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English for travel agents, tour guides, flight attendants, tourism-based customer service - Vocational ESL

English for travel agents, tour guides, flight attendants, tourism-based customer service - Vocational ESL
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English for Flight Attendants | The Language of Air Travel in English West Country Tours ~ Cornwall, Devon & Stonehenge | British Tours Private car/minibus - 5 Days This tour takes you into a pace of life long gone elsewhere in England, quaint meandering lanes in sleepy villages, romantic associations with King Arthur and Guinevere, the vast wild spaces of Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor - dramatic and full of contrast with jagged granite tors, prehistoric crosses and stone circles where wild ponies and red deer roam. Visit the ancient city of Winchester, once capital of England, Salisbury with its 13th century Cathedral, Stonehenge, Britain's most important prehistoric monument and the exquisite gardens at Stourhead. Stay three nights in Devon or Cornwall to relax and explore the region: Exeter, Buckland-in-the-Moor, Castle Drogo, a granite castle overlooking the wooded gorge of the River Teign, St Mawes and Pendennis, across the estuary - both built by Henry VIII to fortify the coast line in reaction to the Pope's crusade against him. Map DataMap data ©2014 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, basado en BCN IGN España

Travel Videos Travel Weekly Poll Voices Consumer media discover that travel agents do exist"Contrary to some thoughts, travel agents do exist ... We are usually able to get clients better prices, and we know we can see that clients have better experiences. And as our personal motto is: Our Service Travels With You."More» Jobs South Africa Travel - Guides & Reviews - Travel Library South Africa Information Population: 43.8 million Time Zone: GMT/UTC +2 Driving side: Driving is on the left side of the road Languages: Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English, Tswan Religion: Christian Muslim Hindu Jewish traditional religions Emergency #: Police Services: 10111 Ambulance: 10177 Fire and Rescue: 107 South Africa Popular Destinations Cape Town - This is without doubt the most beautiful city in South Africa. Durban The city of Durban is situated in the north-eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal and its climate is sub-tropical. Johannesburg Probably the most intriguing city of all, it is huge and full of many contrasts. Garden Route This route runs along the coastline of the southern Western Cape and has some very spectacular scenery. Moving Around South Africa The best way to travel in South Africa is by either hiring or buying a car, especially if you wish to cover vast distances. Although South Africa has some very good highways, public transport is limited and expensive.

Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter? Look at this Richard. Just look at it: [see image 1, above]. I imagine the same questions are racing through your brilliant mind as were racing through mine on that fateful day. What is this? Why have I been given it? You don’t get to a position like yours Richard with anything less than a generous sprinkling of observational power so I KNOW you will have spotted the tomato next to the two yellow shafts of sponge on the left. I know it looks like a baaji but it’s in custard Richard, custard. Anyway, this is all irrelevant at the moment. I’ll try and explain how this felt. Only you open the present and it’s not in there. Now I know what you’re thinking. Once it was regurgitated it was clearly then blended and mixed with a bit of mustard. By now I was actually starting to feel a little hypoglycaemic. It appears to be in an evidence bag from the scene of a crime. I was exhausted. Once cleared, I decided to relax with a bit of your world-famous onboard entertainment. Is that Ray Liotta?

North England's Lake District and Durham – Rick Steves' Europe TV Show Episode Hiking through the Cumbrian Lake District — England's green and pristine mountain playground — we'll admire idyllic lakes, discover misty waterfalls, tour a slate mine, and conquer stony summits. And we'll meet the locals — and their beloved dogs and sheep — everywhere. Then we play a little cricket, hike Hadrian's Wall, and get dazzled by Durham's Norman cathedral. [1] Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the best of Europe. This time we're getting to know the locals like never the North of England. Thanks for joining us. [2 series open] [3] Northern England is a lush land steeped in a rich blend of history, culture, and nature. [4] We'll hike along an ancient Roman wall, play a little cricket, and be dazzled in a Norman cathedral. [5] Great Britain is dominated by England. [6] The Cumbrian Lake District — just 30 miles by 30 miles — is England's pristine, green, mountain playground. [7,] The charm of this area is, in part, the range of experiences it provides.

Cruise Ship Vocabulary When most people talk about travel, there are no tricky words or unique phrases, but cruise ship vocabulary can be a foreign language to uninitiated travelers. Whether you're trying to find your way around the ship, planning what to do, or just learning about different aspects of cruise travel, it's best to know the appropriate lingo and avoid sounding like a land lubber. Types of Cruise Ships Before you set sail, it's important to understand what type of vessel you'll be embarking on - just as all cruise lines have personalities, different types of ships offer vastly different experiences. Mainstream Vessel: A mainstream ship is the most common type, a floating resort marketed to the majority of cruise passengers. Most cruise lines fall into this category, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Norwegian. Finding Your Way Around the Ship Planning Your Vacation While you plan your cruise vacation, you may come across assorted terms only heard in the cruise industry, including:

