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untitled Searching Interactions (Search Tab) As you can see in this tab we are now trying to give you more targeted choice to do your queries, please note that the examples provided in this tab are live links so you can simply click them to see the resulting interactions sets. Using the Quick Search In this search panel you are free to type anything that might relate to interactions, whether it is properties of their interactor (gene name, identifiers, GO term…) or more specific to the interaction like publication, authors, experimental detection method, ... Inventors' handbook Disclosure and confidentiality Know the important difference between protecting your idea against disclosure and protecting your idea against infringement. Proving the invention Prototypes are necessary. Plan and control your prototyping activities so that you can prove your invention. Building a team and seeking funding

Crowdfunding Hardware With a Helping Hand From GE One of the biggest headaches on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo is vaporware: hardware projects that never materialize or arrive much later than their creators promised. It happens when creators don’t have a grip on the cost or complexity of manufacturing. CNNMoney found last year that 42 of the 50 Kickstarter projects that raised the most money didn’t ship on time. Useful documents To date, when we have advised on seed rounds, we have used a simplified version of Series A documents. We have now decided that we should go further and produce a set of investment related documents reflecting the needs of the investors, founders and the company now and not try to anticipate what might be needed at the Series A round. These documents are made freely available in the hope that they will help to educate the entrepreneurial community and speed up the investment process, not to mention keep costs to a minimum. Alongside the documents themselves, there are explanatory notes on the investment agreement and the articles of association.

A Deeper Look At Blackbox’s Data On Startup Failure And Its Top Cause: Premature Scaling [Infographic] Earlier this week, we covered Blackbox, the young company responsible for creating The Startup Genome Report, an ongoing, collaborative R&D project designed to take a comprehensive dive into what makes Silicon Valley startups successful — and not. (Read our initial coverage here.) On Tuesday, we covered the company’s launch of what it calls the Startup Genome Compass, a benchmarking tool for startups that helps founders monitor their progress in different growth categories. Since then, more than 6,000 startups have signed up to use the Compass. Along with the diagnostic tool, Blackbox also released a new research report on the major causes of startup failure, including perhaps more significantly, the primary cause of startups kicking the bucket: Premature scaling.

Fusion Tables - Gather, visualize, and share data tables online Bust your data out of its silo! Get more from data with Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables. Visualize bigger table data online Filter and summarize across hundreds of thousands of rows. Then try a chart, map, network graph, or custom layout and embed or share it. Causefinity Contact Us To Get Started Engaging Consumers In Giving Engage with local consumers and improve stores surrounding neighbourhoods. Online Contests And Campaigns Points. Leaderboards.

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