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Area 51 Front Gate

Area 51 Front Gate
Local anchors: White Bus Cameras The road to the front gate is long and dusty, but good enough to travel at the rated speed (45 MPH) most of its length. After collecting a quarter inch of dust on your rear bumper, you will eventually arrive at the front gate of Area 51. You can read about the Internal Security Act at and the restrictions against photography at . Warning Signs January 2010 Note the paved (sealed) road at the right side of the photograph. Older winter photograph This photo at the front gate shows that some people can head straight past the warning signs, and some people have to make a U-turn. January 2010 photograph. Animal tracks in the snow (January 2010) OK, OK, just maybe I'm starting to believe those space alien rumors.... Snow on cactus This is just plain wrong! White Bus Now a closer examination yields something interesting under the bus. Cameras Cameras January 2010 Related:  Ideologías

The World’s Top 20 Most Fascinating Alien Contactee & Abduction Cases By: Makia Freeman Alien contactee and alien abductee cases are much more common than you may believe. The topic is still largely taboo in the mainstream, due to a certain segment of society that is unable and unwilling to go beyond its narrow belief system, but despite this, investigation of alien contactee and abductee cases is genuine area of scientific research. Researchers (some alive, some dead) such as Dr. There are, at least, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, or millions of individuals worldwide who are alien contactees. Since there is no way to cover every case, here is a list of my top 20 most influential, fascinating and mind-blowing alien contact or abductee cases. Alien Contactee / Abductee #1: Billy Meier Billy Meier (Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier) of Switzerland is perhaps the most famous of all alien contactees. Alien Contactee / Abductee #2: Alex Collier Alien Contactee / Abductee #3: Simon Parkes Alien Contactee / Abductee #4: Whitley Strieber Sources:

'Los americanos no están preparados para la verdad sobre los Ovnis' El acto de campaña de Jeb Bush a las primarias demócratas en Orlando (Florida) tuvo un protagonista inesperado. El padre del político, George H.W. Bush, presidente de Estados Unidos entre 1989 y 1993, director de la CIA en 1976, vicepresidente con Ronald Reagan y miembro del Club Bilderberg respondió a una cuestión acerca de los ovnis. "¿El Gobierno de Estados Unidos dirá alguna vez la verdad sobre los ovnis?", le espetó el periodista y Bush, sin inmutarse y ante la sorpresa de los presentes, respondió que “los estadounidenses no están preparados para conocer la verdad”. Sin tiempo para reaccionar, el servicio de seguridad identificó al periodista y procedió a su detención. Se trata de Adam Guelch, miembro de la red Mutual Ufo Network (MUFON) organización privada que investiga el fenómeno OVNI y produce una serie documental de televisión seguida por millones de norteamericanos. No es la primera vez que Bush protagoniza un incidente similar. Leer más...

8 Sacred Herbs To Aid The Lucid Dreamer The plants of our world are the fulcrum of life as we know it. Bestowing us with health, sustenance, and expansion of the mind's functionality, we owe our very existence to the mighty, yet delicate plant life that we commonly take for granted. Some cultures of the world, however, have not lost touch with our roots, paying due respect to the mighty plant kingdom for enabling our existence on this floating rock. Among the various forms of sacred plant medicines, there is a category that is referred to as ubulawu, or dream herbs. When used in the correct conditions, they are effective in sedating the body and alleviating physical sensations while sharpening focus and enhancing mental clarity which can allow for remarkably vivid, seemingly tangible dreams of personal guidance. Xhosa Dream Root Silene capensis The Xhosa Dream Root has a history of use along the verdant river valleys of the eastern cape province of South Africa. Dream Weed Calea zacatechichi Valerian Valeriana officinalis

Alegoría de la caverna Recreación de parte del mito. Se observa cómo el prisionero sólo puede observar proyecciones del mundo que son meras apariencias de las esencias. La Alegoría de la caverna (también conocida por el nombre de Mito de la caverna, aunque en realidad solo es una alegoría de intenciones pedagógico-filosóficas, no un mito, pues no aparece reflejado como tal en los escritos de Platón ni en ninguna otra obra antigua, ni siquiera entre los mitógrafos) se considera la más célebre alegoría de la historia de la filosofía[1] junto con la del carro alado.[2] Su importancia se debe tanto a la utilidad de la narración para explicar los aspectos más importantes del pensamiento platónico como a la riqueza de sus sugerencias filosóficas. Descripción[editar] "Alegoría de la caverna" por Markus Maurer Estos hombres encadenados consideran como verdad las sombras de los objetos. Interpretación esotérica[editar] Ontología subyacente en la alegoría[editar] La epistemología subyacente en la alegoría[editar]

Names of Allah (swt) And Allah’s are the best names, therefore call on Him thereby… Recite it in the morning and late afternoon and the last 1/3rd part of the night 66 times without “Yaa” (O’). It would enable you to achieve your aim. Their specialty is that they obtain divine grace if recited after the obligatory prayers 100 times. Recite it 64 times; its specialty is continuation of power of one who is regular in it. Its specialty is that if it is recited in assembly/company 170 times, the inner self will be purified of impurities. In it is cure of diseases and safety from calamities and if recited on the sick 100 times, he will be cured. If it is recited 136 times it will give protection from the Satans among Jinn or men. Its mention 125 times will earn purity of the soul and he will be informed of realities. Its mention 94 times after the Morning Prayer everyday would reveal the secrets of Ilme Simia and Alchemy and one who recites it for 40 days, everyday 40 times, will not be needful of anyone.

What is Your Mayan Spirit Animal? Knowing your spirit animal is vitally important to understanding Mayan Mysticism and Mayan Spirituality. Our spirit animals give us insight into our personalities, our needs, our desires, and our spirit paths. However, unlike a traditional astrological zodiac, Mayan spirit animals represent our spirit guides and the traits they lend to us, rather than a deterministic statement about who we are. Date of birth remains important; however, as the Mayan calendar counts differently than the modern Gregorian calendar that we use in everyday life, and the Maya looked to their calendar for almost all forms of spiritual guidance. The Mayan calendar is actually much more accurate than our own, and therefore yields more exacting measures our true selves. Below is a list of the Mayan spirit animals and some information about each one. January 17 – February 10Bat Those with the bat as their spirit animal are widely seen by others as some of the most exciting individuals. February 11 – March 15Wolf