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Manage Application Fraud

Manage Application Fraud
Technology has been the biggest agent of change in recent times, and more so, in the financial services sector. Be it financial transactions, customer experience, marketing of new products or channel distribution, digitization has permeated all departments of finance. With terms like 'digitization' and 'cashless transactions' on the rise, most physical and time-consuming transactions have been replaced by fast and convenient, real-time payments. But all this convenience does not come without the risk of opening new avenues for frauds. Activities such as phishing, application fraud, identity fraud, and card skimming are increasing. On the positive side, multiple security platforms and anti-fraud solutions are being devised to tackle the issue of frauds. IDENCHECK - Check PAN and Aadhaar for your customers - Improve KYC Verification and reduce frauds! IDENCHECK allows you and your branches to verify KYC details of your customers against many Government databases at a click of a button.

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Buy or Lease a Car? Which One is Best? Buying and leasing have always been two good options for owning cars. More recently, the demands for a car increased after COVID-19 compelled many of us to give a miss to public transportation in fear of contracting the virus. Many families faced the hassles of traveling in the last few months owing to the lack of their own transportation. But not all of us are financially fit to buy a car or are inclined to own one for a long time.

Get Up-to-Date Business Information Report & valuable Company Information From the Globe at your desk Companies all around the world looking for the highest quality business information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth. CRIF has established a new approach to business information using on a scenario where decisions and risks are based on a complex and robust framework of value-added information, dynamically updated and revised. This means the creation of an ecosystem where data are linked to each other and can be transformed into information specific to different evaluation processes. SkyMinder is the CRIF platform which enables the global market to access commercial risk data and take better business decisions on worldwide companies.

Should I Opt for Festive Season Loans? Isn’t festive season the best time to cash on impulse? Consumers are already spending heavily either shopping, taking a holiday or planning a lifestyle upgrade. That’s why discounted loan advertisements become pretty hard to avoid! Before you opt for the festive schemes, offers and loan discounts, just keep your credit score and this quick read to in mind! What’s in it for me?

Get The Perfect Post-Lockdown Smile with These Simple Tips With the lock-down opening up, an increase in outdoor activities, interactions, and a change in schedules is but natural. However, you must not forget that your smile is an integral part of your personality – and that it needs attention. In fact, the beginning of our return to the new normal is the perfect way to build up hygienic oral care habits. Read on to know five tips for the Perfect Post-Lockdown Smile from one of the best dental clinics in Pune, Dental Sphere Credit scoring companies have to invest in tech and price their products right: CRIF India In this segment of BFSI Tech Tales, Pinkesh Ambvat, CIO & IT Director, CRIF India, shares the technology strategy at the credit bureau, and how they view failure and innovations in the technology roadmap. Credit scoring companies consume and analyse enormous amounts of data and to ensure that they remain competitive they've to deploy and invest in technology effectively to price their products in a competitive market. Pinkesh Ambvat, CIO & IT Director, CRIF India, in this segment of BFSI Tech Tales shares the strategy on how they've built their platforms since inception in India and what are their plans in adopting emerging technologies, cloud adoption and shares some points on failure as well. Edited Excerpts: Technology Stack At CRIF High Mark, Pinkesh shares, services provided to Indian customers (financial institutions) are developed in India as compared to their competitors.

30+ Years of expertise in credit risk modelling and decision analytics Lending is becoming more future-oriented and Predictive Analytics can help financial institutions be at the forefront of innovation. All types of credit risk management require data analytics, and increased data availability and processing tools will bring new credit risk management opportunities. Predictive analytics is the practice of deriving information from existing data in order to identify the likelihood of patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. It forecasts what might happen in the future with an acceptable level of reliability and incorporates what-if scenarios and risk assessment. Industrial Shed Manufacturers Sustainable building solutions for the future BUTLER® Building Systems is a premium, globally renowned building solution, which provides design, manufacture and construction of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. The history of the brand dates back in 1901, when the company BUTLER® Manufacturing was founded in the US. This company was acquired in the year 2004, by BlueScope. BUTLER® Building Systems is available in the SAARC regions through Tata BlueScope Steel. Butler has pioneered many new products and concepts, challenging limitations of pre-engineered buildings.

Safety Concerns : Pediatric Dentist Visit During Covid 19 As a parent, being extra cautious about your kids during pandemic is a totally genuine concern. But, kids will be kids; they may get into situations that demand you to step out from your comfort zone. They may fall while playing and have a cracked tooth or suffer toothache due to cavity that prevents them from eating. Whatever be the case, dental health is an essential part of your child’s overall wellbeing and should not be ignored at any cost. No Changes on my Credit Report, but Drop in Credit Score: Why? Has it ever happened that your credit score has dipped down over time, without any major financial activity? As surprising as it may sound, it is a very normal thing for your score to see ups and downs. Your CRIF Credit Score is a dynamic number that falls and rises depending on your credit behaviour. For example, when you apply for a loan, your score dips because of a hard inquiry. However, when you get the loan and start repaying it on time, a hike in your credit score can be witnessed. The calculation of your credit score is complex and also varies from one credit bureau to another.