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Indefinite Detention of American Citizens: Coming Soon to Battlefield U.S.A.

Indefinite Detention of American Citizens: Coming Soon to Battlefield U.S.A.

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Under Siege: How Government Centralization and Expansion Puts Democracy in the Service of Special Interests In its first full year of business in 1998, the 99 Cents Only store in the north Los Angeles city of Lancaster did over $5 million in sales. This was welcome news to the city, given the space had been vacant ever since the new “Power Center” shopping development, where 99 Cents was located, opened ten years earlier. Almost immediately, however, 99 Cents’ next door neighbor, Costco, told the city it needed to expand. The owner of the center offered Costco optimal space behind 99 Cents, but Costco insisted that the city use its power of eminent domain to condemn 99 Cents’ business. If the city refused, Costco threatened to relocate to neighboring Palmdale, who surely would use every tool at its disposal to attract the lucrative big box store’s business. To seal the deal, Costco issued an additional threat: not only would it relocate to Palmdale—it would leave its existing store shuttered and vacant as an economic deadweight on the city’s key commercial center.

Military dogs taking Xanax, receiving therapy, for canine PTSD Even the most hardened soldier can escape grievous wounds on the battlefield only to suffer deeply painful psychological traumas after returning home. And unfortunately, the same pattern of psychic trauma seems to apply for the dogs that help provide essential services for military men and women. Don't Thank Me for My Service U.S. Marine in Zaranj, Nimroz province, December 30, 2011. (Photo: Cpl. Bryan Nygaard / U.S. Only 3 countries left w/o ROTHSCHILD Central Bank! The Rothschild family is slowly but surely having their Central banks established in every country of this world, giving them incredible amount of wealth and power. In the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank: AfghanistanIraqSudanLibyaCubaNorth KoreaIran

Dear Internet: It's No Longer OK to Not Know How Congress Works Dear Internet: It's No Longer OK to Not Know How Congress Works Dec 19, 2011 Clay Johnson This weekend I read a post titled "Dear Congress: It Is No Longer OK To Not Know How the Internet Works." Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune Washington, D.C. 03 October ( In March 2006 four US soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division gang raped a 14 year old Iraqi girl and murdered her and her family —including a 5 year old child.

Drones, Asia and Cyber War: Pentagon Shifts Priorities in New Review; Budget Still Exceeds Bush Era This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: In the lead-up to Tuesday’s primary vote in New Hampshire, Republican candidates participated in two televised debates in less than 24 hours. Several candidates directed their criticism at former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who leads the race. The Republican presidential candidates also took aim at President Obama, including for the new military strategy he unveiled late last week. Photographer Catalogs Our Urban Landscape Using Google Earth 125 Swimming Pools Very much like those old timey entomologists who used to frame rare species of butterflies and hang them in their office for future study, American photographer Jenny Odell has created a series entitled Satellite Collections, which is a methodical, systematized and well-organized inventory of our living environment. Yet she didn’t go hunting for large insects of the tropical rainforest but opted instead for less organic subjects—our everyday, man-made techno-structures. Using aerial shots taken by satellites and the online cartographic tool Google Earth, Odell compiled some new “species” from our urban surroundings.