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Knowmad Society

Knowmad Society
This book explores the future of learning, work and how we relate with each other in a world where we are now asked to design our own futures. Key topics covered include: reframing learning and human development; required skills and competencies; rethinking schooling; flattening organizations; co-creating learning; and new value creation in organizations. Knowmads are nomadic knowledge workers –creative, imaginative, and innovative people who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere. The jobs associated with 21st century knowledge and innovation workers have become much less specific concerning task and place, but require more value-generative applications of what they know. The office as we know it is gone. Schools and other learning spaces will follow next.

Creating Assessments That Can't Be Googled - ISTE 2013 – My Big Campus VoiceThread is a web-based presentation and slideshow tool that allows users to post images, documents, videos, and presentations online. Once uploaded, these presentations can be narrated by a single person or become the background for a recorded conversation between several people. Users also have the ability to record annotations over the presentation while speaking. The conversations on each slide can be recorded in several ways. Users can leave audio comments with a microphone, web camera, or telephone. Redesigning the future of education in Knowmad Society: Our next steps In case if you missed my keynote at IPON, I’m sharing slides from my talk via SlideShare: IPON is moving away from serving as an ICT platform for education toward a platform for innovation in education. This requires a very human touch, and I aimed to reflect this aspect in my talk with an overview of Knowmad Society.

Send Your Parents a 'Care Package' of How-To Videos It's tough raising parents these days. Take it from me: my retired mom and dad are brilliant people, but they just can't get the hang of copying-and-pasting. Apparently they're not the only ones, as evidenced by Google's unofficial new Teach Parents Tech site. It's designed expressly for people who want to help their parents learn computer basics. All you do is complete an amusingly tongue-in-cheek form, the bulk of which involves choosing how-to videos you want to send to Mom and/or Dad. The site offers a few dozen of them, with topics ranging from "Copy & Paste" to "Make a Blog" to "Attach a File to an Email."

Knowmads in Society 3.0 Remember nomads? In the pre-industrial age, nomads were people that moved with their livelihood (usually animal herding) instead of settling at a single location. Industrialization forced the settlement of many nomadic peoples… …but, something new is emerging in the 21st century: Knowmads. A knowmad is what I term a nomadic knowledge worker –that is, a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.

Google A - Z - iGoogle There's more to Google than just Google search and Google Apps EDU. In fact, there is a Google tool for every letter in the alphabet. Explore my favorites listed below with a brief description, link and video tutorial. Sift down towards the bottom of the page to view the extensive list of Google tools. Knowmads as Critical Relevancies Hybrid Futures Knowmads pt 5 This is part 8 in the series: The Rise of the Cyber Unified Civilization "..the concept of “transindividuation” is one that does not rest with the individuated “I” or with the interindividuated “We,” but is the process of co-individuation within a preindividuated milieu and in which both the “I” and the “We” are transformed through one another. "

Doing More with Less (and Other Practical Educational Technology Tidbits) Another year of school is upon us. My son, who just turned three, just started his first school. He excitedly talks about it, plays pretend school with his Superman and Thomas the Train toys, and loves to carry his new backpack around our house. Watching his eagerness, I hope that, in some way, we all feel that way about this new school year. Knowmads as Aesthetic Curators of information Hybrid Futures Knowmads pt 4 This is part 7 in the series: The Rise of the Cyber Unified Civilization I've handled colour as a man should behave. You may conclude that I consider ethics and aesthetics as one.Josef Albers We are multidimensional minds, multisensory systems presently embodied in simple materiality. But that is changing.