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Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery
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Fullscreen Pageflip Layout with BookBlock Table of Contents ← Previous Demo: Responsive Audio Player Back to the Codrops Article Self-destruction The Hon. In New London, report says, the young men are falling into drinking habits as never before. "The pulse of a person in health beats about seventy strokes a minute, and the ordinary term of life is about seventy years. "In New York, Mr. "Massachusetts is moving to build an asylum for her twenty-five thousand drunkards. "The same rate of fearful expenditure for intoxicating drinks extends across the ocean. From "The Funny Side of Physic" by A. Why we die But few of the human race die of old age. "Choked with passion" is no chimera; for passion often kills the unfortunate possessor of an irritable temper, sometimes suddenly. Let us see how long a man should live. The honeymoon The origin of the honeymoon is not generally known. The Saxons long and long ago got up the delightful occasion. Dr. "The report did not say whether the husband was pleased or not with her long silence." "Mrs.

Trends in interactive design 2013 Onslaught! Arena Introduction In June of 2010, it came to our attention that local publishing "zine" Boing Boing was having a game development competition. We saw this as a perfectly good excuse to make a quick, simple game in JavaScript and <canvas>, so we set to work. After the competition we still had a lot of ideas and wanted to finish what we started. Here's the case study of the result, a little game called Onslaught! The retro, pixelated look It was important that our game look and feel like a retro Nintendo Entertainment System game, given the contest premise to develop a game based on a chiptune. Given how small these sprites are we decided to double-up our pixels, meaning that a 16x16 sprite would now be 32x32 pixels and so forth. Here's a scenario that we considered: This method would consist of 1x1 sprites instead of doubling them up on the asset creation side. Fun canvas tricks We all know that <canvas> is the new hotness, but sometimes developers still recommend using DOM. The Game Loop Audio

Adaptive Images in HTML 3D Gallery Room x Super customized checkboxes and radio buttons with jQuery HTML5 Sites 50+ jQuery CSS решений для веб-разработчиков. Часть 12 — Создание сайтов самостоятельно. Инструкция по созданию сайта, блога, интернет-магазина. В заметке собрано более 50 потрясающих свежих jQuery CSS решений, которые точно смогут украсить ваш сайт или добавить ему какой-нибудь новый функционал. Среди представленных плагинов: меню, кнопки, контент во всплывающих блоках, галереи, слайдеры и слайд-шоу, текстовые эффекты, плавающие блоки, карусели, скроллеры, выезжающие блоки, различные ротаторы, всплывающие подсказки и множество других интересных jQuery CSS решений. Если вы не найдете подохдящего вам решения — обязательно воспользуйтесь путеводителем по плагинам, в котором собрано более 700 интересных jQuery Mootools CSS плюшек для веб-разработчиков. Рассылка с блога: на почту, RSS, Twitter. 1. Слайд-шоу с миниатюрами и описанием слайдов. 2. Симпатичный слайдер изображений с описанием и автоматической сменой слайдов. 3. jQuery плагин «Фоторама» Хорошая галерея-слайдер. 4. Интересные эффекты для работы с типографикой с помощью CSS3 и jQuery. 7 различных классных эффектов. 5. 6. Круговой эффект при наведении. 7. 8. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions Being a Freelance Designer Stumptown helvetica cardigan, odd future seitan tattooed flannel. Kale chips direct trade cray beard. 8-bit etsy butcher post-ironic blog lo-fi mcsweeney's, sustainable pickled umami flexitarian DIY ethical plaid trust fund. Wolf cred organic, terry richardson aesthetic four loko occupy vegan chillwave readymade deep... Working with Photoshop Cosby sweater odd future gluten-free actually dreamcatcher. Making use of Icon Fonts Locavore irony gastropub chillwave, butcher meggings flexitarian pinterest master cleanse godard.

Text Opening Sequence with CSS Animations A simple and fun text opening sequence effect with blurry letters using CSS animations. View demo Download source Today I want to show you how to create a fun little typography effect with CSS animations and text shadows. Maybe you know those eerie opening sequences of movie trailers where some text is being faded in on a dark background. After seeing Introducting Briefs (which is not a terror movie trailer but a preview for an interesting app) I got inspired for recreating the effect using CSS. The idea is to blur text and make it appear with a rotation while animating the space between the letters. So, let’s do it. Please note: this is highly experimental and only works as intended in browsers that support the respective CSS properties. The idea is to have a couple of sentences fade in with the aforementioned effect, so we’ll want to wrap every appearing bit into an h2: Remember, this is just a experimental effect; let’s not be too strict with markup best practices :) And the last one?

50 бесплатных HTML и CSS элементов Сегодня мы хотим представить вам бесплатные HTML/CSS-элементы. HTML расшифровывается как Hyper Text Markup Language, который используется для структурирования и презентации контента веб-сайта посредством интернета. Так как он впервые был представлен в 1990 году, уже было выпущено несколько версий. Каждая версия выходит с дополнениями и расширенными свойствами. Текущая версия HTML – это HTML5. Собрат этого языка, CSS, расшифровывается как Cascading Style Sheets, который используется для презентации семантики документа, написанного на HTML. Существуют разные бесплатные HTML/CSS-элементы, которые можно скачать в интернете. Taped Image Corners HTML & CSS Скачать