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Flash Card PrinterFast creation of flash cards and game cards from word lists. WordsearchCreate word searches. 100s of word lists available. Picture CardsCreate word and picture cards for literacy and other activities Picture BingoCreate bingo (lotto) games using word lists and pictures Letter MashCreate scanning activities with text, keyboard symbols and dingbats Word ScramblerCreates anagram worksheets from word lists Handwriting 3Super fast handwriting practice text creation Word BingoGenerate bingo cards from word lists Handwriting 1Print tracing sheets to support pre-writing activities. Word Outline CreatorCreate word outline blocks from word lists Word WallPrint graffiti word walls from word lists Onset and Rime TilesMake and customise interlocking onset and rime cards Alphabetical OrderQuickly generate alphabetical order worksheets from word lists. I Have, Who Has? Letter FansCustomise and print literacy fans for word building Related:  EnglishRepositorios para REA

test taking skills: ninjas Language Myths | Grammarphobia The Living Dead The house of grammar has many rooms, and some of them are haunted . Despite the best efforts of grammatical exorcists, the ghosts of dead rules and the spirits of imaginary taboos are still rattling and thumping about the old place. It’s no longer considered a crime to split an infinitive or end a sentence with a preposition, for example, but the specters of worn-out rules have a way of coming back to haunt us. (For more about these and other language myths, check out our books.) Let Bygone Rules Be Gone TOMBSTONE: Don’t split an infinitive. R.I.P. The truth is that the phrase “split infinitive” is misleading. A sentence like that sounds natural because in English, the best place for an adverb (like discreetly) is right in front of the word it describes (mention). Sometimes, rearranging the words to avoid a “split” can be ridiculous. Writers of English have been merrily “splitting” infinitives since the 1300s. So it’s fine to split—just don’t go overboard. R.I.P. R.I.P.

1000s FREE Primary Teaching Resources & Printables - EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Euro 2016 Football - June 10 to July 10Fathers Day (global) - Sunday, June 19thUS Independence Day - Monday, July 4thEid ul-Fitr - Tuesday, July 5thRio Olympics - Friday August 5 to Sunday August 21Fathers Day (Australia and New Zealand) - September 6thHallowe’en - Saturday, October 31stBonfire Night - Thursday, November 5thRemembrance Day - November 11thDiwali - Wednesday, November 11thThanksgiving - Thursday, November 26thSt Andrew’s Day - Wednesday, November 30thHanukkah - December 24th to January 1stChristmas - Saturday, December 25thNew Year’s Day - Friday, January 1stBurns’ Night - Wednesday, January 25thAustralia Day - Thursday, January 26th Earth Day - Friday, April 22nd St George’s Day - Saturday, April 23rd Anzac Day - Monday, April 25thMothers Day (global) - Sunday, May 8th

Apps útiles: Apps para recordar y comprender 1 Apps para recordar y comprender En la parte inferior de este apartado te presentamos una serie de herramientas útiles para la creación de artefactos digitales de actividades (que pretenden que el alumno recuerde y comprenda) tales como: websites for kids Technology is pretty amazing! There are lots of wonderful ways to help our child practice the skills they are learning in school. Often times with some of these great educational sites our children don't even know that they are learning at the same time! It's also a great way to motivate kids to do their homework, have them do their reading and math first and for a reward they can play an educational game...tricky! A friend of mine asked me for some recommendations on some other educational websites, so you know me, I went crazy and found a bunch. I spent many hours digging through cyberspace to find and test out the following educational game sites. Just bookmark this page, and every time you want to use a new site you can come here to find it quickly. 1. This site has lots of great language arts games. 2. Hello! 3. Here's a wonderful site c/o one of my readers! 4. Well after I posted this list on Monday I found an phenomenal site on Wednesday! 5. Wo this is another great site. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Wordsearch Generator Print Word Searches from your wordlists - choose from hundreds of word lists, edit them or create your own. Word Searches are randomly regenerated each time a setting is changed - a new Word Search with the same settings can be created by clicking the Refresh Grid button. Click the Resize button to change the overall size of the Word Search Grid - sizes from 7 to 30 square are possible. Choose various word layout options and from a range of font styles including cued handwriting fonts and bubble fonts for tracing. If the Print Answer Sheet option is checked - two pages will be printed including a completed Word Search for marking or reference. Note: All new word list submissions have to be moderated before they appear on the site - make sure you print or download word searches made with new lists before leaving. Add an idea for this particular printable or report a mistake on it. These A4 downloads were created by saving as PDF.

Instituto Cervantes: aprender español, cursos de español y cultura en España e Hispanoamérica Herramientas AICLE: Uso de herramientas TIC para transformación y diseño de contenidos AICLE 5 Uso de herramientas TIC para transformación y diseño de contenidos AICLE Para crear actividades interactivas con las que trabajar la competencia digital: ClassTools: permite la creación de juegos y actividades educativas a golpe de unos pocos clics, pero además contiene una herramienta llamada Virtual Book para crear libros virtuales online, fácil y rápida de usar.LyricsGaps: repositorio de actividades para trabajar la destreza de comprensión oral basadas en canciones para diversas lenguas.LyricsTraining: plataforma social con un gran abanico de canciones y actividades sobre las mismas a distintos niveles, desde fácil a muy difícil, con posibilidad de embeberlas en nuestros propios espacios web y customizar el tipo de juego por parte del propio usuario. Disponible en varias lenguas.Timerime: herramienta para crear líneas de tiempo. Incluye una versión educativa de pago.

hula hoop venns Lesson Plan SOS This Blog Linked From Here The Web Thursday, May 26, 2011 End of the Year Field Trip… To read the content of this post, please click on the link below: Posted by Lesson Plan SOS Teachers at 7:24 PM8 comments Email ThisBlogThis! Labels: End of the Year, Freebies Wednesday, May 18, 2011 End of the Year Learning Celebration: Hollywood Style! To read the content of this post, please click on the link to my new blog: Posted by Lesson Plan SOS Teachers at 8:30 PM3 comments Labels: End of the Year Monday, May 16, 2011 Not Your Average Animal Research Paper! To read the content of this post, please click here: Posted by Lesson Plan SOS Teachers at 6:39 PM7 comments Labels: Research, writing Friday, May 13, 2011 Basketball Math (Go Bulls!) Labels: Math Labels