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Internet Traffic is now 51% Non-Human So you thought the Internet was made by and for people? Think again. A study by Incapsula, a provider of cloud-based security for web sites (mind you where this data comes from), concludes that 51% of all Internet traffic is generated by non-human sources such as hacking software, scrapers and automated spam mechanisms. While 20% of the 51% non-human traffic is’ good’, the 31% majority of this non-human traffic is potentially malicious. The study is based on data collected from 1,000 websites that utilize Incapsula’s services, and it determined that just 49% of Web traffic is human browsing. 20% is benign non-human search engine traffic, but 31% of all Internet traffic is tied to malicious activities. 19% is from ” ‘spies’ collecting competitive intelligence,” 5% is from automated hacking tools seeking out vulnerabilities, 5% is from scrapers and 2% is from content spammers.

Une journée chez Universal Studios Hollywood - Les Pauline En France, on a Disneyland, en Californie ils ont Universal Studios Hollywood (et Disneyland aussi ok.). Mais ce qui rend à la fois unique et typique ce parc d’attraction c’est qu’il surfe sur la magie et le fabuleux d’Hollywood et combine parfaitement visite des studios et sensations fortes. On nous laisse voir les coulisses, on nous explique les techniques du milieu, on nous transporte carrément dans l’univers de nos films & dessins animés préférés. En une journée top chrono vous combinerez l’amusement et la visite des studios, pour la somme de 95$ ! Un bon plan assez pratique et bon marché pour les Etats-Unis ! Le parc d’attraction

Seven startup sins to avoid I've seen thousands of startups fail, but they almost always fail for the same reasons. Most entrepreneurs fall into the same traps over and over again, despite how easy they are to avoid. At the London Web Summit earlier this week, I told an audience of European entrepreneurs the seven mistakes I believe most often destroy promising startups. These are my seven startup sins. Vol Air France 2012 pour Paris, enregistrement immédiat … Le lecteur DVD s’est crashé comme un pélican crétin avant la fin de "In the air" avec Clooney ! Comme Air France m’interrompait toujours le Dernier Samouraï ou Master and Commander pour atterrir ! Râlant, c’était mieux que "concombres et épluchures" à la TV. Clooney, avec son air de toubib pré-quinquagénaire pour midinettes reconverti en homme sandwich souriant pour vendeurs de café à bobos pas trop écolos, il aura quand même joué dans des trucs très potables, voire édifiants pour les masses dépressives genre Michael Clayton ou the Perfect Storm. Et il fait même des trucs biens dans la vraie vie, entre autres contre des génocides et autres crimes ordinaires contre l’humanité.

The waffle paradox One way for a candidate to change the conversation around her candidacy: have her followers pelt the opposition with waffles at every public appearance. Eggos in particular are lightweight and their shape makes them easy to toss. Particularly in primaries, simplicity and certainty are rewarded. The 10 Craziest, Wildest And Weirdest Wall Street Stories We've Ever Heard The Deal Sleuth In 2003, ESL Investment's founder Eddie Lampert was leaving his Greenwich, Connecticut offices when two men with guns pulled a thick hood over his head and shoved him to an SUV. The billionaire hedge fund manager was later placed in a motel bathroom, still blindfolded with his hands and feet bound, being held for ransom.

Release Management Done Right I was having lunch with a colleague the other day when his phone rang with the distinctive office ringtone. Rolling his eyes, he excused himself to take the call. It was just a run-of-the mill workplace emergency, but there was one thing he said that I couldn’t help overhearing: “fine! I guess we’ll just do a new release for QA.” It stood out like nails on a chalkboard. Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free Get FREE Audio Books from and Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer. Below, you'll find great works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, by such authors as Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell, Vonnegut, Nietzsche, Austen, Shakespeare, Asimov, HG Wells & more. Also please see our related collection:800 Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices.

Are you a scientist? Scientists make predictions, and predicting the future is far more valuable than explaining the past. Ask a physicist what will happen if you fire a projectile like this in that direction, and she'll know. Ask a chemist what happens if you mix x and y, and you'll get the right answer. Even quantum mechanics mechanics can give you probabilities that work out in the long run. Limited Edition & Gallery Quality Art Prints Loading zoom Giclée Art Print - 300gsm Group with others to send a gift card to a friend! All prints are individually numbered, stamped, signed and shipped with a certificate of authenticity from Curioos.