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How Can I Make Sure My Resume Gets Past Resume Robots and into a Humans Hand?

How Can I Make Sure My Resume Gets Past Resume Robots and into a Humans Hand?
I once spoke to a former co-worker who was working at a company that I wanted to apply for. He told me that after going through the resume submission/questionnaire process, if I got an email response immediately, then it's already rejected my submission, and to keep tweaking it until I didn't get an immediate response. I did that, and eventually got up to a phone interview. It ended up not being a great fit for me, so I didn't go any further in the process (and I wasn't desperate to leave my current job at the time, either). This is most likely not going to be the case for every company (and maybe not even for any companies but this one... I don't know), but it was definitely helpful for that one. I guess the more useful information from my anecdote is to get the inside track from one of the company's current employees, wherever possible. Flagged

Sofomation Careers At Sofomation, we believe in making a difference by offering a very strong service to the clients by sourcing them the best talents, which helps them to achieve their desired goals in a very systematic manner. We also understand that each individual has unique talents and expectations from the organization, thus we make sure that we match the expectations of both the client as well as with the candidates. Based on these, we assure that, human resources development at Sofomation is customised, flexible and well planned. We have a strong relationship with the clients and the applicants as we provide efficient, professional and yet personal services both to our world class clients and applicants. Sofomation's wide range of businesses and exciting pace of growth presents a range of opportunities and exposure that only a few others can match.

How to Do What You Love January 2006 To do something well you have to like it. That idea is not exactly novel. We've got it down to four words: "Do what you love." But it's not enough just to tell people that. Blake Fall-Conroy Sculpture Minimum Wage Machine (Work in Progress) (2008-2010) Custom electronics, change sorter, wood, plexiglas, motor, misc. hardware, pennies. (approx. 15 x 19 x 72 inches) The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.97 seconds, for $7.25 an hour, or NY state minimum wage.

The BEST Cover Letter Ever: How To Write It and Write It RIGHT Now that you know how to write that ever-so-perfect resume, it’s time to WOW potential employers with a cover letter that leaves them in awe of your skills, and gives you what you’re looking for — an interview, and hopefully a job! Step 1: FIGURE OUT THE EMPLOYEE’S NAME and contact information. When composing a cover letter, knowing the name of the employee to send your letter to, her position in the company, and the address of the company is crucial. An easy reason for someone to toss your application in the trash is spelling his or her name wrong. Put all this information on your cover letter — it may seem tedious but it’s professional and it gives an immediate indication that this isn’t a mass produced cover letter. “If you can get someone’s title that’s very important,” explains Beth Conyngham, President of Conyngham Partners, an executive search firm.

Ten Tips for the Shy Job Seeker In my previous post , I discussed the challenges for shy (or introverted ) people in the job market. I offered some general advice, but in this post I'd like to highlight ten things you can do (or think about) that might give you the edge in the very situations you prefer to avoid. 1. First, stop apologizing for being who you are. Work with it-- find your strengths and get to know them so well that they are all you think of when you are in the interview. You may never be comfortable in certain settings-- but you can learn to function well in them, and then you can go home where you are comfortable. How to Pursue a Career with the United Nations or Other International Humanitarian Organizations Introduction Let's get right to it: Your desire to help others, or your desire to travel, or your ambition, are not enough to work for the United Nations or any other international humanitarian or development organization. People do not get to be stock brokers, doctors, architects or lawyers just because they want to; for most professions, you have to work over many years to acquire the skills and expertise needed. Getting to work for the UN or any other international development agency is no different. In addition, you need more than a good heart.

NGO Charity Management & Administration Volunteer Internship Career Experience Venezuela NGO Management and Administration This NGO experience and observation program is perfect for those wanting to learn more about how a small grass-roots NGO is managed and for those interested in starting their own charity or working for an NGO. Primarily a support and customer focused position, the NGO volunteer /intern role is critical in ensuring the success of all new volunteers assimilating into the various programs offered, as well as into social life in Santa Elena. Objectives Provide volunteers with insight on the running of an NGO, including daily functions, challenges, and strategies Create a space for volunteers to be innovative in their work to improve the performance of the foundation and its programs Encourage volunteer initiative in designing and implementing projects to increase the foundation's reach

Free Software Alternatives – OpenOffice and Other Free Software Man, software can be expensive. With a fully loaded Microsoft Office suite costing up to $350, and the pro-level version of Adobe Photoshop costing an extra $1300, the price of basic software utilities can easily trump the cost of even a high-powered new computer. So, much as doctors may find themselves recommending generic drugs over pricey name-brand pills, I increasingly find myself advising people to procure free, open-source or Web-based alternatives to expensive programs. For most users, these applications should serve as adequate replacements for big-name apps. On the downside, their (lack of a) price tag means you can’t expect on-call tech-support agents to walk you through problems—but the programs tend to have legions of devoted users who are willing to fill this role for free on Web-based tech-support forums.

How not to start your cover letter This was one of our most popular blog posts this year, and we think the advice is so good it should be repeated! If you’re looking for some awesome cover letter advice on how *NOT* to start your cover letter (and some great examples of how you should be starting it) then read on! On a weekly basis any hiring manager probably receives between 50 and … well, probably hundreds of resumes and cover letters. The key is to catch his or her attention from the start; and the best place to do that is in your cover letter. So I am going to tell you about the worst possible way to start your cover letter—and then give you some creative alternatives to use instead.

» Gold Panning Instructions The main thing to remember about the use of a gold pan is that while it is very effective as a gold-catching device, it can only process a limited volume of streambed material. For this reason, the gold pan is normally not used as a production tool in commercial use, other than in the most remote locations where it would be very difficult to haul large pieces of equipment, and where there is only a small amount of streambed material present — which is paying well enough to make the panning worthwhile. The gold pan is most commonly used to locate a richer paying area by sampling, so that larger production equipment can be brought into that location to work the ground to recover more gold. There are stories in the old mining records about the ground being so rich during the 1849 gold rush that as much as 96 ounces of gold were recovered from a single pan. That is $100,000+ at today’s rate of exchange, and must have been some very rich ground indeed!

The Three Phases of Life One of life's great fascinations is watching people evolve over time. Some people grow and develop, while others seem to be stuck in patterns that limit their happiness and well-being. Others excel in certain areas of their lives while failing miserably in others. A small few are spectacularly successful by conventional measures yet are perpetually dissatisfied. Browse Content by SOL Browse Content by SOL K1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10th11th12th Kindergarten SOLs The 25 most difficult questions - StumbleUpon If you are one of those executive types unhappy at your present post and embarking on a New Year's resolution to find a new one, here's a helping hand. The job interview is considered to be the most critical aspect of every expedition that brings you face-to- face with the future boss. One must prepare for it with the same tenacity and quickness as one does for a fencing tournament or a chess match.

The Ultimate Strawberry Lemonade One of the first times I ever realized that – HEY! I can cook for myself! – was when I first learned to make lemonade. I magically found the refrigerated lemon juice at our house and followed the directions to make my own lemonade.