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The Blackwing Diaries

The Blackwing Diaries
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Motionographer | Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Motion Graphics, Design, Film, Visual Effects and Experimental Moving Image Storytelling Compañia Perfecta - blog de animación e ilustración PIXELSSS s u p e r b r o t h e r s Animondays Create your own Scanimation with Animbar Picket fence animation (sometimes also called barrier-grid animation) is an optical illusion. The illusion consist of two sheets – a white sheet with an image printed on it and a transparent plastic sheet with a number of black bars on it. The white sheet of paper underneath has a number of alternative images printed on it, in the form of very thin vertical stripes. In front of the picture card is a piece of clear plastic, which has vertical black and opaque stripes printed on it with thin gaps. You can create your own picket-fence animation at home using an open source, cross platform software Animbar. First you will need to create the frames that make up the animation. Now go to GIFexplode (assuming you have a GIF image that you want to convert into an animation) and convert the animation into individual frames. Once you are done with setting up the input images, compute the animation from the edit menu. Finally save both the base image and the bar mask.

Animator's Tool Box - Flash Animation Tutorials and Resources Parka Blogs | Art books, Anime, Manga, Movies, Reviews Temple of the Seven Golden Camels הפנקס – כתב עת מקוון לתרבות וספרות לילדים