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Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars...

Repurposed Etched Glass Spice Jars...
As an avid recycler, I often find myself admiring the numerous boxes of glass bottles in our garage, awaiting their fate. When I noticed more than a dozen empty bottles from one particular product, I knew I had a problem there must be something else I could do other than toss them into a recycling bin once a week. In order to justify my purchase of a caffeine-laden treat, I decided to repurpose and upcycle the glass containers from my favorite splurge. Enter Starbucks Frappuccino. (I know, I know, but I'm trying...) And no, we're not rich. With a few supplies, and as many glass bottles as you can find, you can quickly organize a spice cupboard or pantry in a very attractive manner! Drink bottles, salad dressing bottles, there are so many options, so many different sizes and shapes. Come on, let's see what we can come up with!

DIY Hand Stitching, part 2 - LA Last week, I started a DIY Hand Stitching series and began with how to hand stitch your own handwriting. I stitched onto paper and showed a method for transferring the pattern by poking or drawing dots as a guide on the surface. The same technique can be used when stitching a simple pattern onto fabric but when you stitch more than one color or there's a lot of intersecting lines (like these), it's much easier to use a piece of tear away backing. I'll show you how-- it's really neat! Cake Stands and Candy Dishes Accessories Published on April 15th, 2011 | by Jules IKEAHacker Materials: OPPEN plate/bowl, NEGLINGE candlestick, E6000 epoxy Description: Cake stands are always so expensive at retail stores like Target and the like, when they are basically just elevated plates.

Smart Buys & Space Saving Strategies for Small Kitchens Previous image Next image So you have a small kitchen. A tiny one. What are your options? You could spend hours coveting the cavernous kitchens profiled in Architectural Digest. Easy Truffles This is the fastest and easiest recipe for making delicious, perfectly flavored chocolate truffles. Customize the flavors and toppings to suit your exact tastes. You'll get hooked on trying to come up with the perfect combinations, and your friends and family will be more than happy to help judge their favorites! Today I share with you my experience making a recipe from the Martha Stewart website. I offer the original recipe, and suggestions on how to make it even simpler and faster. Want To Make A Giant Telescope Mirror? Here's How hide captionTemperatures inside this giant oven will reach 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Large blocks of glass inside the oven will melt as the whole oven spins around at a rate of five times per second, creating a curved and smooth telescope mirror. Ray Bertram/Steward Observatory

Jewlery Resin Looking for a quick and easy gift for Valentine’s Day? This project fits the bill. Remember this post on patriotic resin jewelry? The process is the same, except I used Valentine’s Day sprinkles instead of red, white and blue. I also used heart shape bezels which I found with the polymer clay at Hobby Lobby. Scissors & Spatulas {and everything in between}Scissors & Spatulas {and everything in between} What do you get when you mix chalkboard paint with wine glasses? I’ll give you a hint. . . you’ll never question whether or not a glass is yours again! Because it will have your name written all over it! Literally! Chalkboard painted wine glasses!

5 Smart Space Savers from Around the Web There are lots of ways to save space in a tiny home and maximize the little space you do have. So many ways, in fact, that one can get a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of good ideas out there. And what if you just want something easy to implement, and something you can use in a rental place and that won't cost a ton to add?We've gathered our favorite tips from around the web that we've come across recently. From House Beautiful to Houzz, Design*Sponge to Martha Stewart, plenty of online design resources have weighed in on their favorite ways to save space. Here are our favorites of their favorites:

Hogwarts Express Pumpkin Pasties This recipe will give us one 9" crust. From that, we can use a 4" circle-shaped cookie cutter to get the necessary rounds to make the pasties. To get a flaky crust, the key is COLD. I refrigerate all of my ingredients, including the flour, salt, and sugar--especially the butter and water need to be COLD. Soon you'll 'evolve' yourself new furniture using 3D printing Most of the time, when you buy something, you end up getting someone else's idea of what you really want. With custom 3D printing becoming cheaper and more available, the options for customization are endless, and a new service could allow the "evolution" of new products that are perfect for you. Evolution, at its most basic, is the idea that good and useful things will tend to be favored in designs over things that are not quite so good and useful. You can see it all over the place in animals, but it's equally true in products: version 2.0 of your computer or car or sunglasses or furniture takes everything that was good about version 1.0 and makes it better, while mixing in a bunch of new stuff at the same time. Or at least, that's the idea.

Custom Color Chalkboard Paint - Martha Stewart Organizing Crafts Thanks to paint that dries into a chalkboard finish, your board can be whatever size you desire and placed wherever you like. Store-bought formulas come in traditional green and black. But you can also follow our recipe to mix your own batch in any shade. Apron Bottle Cover Tutorial... Can you believe it?... I'm finally getting around to doing a tutorial on my apron water bottle/soda covers. Scrap Wood Cutting Board I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to materials and supplies, so it's no surprise that my wood shop is filled with a lot of cut-offs that perhaps other people might just throw away. It turns out that all these odds and ends actually have some real value for making small projects like jewelry boxes, thin strips for inlays, or joined together to form larger boards. This Instructable shows you how to join multiple different sized boards together to make a scrap wood cutting board.