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Adventure generator for spontaneous people

Adventure generator for spontaneous people
As with using you accept our terms of use, we created a short summary of our practices, in order to make it easy to scan and understand. You can access the full version anytime by clicking on the link at the end of the summary. Description of Service develops tools and resources for searching travel service, planning trips and share travel destinations and experiences. is not a travel agent or merchant. After completing a search on, you can choose to be transferred to the third-party website of the vendor you have selected, where a reservation may be completed.

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how german orchestra auditions work — ROB KNOPPER Candidate selection In German orchestras there are generally no audition commissions/panels comprising a range of relevant instrumentalists. The decision on which applicants are to be invited to the audition is taken purely by the section in question.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni - 5 star hotels lake como, Luxury Italian Hotels - Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Bellagio The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is one of the oldest and most elegant hotels in the Lake Como area and the only 5 star de-luxe hotel in Bellagio. From April to November the salons and the large lakeside garden offer guests the chance to enjoy a holiday far from the madding crowd and close to nature immersed in one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. Lovers of peace and quiet can alternate the pleasure of a poolside drink with beauty treatments and programmes at Villa Serbelloni SPA, the hotel's own beauty farm. Or they can set off from the private dock for a motorboat trip to the historic gardens along the lake which, in Springtime, attract tourists from all over the world: especially for the wonderful flowering of the azaleas.

How to Write an Add-on for Google Docs and Sheets - Video Tutorial Google Add-ons add new capabilities to Google Docs and Sheets. This video tutorial explains how you can create your own Google add-ons using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You have seen examples of some really useful add-ons for Google Docs but wouldn’t it be great if you could write your own add-on, one that adds new features to your Google Docs, one that makes you a rock star among the millions of Google Docs users. Expedia Encourages You to Find Your Story with New App Travel and soul searching are inextricable partners. Some of the world’s greatest literary stories are hinged on enlightened journeys. Kerouac took to the road, Thompson rambled to Vegas, de Saint Exupéry’s Little Prince explored the Sahara, Agatha Christie solved murders on the Orient Express, and Hemingway ambled around Spain. And where there’s travel, there’s a definite need to find a mode of transport, though we’ll pass on the boat Yann Martel stranded his character Pi on, thanks very much.

20 Single Page Designs to Inspire You Single page websites, when properly designed, are a great way to put all the content front and center and increase the chances of it being seen by the visitor. From scrolling effects that engage the user, to simple and clean ideas focusing on type and images, there are several different approaches for this same concept. So for today, we gathered some extremely well executed single page websites to inspire you. Creatance These illustrations explain which muscles you’re stretching Stretching is an important component of any physical fitness program and is very beneficial when it comes to everyday life. We at Bright Side would like to share some beautiful illustrations created by a Spanish fitness coach to show you which muscles are affected by different stretches. Please bear in mind that while stretching you should pay attention to your breathing and make sure that the exercises do not cause you any pain. Hold each pose for 10-30 seconds. Neck extension stretch Muscles stretched: sternocleidomastoid muscles.How to perform: Place your hands on your hips, keep your spine straight, and tilt your head back.

From Brazil to Kerala to Morocco, Annabel Thorpe presents 20 boutique winter sun hideaways Beach 1. Uxue Casa Hotel Trancoso – Brazil The term "rustic luxury" could have been created for Uxua: nine wooden casas set among lush gardens in the village of Trancoso. The houses have wooden floors, four-poster beds and Portuguese antiques – presented in a style you'd expect from a property created by Wilbert Das, creative director of Diesel. A cosy restaurant serves Bahian dishes.

Find the Postal Address of any Location on Google Maps With Google Maps Lookup, you can quickly determine the approximate postal address of any location on the world map. To get started, drag the red marker anywhere on the Google Map and the address details (including the latitude and longitude) of that place will display in the pop-up window. Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps Internally, the tool uses the Geocoding features of Google Maps to find the address of a particular point. When you drag the marker, the geographic coordinates of that place are passed to the Geocoding API of Google Maps which then translates the location coordinates into a human-readable physical address. 11 million downloads on, Expedia 3.0 taps live data to create visual itineraries on iOS and Android We last caught up with Expedia back in November, just as it had rolled out a new iOS and Android mobile app, adding flight information, special offers and high-res hotel photos. Now, the online travel behemoth has launched a much more significant update with version 3.0 for iOS and Android, introducing new visual mobile itineraries which are connected to the traveler’s Expedia itinerary. Indeed, the latest mobile Expedia incarnation gives travelers up-to-date information using a set of visual cues, tapping location-aware smartphone features and time-zone updates to surface the most relevant part of the itinerary. The new itineraries feature updates its information in real-time as a traveler moves from A to B, and even lets users share their itinerary via email and text message. It covers flights, displaying confirmation codes, airlines, flight numbers, travel dates/times, gate information and flight status, as well as flight maps showing pins for departure and arrival.

Now You Can Ask Google Search To Compare, Filter And Play As a lead-in to its 15th anniversary tomorrow, Google announced changes to its search platform that expand its "knowledge graph"—that is, its ability to answer your questions directly instead of simply presenting you with links to additional sources. The changes also aim to allow more natural "conversations" that will make it easier to refine searches, and simpler search through musical artists and songs. Google also updated its iOS and Android search apps, promising additional changes in the near future. Filter and Compare Google's Knowledge Graph has been improved to provide better answers to more complex questions that don't have a simple answer. For starters, it will automatically provide a side-by-side comparison when presented with searches such as "butter vs. olive oil," producing an outline in card form that lines up whichever features Google deems most relevant—in this case, calorie and cholesterol counts.

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