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CRRH's Cannabis Tax Acts (CTA) would comprehensively reform marijuana laws by regulating and taxing adult sales; licensing the cultivation of the drug for sale in adult-only businesses; allowing adults to grow their own and farmers to grow industrial hemp

10 Essential Albums for Starting a Jazz Collection If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a hundred times. Someone just getting into jazz ventures online looking for some music to start with, and is instantly inundated with about 500 different choices. Everyone has their own ideas about the best places to start a jazz music collection, and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. I know because I was one of those neophytes. So as a public service to all you new jazz lovers out there, here’s one man’s list of recordings that are essential for any new jazz collection. #10. To start a jazz collection with any artist other than Satchmo would be foolishness. I know that this style and sound (usually referred to as Traditional Jazz) is not for everyone, but it’s critical to hear where the music started in order to appreciate where it went. And hey, you never know, you may love it for more than its prime historical value. Buy This Album! #9. As World War II raged, a seismic shift was occurring in the jazz world. Buy This Album! #8. Buy This Album! #7.

Top 10 Things I Miss About Stay-At-Home Pot Dealers Toke of the Town Northern California Correspondent Of the supposedly 43 million Americans who smoke marijuana, there is such a small percent of us that are allowed to have safe and easy access to our drug of choice, that to complain seems to be a little elitist and even downright spoiled. But if you're of a certain age and generation, because of the nature of prohibition, the only way to score our pot was to go to someone's home. As much as I love having a card and going to the Pot Shop, or having it delivered, I miss the interaction of the old daze.'s my list of what I miss about seeing my Man (or Woman, as it were) to score. ​1) Old School Etiquette. Believe it or not, in the old daze there was an incredibly set of manners involved in buying Pot. Upon arriving at your Dealer's pad, you would never mention why you were there. To ask to see the product was totally uncool. ​​2) The Relationship. In the old daze, the relation between you and your dealer was very special and personal.

How to improvise great solos on a guitar Before I go straight on to scales, I am going to tell you about how to get the right notes to fit a particular chord, and also the circle of 5ths. If you know these, skip to step 2. Generally, The songs you will improvise too will follow a widely used chord progression pattern, which should stay the same for most of the tune or just for a section (chorus, verse, bridge etc.)I am going to give you notes that will fit into the particular chords. This will work with MOST styles of music, but not for others. You don't have to follow this, it is just to give you an Idea of what will fit.Note: the following chords can be moved up or down, with the notes. you will have to compensate for the accidentals/key sharps/flats that are going to be added. Chord: cmaj (C major)notes that will fit: C, E,F,G,A,Bb. Circle of 5ths.Sounds complicated but actually isn't.

OG Kush Pictures » Purple Check out this purple trainwreck. Trainwreck is a heavy hitting sativa that was bred in Northern California. This purple trainwreck is a result of selective breeding and crossing. The taste on this bud is out of this world. It tastes like sweet grapes. The high this strain offers in very uplifting and cerebral.

The Landfillharmonic All About Gemstones: Semiprecious Gems The line between what constitutes a "precious" or "semiprecious" gemstone has more to do with historical context than any objective measure of its current value. Historically, the so-called "precious" or "cardinal gems" included diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire, but also included amethyst which today is both abundant, and inexpensive. Other than the historic, ceremonial, or religious significance of labeling a gem as "precious," or "semiprecious," there is no actual difference between these designations, and their use can be misleading, inappropriate, and inaccurate. In fact, some of the stones in this category might very well be considered "precious," due to their increasing scarcity, high price, or changing consumer tastes. Therefore, inclusion or omission of a particular gemstone/mineral in the "precious" or "semiprecious" category should neither diminish, nor enhance a stone's prestige or monetary value.

80 sitios para descargar y escuchar música totalmente gratis y legal En muchos países, la descarga de música de manera ilegal es castigada con muchos años de prisión. En Japón la pena es de dos años pero en Reino Unido aumenta hasta diez años. Algunas personas han recibido hasta 25 años por descargar series, películas y música, otros se limitan a cerrar sus sitios de Internet para que nada les ocurra, porque viven con el miedo constante de tener que ir a la cárcel. España ha cerrado webs que tienen enlaces con contenidos por los que no poseen derechos de autor. Francia, Reino Unido y Suecia persiguen incansablemente a artistas que intercambian archivos con Copyright y después intentan multarlos o desconectarlos totalmente de Internet. Otro caso, fue el de Joel Tenenbaum, quien en 2009 fue condenado a pagar 675 mil dólares por descargar música ilegal, el joven era un estudiante de Boston y la Corte Suprema se negó a revisar el caso. Deezer Uno de los mejores servicios para encontrar música popular y con un centro de búsqueda bastante sencillo de utilizar.

Rock Key The Rock Identification Key - by Don PeckRock Key Table of Contents What Are Rocks? Rocks are what the crust of the earth is made of. They are the mountains and the bottom of the ocean. They are everywhere on earth, but often buried under soil. [ Return to Rock Key Table of Contents ] What Minerals Form Rocks?