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Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!
What thrills you about antique quilt finds? I’ll tell you what thrills me ---- EVERYTHING! ((Of course!)) But mostly, the humble fabrics that were used to make them. Quilts used to come out of ordindary every day scraps, the bottom of the bag, the less usable pieces that were too small for making clothing, or the cuts left after making clothing, or sometimes the salvageable parts of clothing after they had lived their lives as wearable articles. We often look at old quilts and find places where two smaller pieces of the same fabric have been seamed together to make a piece big enough to...

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Original Paintbox Blocks Tutorial Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the blocks I used for this quilt. My quilt used 64 blocks -- 32 sets of two. Each block is 6.5" once sewn (7" before). For each set of two, you'll need approximately 9" x 15" of a solid fabric and a coordinating print. TUTORIAL: Film At Five Quilt Another example of the fun to be had with scraps! 2-1/2″ squares are one of my standard scrap cuts. By regularly cutting scrap a little at a time, I always have materials ready when inspiration strikes. Of course, you can cut a lot all at once, or start with any precut 2-1/2″ strips you might have lying around. Either way, remember that all those little colored pieces add up to over 3-1/2 yards of fabric.

Fan of MarketPlace wins a fair-trade quilt from MarketPlace: Handwork of India! Want to be the next winner? Fan of MarketPlace wins a fair-trade quilt from MarketPlace: Handwork of India! Want to be the next winner? Thank you to Lorene and Connie for helping to create this quilt! Give Your Quilt That Special Edge With Prairie Point Binding Are you looking for a different way to finish your quilt other than simple binding? Or, have you ever thought your quilt would look wonderful with folded fabric prairie points, but you didn’t quite know how to add them to your quilt? Read on to find out that prairie point binding is not as tricky as it looks, and it’s especially easy with our 10 step method for attaching prairie points! Let’s start by making prairie points There are many different ways to make prairie points, but here are two popular methods using squares. To determine the size of the square required, start by figuring out how high you would like the finished prairie points to be.

Pat Sloan: Sometimes you just need to make a quilt - Pat Sloan's Blog I think a lot of things when I see a quilt design. I think I love it, I think it's pretty, and sometime.. I think I REALLY need to apply MY fabric to that pattern and see how it looks. The latter is what happened when I spotted this pattern called "Movement in Squares". It is a free pattern found HERE.

Be*mused My first effort Five or six years ago when Anna Maria Horner's book, Seams to Me, came out, there was a flurry of interest in one particular project in the book, the Pincushion Caddy. It was popping up on many blogger 'want to make' lists but enthusiasm waned as some reported back that the pattern was nearly impossible to assemble. I Dance in Circles Making this quilt felt a little bit like dancing. It is full of color and movement, and just the right touch of sexy. But don't be scared of all those curves; I assure you -- not a single pin or template was used in their construction. In case you don't remember me, I'm Tracey; I blog at traceyjay quilts. And for this quilt, I dance in circles. 1 Fandango Layer Cake

Marmalade Squares (Two!) Quilt Author's Note: Thanks to readers who found errors in the tutorial. They have been fixed on the website but not pdf download. I will post here when the download has been fixed. A Group Gathering: Collar Piece: Nancy Nicholson Bold and colourful with moreish motifs of birds, cats and fluid forms, designer & artist Nancy Nicholson's work is highly illustrative and joyful to behold. Based in Kent, Nancy works predominantly in paper and textiles using her own designs to produce stitch kits, 3d 'interactive stationary' and one-off hand & machine stitched pieces. Nancy comes from a dynasty of artists with a rich textile bent. In brief, her Father, Roger Nicholson, was a professor of fine art texiles at the Royal College of Art and her Mother, Joan Nicholson, was involved in the Needlework Development Scheme in the 1950's (you may even be familiar with Joan's work for Golden Hands magazine in the 1960s & 70s?). Both parents were involved with the 1951 Festival of Britain and between them produced a huge volume of work from paintings to wallpaper patterns. This body of work has been both influential and inspirational to Nancy's work, sharing a European folk art flavour to which Nancy adds her own twist.

Oh, Fransson! Today is my stop on the blog tour for the lovely and talented Jennifer Sampou's new fabric collection, Shimmer. Shimmer includes nature-inspired prints in beautiful earth tones, all with a little bit of irridescent, sparkling shimmer. Continue reading "Shimmer Fabric Blog Tour" » Bedazzled Quilt As I am preparing this pattern for publication much of the United States of America is frozen. There are even rumors to the effect that Niagara Falls has frozen. That's cold. The next couple of months is bound to be filled with stories of cold and more cold as we nestle in for winter. However, that doesn't mean we have to be cold or gloomy in the wet and grey. Where I live, in North Texas, it doesn't usually get very cold for very long.