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LiquidFeedback - more than Liquid Democracy

LiquidFeedback - more than Liquid Democracy

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for Government What is Assembl? Assembl is an online application that enables hundreds or even thousands of people to work together effectively on the definition of new ideas. The application supports the belief that with the proper conditions, people working together can think smarter than any one member of the group could alone. There are two key factors for the creation of collective intelligence: How to Sharpen Hair Clippers Blades the Easy Way - Getarazor No matter what the manufacturer said on the box, sharpen your clipper blades. Self-sharpening claims are a sales gimmick. Every blade must be sharpened to maintain its edge.

Out in the Open: Occupy Wall Street Reincarnated as Open Source Software Image: Loomio Benjamin Knight helped run the Occupy camp in Wellington, New Zealand. It was 2011, when the globe was dotted with camps inspired by Occupy Wall Street, that iconic protest against economic and social inequality. The Complete Guide to Setting Up the New Facebook Page Design Our social media team had a nice little surprise upon logging into Facebook this morning. We hinted at it last month, but it looks like the day has already come. The new Facebook business page design, which is virtually the same as Timeline, is now available for all businesses to implement on Facebook pages!

The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents Artwork: Jessica Snow, Louis II, 2010, acrylic on paper, 13.5″ x 11.5″ Change is hard, especially in a large organization. Numerous studies have shown that employees tend instinctively to oppose change initiatives because they disrupt established power structures and ways of getting things done. However, some leaders do succeed—often spectacularly—at transforming their workplaces.

E-Voting Taskforce - E2D International Members of this task force are in charge of helping develop an open-source e-democracy system to be adopted by any E2D party or other organizations for electronic direct democratic decision-making. Basic general information about solutions related to e-voting: authentication, voting, amongst others. Requirements (in construction) List of features Voting options

Sharpening scissors? Knivesandtools will tell you how! You might not realize it but your pair of kitchen scissors is one of the most frequently used tools in the kitchen. You use it to cut paper, cardboard or aluminium foil, but perhaps also herbs, vegetables and even meat and fish. Not that surprising then that in time the blades of scissors lose their sharpness. You notice it when you need to apply more pressure and you can no longer cut from the beak to the tip of the scissors in one go. In that case there is only one thing left to do: sharpen your pair of scissors. Out in the Open: Hackers Bring Lawmaking Into the 21st Century Seamus Kraft, founder of OpenGov Foundation. Photo: OpenGov Foundation. Have you ever thought you could do a better job writing the laws of our country than those jokers on Capitol Hill? Or have you at least felt the urge to scratch a few lines out of a bill and replace them with something else? Here’s your chance.

A Day in the Life of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] The Internet is, by most scientific estimates, friggin' huge. While only about one-third of the world's population is connected, the amount of data we generate and consume is likely to blow your hair back. Perhaps the best way to put all those petabytes in perspective is to look at what goes down in a single day. How much "stuff" happens on the Internet every 24 hours? The role of networks in organizational change A few years ago, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of office products decided that it needed an organizational overhaul. Coordination across product lines was poor. Design teams collaborated ineffectively.

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