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Home « Unfold Scription: How do you use Chronodex? Please Share This is the week when you can start using Chronodex Weekly Planner for 2012! Approximately 2500 people downloaded Chronodex! Many customized it to their own system, and I'm glad it actually helped people the way I intended it to be. Do exploit the fact that it encourages your radial thinking with the free space all around the circles. I'm planning to share my own method of notation on Chronodex soon, but since this is a rather free system, you may have your very own methods and I'd love to hear about them. Kate from Studio-Sweepings decided to print off the Chronodex circle on stickers and use them only when needed, a free diary idea very well executed on her Moleskine hack. Boris has been using the undated version for a month and moving forward to the dated version in his Russia time zone. How do you use Chronodex?

Shading with CSS text-shadows Last Thursday in New Orleans I attended a glass gilding workshop with John Downer and Leonard Otillio, part of TypeCon 2011. It was excellent, and I cannot recommend the experience highly enough. As a web designer, it felt great to use physical materials. And to be around John and Leonard, such careful stewards of their craft, was an education I could abstract; it’s easy to see opportunities for similar craftsmanship in the subtle and practical details of web typesetting. During the workshop I picked up a few sign painting terms that were new to me, and relevant to web designers as browser support for CSS text-shadows becomes more widespread. Check out these various shading techniques on the demo page I made to accompany this post. Bello Pro with a relief shade The drop shade is a technique with which web designers are already familiar. Freight Sans Pro with a two-toned close shade News Gothic STD with a slightly blurred, two-toned printer’s shade Like this: Like Loading...

Aesthetic Invention on Behance Aesthetic Invention Web Design & Development Aesthetic Invention is the personal portfolio of designer and entrepreneur, Glen Liberman. Glen is co-founder/co-owner of Kinekt Design and holds patents for the innovative Gear Ring. Our relationship with Glen Liberman of Aesthetic Invention resulted in the production of his online portfolio as well as promotional campaign pages to promote AI products and wares. The website uses a compact responsive grid layout and a vibrant pastel colour palette to create a visually pleasing aesthetic to experience the collection of products and concepts that make up Aesthetic Invention's body of work. Client: Glen Liberman - Aesthetic Invention Discipline: Digital Typefaces: Nimbus Sans (served by Typekit)

Carbon Studio { 大 好 設 計 河 山 } Draw on any webpage. Share thoughts. Move ideas. - Markup Urban Ministries of Durham | Home On the road again - Australian trip 21 Beautiful Examples of Color Usage in Web Design Last week we showcased examples of Minimal Color Usage in Web Design, and today, to keep you inspired about color options and combinations we decided to gather examples of beautiful colorful websites. We will show here that you don’t need a rainbow or super bright colors to add a nice colorful touch to your page. From colorful headers to images, textures and typography you will see a lot of different approaches to color usage in web design. BigNoise Mint Museum Fudge House Artist of the Year Carnation Group Viens-la Disqus Impero Modo Luce With Art Philadelphia Anne Braithwaite – Mediation Chambers Matteo Zanga yoke Crowd Track Gent Aude Degrassat Everything you need to know about Design 50 Problems in 50 Days OrangeSprocket Tag Creative Skillshare AwwwardsCSS Design AwardsThe Best Designs About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Related Posts 367 shares 11 Inspiring Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design Read More