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Movie Sheets - Teacher Submitted Movie Worksheets for the Classroom

Movie Sheets - Teacher Submitted Movie Worksheets for the Classroom

Activities for your Classroom | Views from the Whiteboard On this page you can find some activities which I’ve used with my students. Feel free to download them and use them in your classes. Please double-check these fully-editable activities before you use them as you may need to change some parts which are aimed more at students in Spain. A 2 Day in 5 – A fun dictation activity for teens, from Catherine Morley Starters, Movers and Flyers dice games (speaking practice) KET and PET dice games (speaking practice – part 1) One-Board Games – Starters, Movers and Flyers Question sheets and FCE revsision questions Perfect Tenses Revision – A fun activity for upper-intermediate students to practise perfect tenses Present Perfect Board Game – A board game for students to practise the Present Perfect Simple. Question word match– A pelmanism activity to practise question words and simple questions. Reported Speech – A grammar guide with common reporting verbs and a transformation exercise Time – An infoshare for elementary teens.

Curiosity Cabinet Over the past 25 years I have accumulated a collection of various gizmos, devices, toys etc. which to me are excellent examples of scientific principles or things that you look at and you say "That's impossible!" except it's staring you in the face. In the hope that others may also find them interesting and with the help of two undergraduates, Jacy Lundberg and Omar Khan, we have created videos of many of the items in the collection. In many cases we have tried to include explanations of how they work or references to where one can find this information. Jacy and Omar are currently seniors in the Boston College pre-medical program. In the olden days some people assembled what were known as curiosity cabinets.

ChemCollective List of Interactive Quizzes The quizzes with a magenta marble are also listed within the section or digital handout to which they apply. The twenty-one quizzes with a green marble and designated "Practice" have been adapted from the instructor's manual and other ancillary materials accompanying Sentence Sense: A Writer's Guide. They are duplicated here with permission of the author, Evelyn Farbman, and the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Inc. The seventeen quizzes with a gold marble were written by the English faculty at an estimable midwestern university and are used here with the permission of that department. The ten quizzes with a red marble were prepared by students in Professor Karyn Hollis's Tutor Training course at Villanova University. Clicking on the NUMBER immediately before the quiz's name will take you to the section of the Guide pertaining to the grammatical issue(s) addressed in that quiz. Clicking on the Guide's logo at the top of a quiz-page will bring you back to this page.

PhysicsLAB: Converging Lenses Any lens that is "thicker in the center" than on the edges is generally described as a convex lens and will function as a converging lens when it is operating in air. The point where all rays which enter the lens parallel to its axis are brought to a focus is called the principal focus. This position is located behind the lens and is usually labeled as F in ray diagrams. A similar point the same distance in front of the lens is called the lens' secondary focus, F'. Whenever the actual rays of light that refract through the lens converge behind the lens to form an image, that type of image is called a real image. Since the actual rays of light passing through the lens form these real images, they are also known as "hot" images. Converging Lenses There are three primary rays which are used to locate the images formed by converging lenses. Remember, ALL rays must have ARROWS!

The Cavalcade o' Chemistry | Your online chemistry source since 1998 or thereabouts ESL Resources - RESCOL 2 - Topics - List of pages - New sites - Archives prettygoodphysics - home Molecular Workbench Three Views of MW Senior Scientist and Molecular Workbench Developer Charles Xie, Researcher and Manager Amy Pallant, and Technology and Curriculum Developer Dan Damelin describe the history of Molecular Workbench and our vision for the future. Watch the Video undefinedundefinedundefined Selected Curriculum Modules Transistor Semiconductor Plasma Molecular Rover Chemical Bonding Chemical Resp. Diffusion Heat & Temperature Electrostatics Phase Change DNA to Protein Mission: Immunity Lipids & Carbs Tree of Life Proteins & DNA Harvest Light Quantum Mechanics Crystallography More Modules » Launches MW Create Your Own Simulations MW is not just a collection of simulations—do not be deceived by first glance. Learn More in MW's Online Manual » Launches MW Create Your Own Curriculum Modules A simulation without instructional support is difficult for students to use. Learn More in MW's Online Manual » Launches MW Fun Stuff Electrostatic Maze 3D Maze Roving Nanogear Block Feeder Probability Machine Dainty Walker Water Wheels

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