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TUIO hardware support In order to support the further development of the TUIO platform, we are looking for hardware donations of various hardware: iOS and Android tablets, Touchscreen hardware, Windows 7 Multitouch Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets, MS Surface, Samsung SUR40, Magic Trackpad or any other devices to evaluate their existing or potential TUIO support. Please get in touch with martin_at_tuio_dot_org for further information! TUIO Tracker Implementations TUIO Server Reference Implementations C++: (source, all platforms) TUIO output Bridges Touch2Tuio: forwards native Windows 7 touch messages to TUIO clients mtdev2tuio: converts Linux touch events from libmtdev to TUIO 1.1 TouchToTuio: N-Trig panel TUIO driver (e.g. TUIO input Bridges Multi-Touch Vista Windows HID driver, input management layer with a TUIO input provider. TUIO Simulators TUIO Gateways

Accessing the kinect in javascript through websockets « Aboutme – blog Good morning all! (or evening, night, … depending on when you read this post of course). As you might know, I’ve been working on AIRKinect ( and I’ve got a side project AIRServer aswell (which allows you to setup air as a socket server, including websocket support). Wouldn’t it be fun, to combine these two projects in a demo, so you can access the kinect information through a websocket?

Multitouch Products « Ideum Platform Coffee Table Platform 46 Coffee Table The Platform 46 Coffee Table, featuring the 3M™ Multi-Touch Display C4667PW is a complete turnkey multitouch table that comes with Windows 8 (and soon Android OS). Turska UI Library Development - Iceweasel About Turska is a compact and simple framework & UI component library. It is especially aimed for games which typically have only modest requirements for UI. The library is meant to be used in connection with some other library as a low-level platform abstraction/backend. View topic - DIY multitouch plans & libs ! Regarding Microsoft's 'Surface', it's exciting but ... Quote: With a 30-inch screen, Surface will initially sell for between $5,000 and $10,000 (£2,525-£5,050). That's a bit expensive for me.

Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets (KOPS) is the only book that explains the official Java wrappers for OpenNI and NITE. (If you want installation instructions, scroll down this page a little.) The main drawback of using the PrimeSense Java wrappers is their lack of documentation. As I explain in chapter 1, I had to decompile the libraries' JAR files, and work out the correspondences between the Java source and the somewhat better documented C++ OpenNI/NITE APIs. This is why including "secrets" in the book's title isn't too excessive :). Multi Touch Table Screen Display Interface GestureTek’s award-winning Illuminate Multi-Touch Table is a user-friendly surface computing technology offered in nearly any shape or size to suit any requirement. The turnkey multi-touch screen display stands 36" high, with a 30, 40 or 55” diagonal gesture-controlled screen, powerful multi-touch computer, projector, camera and speakers. Control is via a multi-point or multi-touch interface. GestureTek’s full library of GestureFX special effects applications can be included in the multi-touch display table.

Clipping by William Shoaff with lots of help Contents PDF version of these notes Audio file of these notes (up to Blinn's algorithm) Clipping refers to the removal of part of a scene. Johannes Luderschmidt’s Blog » Blog Archive » The Multi-Touch Table Virttable [Update] The second multi-touch table, that I have built is called The Virttable, which stands for Versatile Illumination Research Touch Table. This table is the property of the department for Design, Computer Science and Media (DCSM) of the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences, which provided me with the money for the components of the Virttable. (Actually, we had student fees for a short time in Hessen/Germany. From a part of these student fees the Virttable has been built.

20 Arduino projects of 2013 The world is full of incredible makers which make new amazing things with Arduino every day and I think that collecting and showcasing the most interesting ones can be truly inspirational, especially for people who just started with Arduino or are planning to start soon. In this post, which follows the very popular 2012 edition, I collected 20 amazing Arduino projects of 2013 carefully selected after digging the web for days. All the projects in this list follow two simple criteria: They’ve been published/released between January and June 2013.They provide quite detailed info and instructions (the more the better). As you may have imagined reading the first criteria, this is only the first list of the year, a second one will be released in January 2014 collecting 20 more Arduino projects created in the second half of the year.

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