try browsing the web and came across some content that you wanted to save for later reference? Yes you can easily bookmark a site, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you can select and save the specific text in the content that interests you? You are at a page where you want to leave a comment or note but u can’t because the page does not provide a comment system, what do you do about it? Better example, what do you use when you are working on a document or website of your own and wanting to get feedback from users or collaborate with a friend or group?

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) New K–10 English, Mathematics, Science and History syllabuses The Board has developed new NSW K–10 syllabuses for English, Mathematics, Science (including Science and Technology K–6) and History incorporating the Australian curriculum. In 2014, schools will begin to use the new NSW English K–10 Syllabus, and have the option of using the new K–10 NSW Mathematics and Science syllabuses. Visit the Board’s website for more information about the Australian curriculum in New South Wales. Support Materials for Students with Special Education Needs The English K–6 Support Materials for Students with Special Education Needs provides advice, strategies and resources for teachers to meet the learning needs of students who experience difficulties in the English Key Learning Area.

Teacher Guide Below is a guide to using the NRICH website on Desktops and tablets, a mobile phone guide will be available soon. At NRICH we believe that: Our activities can provoke mathematical thinking.Students can learn by exploring, noticing and discussing.This can lead to conjecturing, explaining, generalising, convincing and proof.In a classroom, the students' role is to focus on the mathematics while the teacher focusses on the learners.The teacher should aim to do for students only what they cannot yet do for themselves. Problems and resources linked to the Primary Curriculum, with support for teachers, can be found here. 172. ISAAC ASIMOV: A lifetime of learning Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) was a writer, known for his contribution to science fiction (including The Three Laws of Robotics, I, Robot and the Foundation series) and his staggering work in other genres and non-fiction. Asimov had a formal education in chemistry, earning his PhD and working as a chemist for the Navy during WWII. He taught biochemistry and later became a professor at the Boston Univeristy of Medicine, all while writing stories for fantasy magazines in his spare time.

Repository australiano di risorse digitali per l'insegnamento. La raccolta comprende risorse interattive e animazioni, materiali per la valutazione formativa, idee per l'insegnamento, unità di lavoro e strumenti aperti che permettono all'insegnante la costruzione di risorse proprie. by maestrafrancy Jan 16

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