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A Low Impact Woodland Home

A Low Impact Woodland Home
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Living, Growing Architecture "QUANTUM SHOT" #587Link - article by Dylan Thuras and Avi Abrams We welcome our guest writer, Dylan Thuras of the Atlas Obscura, with a spell-binding tale of the "living architecture"' the world over, a tale which deserves to be told (and learned from, by modern architects) Living Architecture: Growing your house, one chair at a time Plants are amazing: they provide food, air, medicine, and material for buildings, furniture, and art. But through an ancient yet obscure craft, still-living plants can themselves be shaped into bridges, tables, ladders, chairs, sculptures - even buildings. Known variously as botanical architecture, tree sculpture, tree-shaping, tree-grafting, pooktre, arborsculpture, and arbortecture, the craft is, essentially, construction with living plants. (image credit: Weihua Wei, CGSociety) The concept seems to date back to prehistoric times. 1. In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren't built -- they're grown. (image via)

Living In The Future - Episode 1: Introducing Lammas This video series is an exploration of community and sustainability. The ecoVillage addresses many of the difficulties facing the modern world - offering shared resources; reduced consumption and waste, as well as companionship and support. Today, there are ecoVillages in 70 countries across six continents. This site is a sharing of ideas, imagination, techniques and discoveries. The journey is Living in the Future. Lammas, the UK's first planned Ecovillage. The Lammas story is followed for the first 46 episodes of this series, weaving in and out of the plans and finally, the creation of the Lammas ecoVillage at Tir-y-Gafael in West Wales. The houses at Lammas use low-impact architecture with a combination of recycled and natural materials.

Sarah Palin - Encyclopedia Dramatica A no-name Governor from Alaska turned into a TV queen and a symbol of Conservative America with a dash of derp ! Page created by: Summary was the 2008 candidate for the United States vice president and presidential hopeful in the 2012 elections. She is, for lack of a better term, a complete and utter moron. She is perhaps best known on the internet for using a Yahoo! Origins Palin was born February 11, 1964 in Idaho, United States , but was taken to Alaska with her family when only several months old. Rise to fame Palin was plucked from obscurity after being bizarrely picked by John McCain to be his vice presidential candidate in the 2008 elections. Current status Republicans are hoping to include her somehow in the 2012 election, as are Democrats, but for entirely different reasons. Famous Quote what's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? —Sarah Palin Facts Wolfaboos have it out for her. Tina Fey impersonated her on SNL Grinds live turkeys in meat shredders for sick kicks . Images

Environmentally-Friendly Houses "QUANTUM SHOT" #233Link - article by Joshua S. Hill and Avi Abrams Most ecologically friendly house designs This article is co-written by our guest blogger Joshua S. "A Low Impact Woodland Home" by Simon Dale Now I had originally intended to take you on a tour through all the wonderful ecologically-clean houses that exist in our wonderful world, but it turns out that as a group, those who tend towards these houses apparently disdain the creation of a decent website, and even further hate actual content. Simon, with his wife, father in law and two young children spent 4 months building what they have termed a low impact woodland home, which is now their family home. Simon, who is more than willing to tote the fact that he is in no way an architect or certified builder, believes that a house of this scale is within the reach of any able-bodied person. The house, which was built with a maximum regard for the environment around it, is dug soundly into the hill around it. See more photos here

Welcome to Skokomish Farms 11 Colorful Optical Illusions by COLOURlov From classic same color illusions created by Edward H. Adelson or colors that disappear right before your eyes, to artists whose work plays with perception and "what happens outside the vantage point," these colorful illusions will make you think twice about your perception of color. We give you 10 Colorful Illusions and explanations as to why your seeing what your seeing. Not to be confused with the wonderful Colorful Allusion series by Prof. Classic Illusions Same Color Illusion/ Adleson's Checker Shadow Illusion The same color illusion — also known as Adelson's checker shadow illusion, checker shadow illusion and checker shadow — is an optical illusion published by Edward H. The squares A and B on the illusion are the same color (or shade), although they seem to be different. 'Just Grey' by by Gianni A. Lilac Chaser In the first image, stare at the cross in the center and wait as the green dot erases all the purple dots leaving only the circling green. Explanation Big Spanish Castle Art

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Les horloges à eau J'avais toujours connu les horloges solaires, et voilà qu'hier j'ai croisé le mot clepsydre et tout un nouvel univers s'est ouvert ... La clepsydre ne fonctionne pas sur le même principe que le sablier. C'est l'écoulement d'une certaine quantité d'eau qui fixe la durée écoulée.Les premières clepsydres se présentent sous la forme d'un bol, avec un trou à leur point le plus bas, permettant l'écoulement de l'eau. Voilà une horloge bâtie pendant le rêgne Yanyou (14 siécles avant JC ) en China. Une autre horloge chinoise..pas mal plus compliquées ... l'eau se proméne de bac en bac ( au centre) pour finir dans le petit bassin où une bouée donne l'heure ... Celle ci marche sur le poids de l'eau qui s'accumule dans un des contenants ce qui donne l'heure sur la tige de mêtal ... Modéle en bronze .. une tige est passée par le dessus, par la poignée, au fur et à mesure qu'elle descendait, on pouvait lire l'heure ... Un modéle grec : Les horloges à eau modernes :