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METROPLASTIQUE imagined by SupaKitch & Koralie

METROPLASTIQUE imagined by SupaKitch & Koralie

16 sites pour trouver des illustrations vectorielles gratuites - Pour tout designer / webmaster / auto entrepreneur web qui se respecte, le problème des images pour créer un site est récurrent. Il existe une multitude de sites pour trouver des photos stock, mais beaucoup sont malheureusement payants. Il existe heureusement quelques alternatives, qui feront l'objet d'un billet ultérieur Pour ce qui est des illustrations vectorielles, ou vector files, le problème devient un peu plus épineux. Ces ressources valent généralement cher, et sont peu nombreuses.

Beautiful Black and White Photography - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Today, in the era of digital technology black and white often awake nostalgic feelings of the 20th century, the good old times when the television was just invented, when people read colorless printed newspapers and when people were just imagining cell phones equipped with photo cameras. But still, dozens of years later, many artists still use black and white photography for artistic purposes. It is one of the best and cheapest types of photography for the beginners to test their creativity. This showcase is a tribute to this often forgotten and underrated art of photography. Looptaggr A project by Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl 2010. Follow us @looptaggr, Submit your own looptaggr today ! 1. Steal your mom’s coat hanger. 2.

Freebies Welcome to the Freebies Page. Here you will find all the vectors, brushes, textures and all the different resources available on the blog and sorted by similarity. About the license is Creative Commons 3.0, that means that you can use them in personal and commercial projects as long as you give me the proper attribution. Icons by snap2objects or Mauricio Duque for example or a link back to the Facebook fan page. In case you are not able to give the attribution you should drop me a line asking for quote in the release of that license.

Awesome Random Inspirations by paul0v2 Mon, 04/26/2010 - 11:54 Sometimes we seek an exactly type of inspiration like web inspiration for example but there are times where the unexpected can do some good for your brain. This collection is full of great images that are quite unexpected and pretty awesome at the same time, so what you waiting for? Check them out! Aryz Low Bros, Mural Competition, Staple City & a Full Length Skateboardmovie This is a list of great urban art related art, including murals by Low Bros, a city made of staples, a board game about gentrification and more dope stuff! Top 10 Urban Artists 2011 Guess who’re the top 10 Urban Artists 2011! To recap the last 52 weeks, I wrote down some of the most influential and popular names from both, the street art and graffiti scene.

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