Fregate Island Private » Luxury Island Resort | Private Island Rental - Home to 2000 free-roaming Giant Aldabra Tortoises- Safeguarding the nests of hundreds of endangered Hawksbill Turtles- Having saved the "Seychelles Magpie Robin" from extinction- Rehabilitation of indigenous forest with ten thousands of trees planted- A sanctuary to hundred thousands of tropical birds, more than 100 species - 16 beautifully crafted Residences (400-700 sqm) with grand private pools- The Banyan Hill Estate on a secluded peninsula- Exclusive whole island rental available- 7 beaches, one frequently voted "most beautiful in the world"- A private inland harbour & Yacht Club with PADI Dive Centre- Innovative cuisine inspired by exotic fruits & vegetables grown in our own plantation- Infinite romantic dining venues on the island, including our unique "Tree House"- A charming, historic chapel for your most special celebration- Inspiring natural outdoor playground for children - The ultimate in privacy, secluded and secure

English Listening Materials (Audio, Video and Scripts) Read the preface of this page, click here»… This page contains English Listening files (audios, videos and transcripts) which can be used as additional materials for the teaching of English in Indonesia. Listening audios and videos are in mp3 and flv. files; while Listening transcripts are in pdf and word (doc) files. You can edit and use them based on the level and situation of the teaching learning process. Halaman ini berisi file-file English Listening (audio, video dan transkrip) yang dapat digunakan sebagai materi tambahan dalam pengajaran Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia.

About Places in VOA Special English There are 96 fifteen-minute programs and 11 shorter ones. That is about 22 hours of listening. Buildings and Other Man-Made Things Cities Islands Museums * The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City National Parks National Monuments * Everglades National Park (Florida, USA) Other Parks, Scenic Places Seven of America's Natural Wonders - Niagara Falls, the Everglades, the Badlands, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, the Alaskan Glaciers and Mount KilaueaThe Indiana Dunes (Near Chicago, Illinois) - The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the Indiana Dunes State ParkLa Brea Tar Pits: Where Animals Lived, and Died, Thousands of Years Ago Rivers, Waterways and Lakes * The Great Lakes Roads, Trails and Highways States Places Outside the United States Wonders of the World Additions Excerpts and Shorter Programs About Other VOA Material on This Web Site Voice of America Special English Study

Les spécificités de la traduction dans le domaine du tourismeEVS Translations 6juin/12 Aujourd’hui, l’industrie du voyage, du tourisme et des loisirs est synonyme de croissance économique et d’emploi. Selon l’Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme, cette industrie génère près de 9 % du PIB total et environ 235 millions d’emplois au niveau mondial, soit 8 % de l’emploi à l’échelle internationale. Elle compte parmi les industries les plus importantes et les plus dynamiques dans l’économie actuelle. L’industrie du voyage, du tourisme et des loisirs s’étend sur tout le globe et repose sur une clientèle multinationale, voire internationale et une communication interculturelle. Des services de traduction de qualité sont essentiels tant pour l’activité du tourisme que pour les clients. Les spécificités de la traduction dans le domaine du tourisme - Le langage utilisé dans la plupart des documents touristiques est informel et familier. La qualité des traductions touristiques a un impact direct sur l’image de la destination.

Profil des touristes étrangers / Anglais / Les formations / Vos Réseaux et Labels - Agence de Développement et de Réservation Touristique Des habitudes, des comportements de nos clients britanniques, belges,..... Vous avez souhaité vous inscrire aux groupes de conversation en anglais que vous propose le CRT car vous estimez que le fait d’accueillir nos hôtes dans leur langue constitue une des priorités du tourisme. Pour vous aider dans votre démarche, voici quelques informations spécifiques sur le comportement et les habitudes de nos clients britanniques, belges, allemands et néerlandais. Mais vous avez, vous aussi sûrement, des informations et précisions complémentaires, alors n'hésitez pas à me contacter, vos témoignages conforteront utilement ce document au profit de tous les acteurs picards.Nous vous en remercions par avance. (Source des chiffres : enquête hôtellerie et hôtellerie de plein air de l'INSEE et meublés en centrale de réservation : CRT/CDT) Les britanniques constituent le principal marché étranger du tourisme en Picardie en 2011 avec 39% de nuitées étrangères dans les 3 types d’hébergements ci-dessous.

Limousin guide - culture and history of the Limousin region A land of contrasts, from the gently rolling countryside of the Haute Vienne to the rugged terrain of the Ambazac hills, the Limousin countryside has witnessed over 2000 years of history. The ancient landscape where Neanderthal man once roamed gave shelter to the Romans and, later, Richard the Lionheart. The moorlands, purple with heather, inspired Monet and the impressionist painters. The magnificent tapestries of Aubusson, the world famous porcelain of Limoges, the resting place of Richard the Lionheart, the ancient Pilgrim route of St. Click on the picture to enter this section *Some sections have been reproduced from France News*

92-fr The Atlantic and Indian oceans mix and mingle off South Africa’s coast, producing a bounty of fascinating flora and fauna both on land and in the water. Writer Ingrid Sinclair takes us on a tour. Text: Ingrid Sinclair Country: South Africa outh Africa has a natural landscape that is as diverse as its people. On land, it is considered one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. But look a bit further and you’ll find that South Africa also has one of the world’s most interesting coastlines. Two ocean currents — one warm and one cold — sweep past the subcontinent, changing the appearance and behaviour of the plants and animals that live in these waters. One nation, two oceans The two currents that meet at the southern tip of Africa are the cold Benguela current of the west, flowing through the Atlantic Ocean, and the warm Agulhas current of the east, which flows through the Indian Ocean. Finding the middle ground This so-called dividing line is a major tourist attraction.