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Edits Quarterly × Ian Coyle

Edits Quarterly × Ian Coyle
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Internet of Things Camera - Simple remote monitoring using a first-generation Eye-Fi wireless SD card and Adafruit Data Logging Shield for Arduino Introduction The Eye-Fi card is a tiny wireless memory card. It stores photos and fits inside a camera just like a regular SD card, but also has built-in WiFi transceiver that can upload images to your computer, smartphone or to various photo-sharing sites. We use one here when taking pictures for our tutorials — it’s a great timesaver, eliminating the extra USB transfer step that’s otherwise necessary. Can the Eye-Fi card work in an Arduino SD card adapter? What makes this combination way cooler than just a normal SD card or a USB cable to a computer is all the infrastructure provided by the Eye-Fi service — not just transferring images to your computer, but pushing them to your smartphone, photo-sharing sites like Flickr, issuing email or Twitter notifications, etc. Parts and Software Lists Parts used in this project include: Links to software: Make It! SD.enableCRC(true);

Nizo for iPhone ABOUT YOU | Corporate Page BeerCamp at SXSW 2011 Europe by Motorhome Introduction: Between mid-March and mid-December 2010 we traveled roughly 14,000 miles by motorhome through portions of twelve countries in western Europe. This Journal is intended to summarize our experiences and the knowledge we’ve gained for the benefit of other motorhome travelers. In 2011, between late February and the end of November, we traveled across southern Europe to the Balkan states and Bulgaria. In 2012, we arrived around April 1st and departed mid-December. General Summary: In order to minimize repetition, many items can be covered in a summary of motorhome travel considerations generally applicable throughout european countries. In 2010 we traveled in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal as well as the four entities of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; plus the Republic of Ireland. In 2012, we spent time in a total of eighteen countries, visiting fifteen of them for the first time. Expense Summary:

UI Guidelines for Skeuomorphic Multi-Touch Interfaces Gestural, multi-touch user interfaces have made using a computer interesting again. This is good and bad. But two big names in usability, Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, are concerned that it’s canadian pharmacy cialis _a_step_backwards_in_usability_6.html”>more bad than good. After scoffing at the idea at first, I sat down to think about whether it was possible to develop guidelines that are open enough to allow for innovation, playfulness, and beauty but strong enough to keep usability high. “Skeuomorphic” refers to a design that retains the functional elements of a predecessor but only in an aesthetic capacity. screws, and heat vents that recall the aesthetic of physical gear although they are absolutely unnecessary in digital systems. Propellerhead's Reason virtual studio showing skeuomorphic design elements Potential Guidelines If it is functional in the physical version, it should be functional in the multi-touch digital version. The definition of “functional” is deliberately vague.

ANDY: A Popera - Opera Philadelphia World Premiere Music by Heath Allen and Dan Visconti Directed by John Jarboe Text by John Jarboe in development with Sean Lally and ensemble Additional lyrics by Liz Worth Performed in English without supertitles Opera in the City A musical mélange inspired by the life, fame, and the philosophy of Andy Warhol—ANDY: A Popera is, like its eponymous hero, a fabulous collision of the high and low, the commercial and the artistic, the traditional and the innovative. It is a work that explodes onto the stage–and sparks out into the audience, presenting singing soup cans, Marilyns, and a randy banana on stage with contemporary versions of Warhol Superstars Valerie Solanas, Candy Darling, and Edie Sedgwick. The party starts next door to the theater at 7:30 p.m. at the eclectic art gallery Bahdeebahdu. This production includes explicit language, sudden loud noises, sexual content, and nudity. Explore directions, parking, and dining options for 1526 N.

Us The ustwo™ Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook | ustwo™ We’ve now updated the Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook to version 2 – visit this blog post to download and read all about it. Good pixel practice vs bad pixel practice We love pixels! They’re the building blocks of all the visual design we do here at ustwo™, but are so often relegated to mere afterthought in the excitement of working with colours and styles. Why is this important though? Users usually see your product even before they start interacting with it and as with everything, first impressions count. So where did PPP™ begin? The first version of the PPP™ document Before long bits and bobs were added until the document had blossomed to over 80 pages! The second version of the PPP™ document For the second anniversary of the original PPP™ a redesign was decided upon to freshen up the style and to keep it more within our guidelines for documentation. The latest, and most pixel perfect version of PPP™ Drag PPP™.ibooks to iTunes and synchronise with your iPad to read