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How to Stop Skin Tags from Bleeding

Now, you may be wondering, what could possibly be worse than skin tag pain, well I’ll tell you: skin tag bleeding! Having a painful skin tag, or growth, on your body is bad enough, however, when that tag begins to bleed, it is a whole other issue. If you have a bleeding skin tag that is causing you pain/ duress, then you are in the right place as today we will be going over the best ways to prevent and stop bleeding skin tags. What exactly are Skin Tags? Some people may be unsure whether they have a skin tag or not, but it is actually fairly easy to spot them, especially when they are causing you a lot of pain. They are small, wart-like, growths that can suddenly appear on your body and they are usually either brown or cream in colour, protruding a few millimetres above the surface of your skin. What Makes a Skin Tag Bleed? Whatever the reason for your bleeding, it can hurt a lot and, if it goes unattended, it can even pose more serious health risks. So, how can you treat Skin Tag Bleeding?

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