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The Best Photography Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of 2011

The Best Photography Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of 2011
This was a great year for all things photography, with posts to help you behind the camera, in front of it, when you're shooting, and when you're editing. Here's a look back at our most popular photography tips, tricks, and hacks of 2011. Learn the Basics of Photoshop: The Complete Guide Want to learn how everything works in Photoshop? This Lifehacker Night School series can help you make your photos better, draw vector graphics, and design a web site.Learn the Basics of Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes - To get started with Photoshop, you need to know what everything does. More »

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The Top 10 Photo Techniques of 2011 Being a photographer is sort of like being in school--in a good way. There's always something new to learn. (Or if you prefer, you could just let your photo editor do most of the hard work for you.) As I write my very last Digital Focus of 2011, I thought it would be fun to take a look back and round up the ten most essential articles. Creative Corner: Instax Albums Inspired by my heightening stacks of instant photos, I decided I needed more places to put them than just in a box somewhere in my closet. So gather up some of your favorite instax photos and read on for how to make your very own photo album! I feel that I must apologize for not being able to write an article last month for my series; it was quite a hectic month for me. I had finals for school, my brother’s graduation, and a trip to Taiwan for the last part of May. Seeing as I’d missed writing my last article, this month’s craft was a bit more time consuming to make up for it.

How To Make an Incredibly Easy Panoramic Photograph With Any Camera You might know that there are special cameras for shooting panoramic pictures. Today, we’ll put one together in seconds that we shot with a regular digital camera and a tripod. Grab your favorite image editor and camera, and let’s go! Even if you don’t have Photoshop, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to take some good shots, merge them, and get a convincing panorama. With our simple tips, you’ll have a much easier time shooting the right kind of images, and splicing them together to make the perfect panorama. Keep reading!

Line Dances A list of the line dances taught at Sundance Saloon over the past several years. Line dances with an asterisk (*) denote currently popular dances at Sundance Saloon. Download stepsheets by clicking on the name of the line dance. These are pdf files which can be read by the free Acrobat Reader. The steps are specific to the way the dance has developed at Sundance Saloon. The Time-Lapse Photography Guide An Introduction Time-lapse photography is the opposite of slow-motion; you capture a bunch of photos of the same thing over a period of time then play them back in sequence in a shorter amount of time. It is a favorite technique here at Untamed Science; if done properly, it can look beautiful and tell a great story. We’ve taken well over 500 time-lapses and made a lot of mistakes.

How to Thread Your Eyebrows Tired of clumsily plucking with tweezers or damaging the fragile skin around your eye with wax? The alternative is threading, an extremely old skill that involves using a piece of thread to remove the hair from your eyebrows or elsewhere. While it takes a little practice, all you need to get started is a length of thread! Steps The Fetch and Execute Cycle: Machine Language Section 1.1 A computer is a complex system consisting of many different components. But at the heart -- or the brain, if you want -- of the computer is a single component that does the actual computing. This is the Central Processing Unit, or CPU. In a modern desktop computer, the CPU is a single "chip" on the order of one square inch in size.

Adding Photos with the Ken Burns Effect You can add photos to a movie, and use iMovie to create special effects for the photos. One popular special effect is to pan across a photo or zoom in and out of a photo as it plays in your movie. This is known as the "Ken Burns effect," after the filmmaker who frequently used the technique in his documentaries. First you need to grab a single frame from your video to use as a still photo. Move the Playhead to the frame you want to select. mishka henner: no man's land aug 06, 2011 mishka henner: no man's land ‘no man’s land’ by mishka henner (above) M-206, san fernando de henares, spain image © mishka henner DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers A Post By: Darren Rowse Lighting can be the difference between a good shot and a great one. Walk into most professional photographer’s studios and you’ll be confronted with truckloads of lighting equipment. To the average hobby photographer it’s enough to make your mind boggle – and for your stomach to turn as you think about the cost of it all. Most of us can’t afford a full lighting rig – however what if there was a way to experiment with the type of lighting gear that pro photographers use without spending too much money? What if you could make it yourself.

Beginner Solution to the Rubik's Cube Introduction There are many different methods for solving the Rubik's cube. They can be divided into two broad categories: layer methods and corners first methods (and there are sub-categories within these broad categories). The method I use for speedsolving is a layer based method. More specifically, the method I currently use is: cross, F2L, 3-look LL (I know some of the OLLs, so sometimes I can do a 2-look LL). If you are a newbie cuber then this description may not mean much to you, so I should add that it's the 'Advanced Solution' I described in the Next Steps section at the end of this page.

Picture to art, photo to art - personalized art Our artists specialize in a variety of different photo to art styles and techniques. From handmade traditional artworks, such as pencil sketches and oil paintings, to more modern digital custom art, like pop art 4-panels and caricatures, myDaVinci provides all the tools needed to create beautiful and lasting personalized art! Our mission is to provide only the highest quality product offerings. This begins with our Beijing based Chinese management team recruiting talented, reputable artists to our network.

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