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Smarter Charts from Marjorie Martinelli & Kristine Mraz

Smarter Charts from Marjorie Martinelli & Kristine Mraz
Today we are delighted to welcome guest blogger, Valerie Geschwind. Valerie is currently a teacher in the NYC public schools. Valerie creates magical things in her classroom, one of which is rich and inspired talk. In the post below, she shares some of her secrets to building great talk. You can follow Valerie on twitter at @valgeschwind and learn more at her blog, With the CCSS placing such a strong emphasis on speaking and listening, teachers have been asking an important question: How can we support students in building academic talk and conversations?

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TCRWP - Teachers College Reading & Writing Project Visit any school affiliated with the TCRWP and you'll immediately see why the organization is a success. Pull your chair alongside and listen to the children's memoirs and essays, lean-in and listen to their literature circles and read aloud conversations and you'll glimpse why this work has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of educators the world over. Visit TCRWP middle schools and see fervent writers, principals leading multiple book clubs, kids taking home stacks of books to read on vacation. Attend any of our Saturday Reunions (which are free and require no registration) and you'll learn why thousands of educators gather on campus--as they have now for more than seventy-five reunions--to be reminded of why we chose teaching in the first place. Success is evident, too, when one sees that books by Project staff past and present are among the best-loved, most widely-used works in the field.

Alphabet Lacing Cards Print out these fun, colourful alphabet lacing cards for an unusual motor skills activity the kids will enjoy! Print onto card and cut out (laminating if you wish for durability), then punch holes around the edges and give them to the kids to thread or sew. Perhaps the children could work in pairs, one doing the upper case letter and one the lower case letter? Alternatively challenge the children to do one letter then find the matching card. Younger children might like to lace their initial, or even their full name. How Can I Help at Home? 5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Reading and Writing Life December 17, 2013 at 2:47pm Parents often ask, “What can I do to help my child with reading and writing? How can I help at home?” Here are some simple routines you can build at home to promote a love of reading and writing and support your child’s progress at school!

Amélie Pepin Welcome to the Freebies section! This section of the website is mostly in French. You may find some English documents under the menu "Anglais". All illustrations, coloring pages and cliparts contained in the documents of this section are illustrated by Amélie Pepin.

Five Quick Things Teachers Can Do to Increase Vocabulary Awareness January 20, 2014 at 5:26pm Expanding children's vocabulary is critical to their success in school and in life. There is a connection between a wider knowledge of vocabulary and increased comprehension because the more words children know the more subtleties they understand, and the more nuanced interpretations they are able to develop. Learning words requires much more than mere exposure, it requires usage in both speaking and writing. Kids love learning and using big, fancy words, so often teachers who create literacy rich classrooms that highlight vocabulary throughout the course of the day find their students' vocabulary skills increase.

8 Sites to Help Teachers Find and Create Rubrics Rubrics have been around for a long time and, while multiple choice and right or wrong answers are much easier to assess and mark, they are the assessment tool popular with the 21st century crowd. Once created, rubrics are a great way to demonstrate to students how they have achieved their marks and how they are being assessed. In other words, students know what constitutes a “5 out of 5″ because all the descriptors are there describing to the student what they need to do to get that perfect score. For teachers, even though rubrics are at the top of the assessment tool pyramid, they are, quite frankly not the easiest to create or manage. Creating them means a lot more work for the teacher as you have to fill out descriptors for each level and for the multiple areas you are assessing.

Around the Room The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is delighted to present a series of video clips highlighting the work of teachers in their classrooms. This fall, teachers all over the world have volunteered to record video clips of their classroom environments and share their ideas, decisions, and solutions related to establishing learning communities that support students’ continued growth. The same teachers will provide clips at different points across the year in order to show the evolution of their classrooms in response to their students’ needs and participation in units of study in literacy. We are excited for an inside view of these classrooms and to see the ways they are shaped by the students and teachers who call these classrooms home.

Teaching Beyond the Main Idea: Nonfiction and Point of View (Part I) I’ve had ‘organize the file cabinet‘ on my household to-do list for about two years now. And I’m proud to say, I now have the satisfaction of crossing that off the list! I noticed some trends as I came face-to-face with these files: I came across my Nonfiction Reading folder, began organizing it, and was struck by a huge trend. Peg-A-Number Fact Game learning 4 kids Loads of fun ideas for learning through play at home You are here: Home / Learning Play / Peg-A-Number Fact Game Peg-A-Number Fact Game Posted by Janice on September 26, 2012 11 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Using Charts to Review and Reflect February 10, 2014 at 8:30pm In the middle of year many teachers review routines and reflect on past learning before moving forward into the second half of the year. This is not only helpful, but often necessary depending upon the length of winter breaks from school.

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