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The Modeling Method: a Synopsis | American Modeling Teachers Association The Modeling Method has been developed to correct many weaknesses of the traditional lecture-demonstration method, including the fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity, and the persistence of naive beliefs about the physical world. Coherent Instructional Objectives Student-Centered Instructional Design Instruction is organized into modeling cycles which move students through all phases of model development, evaluation and application in concrete situations — thus promoting an integrated understanding of modeling processes and acquisition of coordinated modeling skills.The teacher sets the stage for student activities, typically with a demonstration and class discussion to establish common understanding of a question to be asked of nature.

A Physics Microcosm | Constructivist Physics Teaching iModel iBlog | Thoughts and Ramblings on Modeling Instruction and Standards Based Grading Science Education Correlations and Scatter Plots September 14, 2014 After a couple of hand-graphs, my students use their TI 83/84 calculator for graphing. Read the full article → If a nucleus is full of positively charged protons, why doesn’t it fly apart? March 27, 2014 In my physical science class this week, I realized the textbook was introducing the structure of the atom and positive and negative charges, but not answering addressing the clear question that follows the presented information is “what the heck keeps all those protons together in the nucleus?” Read the full article →

Non-Inertial Teaching | Teaching girls. Teaching physics. Productive & Constructive Quantum Progress | Raising the energy level of my physics classes Adventures with the Lower Level TEACHING|chemistry Modeling Chemistry (or physics, or bio) seems to be the perfect prep for the new AP class When looking at the College Board’s recommendations for improving performance on this year’s Free Response Questions, some repeated themes include have students draw particle views of… distinguish between descriptions and explanations have students describe in words what they observe have [...] Read more » Is this thing still on? Read more » On Day 6, we begin to take a quantitative look at energy. Read more » Energy is an integral part of the modeling curriculum. Read more » Lost my flow preparing for ChemED presentation, ChemED itself, #140edu and the subsequent post-PD summer laze, but better Nate than lever!