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Benjamin Lowy

Benjamin Lowy

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Podcasts That Are Actually Worth Your Time 7. Tax SeasonFrom Brooklyn, quickly — the most newsmaking interview show in rap. 8. War Through an iPhone Lens. Q&A with Ben Lowy Ben Lowy can be called a pioneer in photojournalism. Having started his career covering the Iraq war in 2003, his most recent work involves photos taken with his iPhone. Ben was amongst the first to use the tiny, unobtrusive device for shooting in conflict zones and has been awarded numerous prizes for his work. War "Conflict zone" redirects here. For the 2001 video game, see Conflict Zone. The War by Tadeusz Cyprian (1949), a photograph in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw showing ruins of Warsaw's Napoleon Square in the aftermath of World War II. War is a state of armed conflict between societies. It is generally characterized by extreme collective aggression, destruction, and usually high mortality. An absence of war is usually called "peace".

William Christenberry: Beginnings Opening Reception Oklahoma Cit Los Angeles Add Event partner Click for Sound Change Location × Los Angeles Find Me Five Fantastic Surrealist Films To Watch Now This year has been a punishing one in terms of creative heroes checking out from the planet – Andrzej Zulawski among them. If any consolation is to be had after the February loss of this beloved Polish director, we’ll always have Cosmos. His first film in 15 years, it also turned out to be his swansong. Its irreverent, sensual playfulness, full of feverishly bizarre antics, is a wonderful outpouring from his surrealist spirit, which remains to be celebrated.

A Look Into the Life of Conflict Photographer Benjamin Lowy Recently, Ben Lowy's book, Iraq | Perspecitves was awarded the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies/Honickman First Book Prize by photography legend William Eggleston. Split into two parts, the book is made up of images captured in Iraq up to 2008. The first chapter was shot exclusively through blast-proof windows in armored military vehicles, and the second involved rigging a DSLR to a pair of night vision goggles. Ben (who is currently represented by Reportage by Getty Images) talked to us about his career, his work, and what kind of person ends up in the fascinating crucible that is conflict photography. When you started college in St.

Peter van Agtmael Archives About Staff BagNews is dedicated to visual politics, media literacy and the analysis of news images. Filter The Archives : Peter van Agtmael Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Let Us Now Praise Famous Men is a book with text by American writer James Agee and photographs by American photographer Walker Evans first published in 1941 in the United States. The title is from a passage in the Wisdom of Sirach (44:1) that begins, "Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers that begat us". The book was the inspiration for the Aaron Copland opera The Tender Land. How Rihanna took us to fashion church in 2016 If her memes are any indication, Rihanna is the go-to avatar for female fantasies. The singer can put “bad gal” in her Instagram handle without a single layer of irony. To be Rihanna is to eye-roll magnificently and get your revenge daydreams directed by Harmony Korine. For her, appropriate emotional responses include throwing stacks of cash at a TV exec, accessorising with wine glasses, and rolling up limousine windows to silence street harassers. Unattainable except in gifs, that’s her personal brand.

Perspectives - FOTO8 Pictures from Ben Lowy’s Iraq | Perspectives I and II have been widely shown in recent years, both online and in exhibitions. This is unsurprising: they are by any account unusual pictures depicting the U.S. presence in Iraq, describing both the experience of soldiers from something like a first person perspective, and the everyday life of Iraqi residents as they navigate a troubled landscape by day and are subject to raids by night. They also comment thoughtfully on photojournalistic practice and embedded journalism, representing the war in Iraq in a manner that more traditional conflict photography – at which Lowy also excels – tends not to. © Ben Lowy The publication of Iraq | Perspectives recognises Lowy as the winner of the Center for Documentary Studies/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography competition, judged this year by William Eggleston. The printing is excellent and most of the 96 pictures run full bleed.

The Longest War Kabul Cemetery As hard as outsiders have tried to subdue and “re-create” the country in their own image, Afghanistan has been able to absorb the blows of superpowers, and remain essentially the same. Jalalabad

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