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Free ringtone, wallpaper and apps,

Free ringtone, wallpaper and apps,
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Phixr - Online Photo Editor | BlackBerry News & Reviews 12 Principles Of Mobile Learning 12 Principles Of Mobile Learning by Terry Heick Ed note: This post has been updated and republished from a 2012 post Mobile Learning is about self-actuated personalization. As learning practices and technology tools change, mobile learning itself will continue to evolve. It is only within these communities that the native context of each learner can be fully understood. 1. A mobile learning environment is about access to content, peers, experts, portfolio artifacts, credible sources, and previous thinking on relevant topics. 2. As mobile learning is a blend of the digital and physical, diverse metrics (i.e., measures) of understanding and “performance of knowledge” will be available. 3. The cloud is the enabler of “smart” mobility. 4. Transparency is the natural byproduct of connectivity, mobility, and collaboration. 5. Play is one of the primary characteristics of authentic, progressive learning, both a cause and effect of an engaged mind. 6. 7. 8. With mobility comes diversity. 9. 10.

Ringtones | RINGTONE MAKER Getting ringtones for your phone is a great way to interact with your favourite music and assert your personal style. We've selected a large number of ringtones to help personalise your phone. In addition to ringtones, we've also found a great selection of wallpapers and screensavers to define your style. There are three types of ringtones: polyphonic ringtones; monophonic ringtones; and true tones. Monophonic ringtones consist of a series of different beeps made at different frequencies. Polyphonic ringtones can consist of 16 sounds at once. MP3 Ringtones, or true tones, allow original instruments and voices.

Lighting Setups From Scott Kelby's Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It Seminar Scott Kelby is on tour with his Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It seminar. I was able to attend a hands-on workshop, and then hit the seminar the following Friday when it came to Orlando. He mentioned to me before the seminar that it was going to be a lot of deja vu for me, and he was right. However, it was still very informative to see it the second time around because my head was in a bit of a different place for a seminar vs. a hands-on workshop. Have you ever gone through some training and got home, only to discover there was something you didn’t quite catch? I had a front-row seat at both events. One aspect of this tour is that you see how the lights build up. LSR Stage - © Copyright 2011 by William Beem Before he gets into the setup, he talks a bit about his lighting gear. Elinchrom BXRi 500 - © Copyright 2011 by William Beem It’s the Elinchrom BXRi 500 lights. Speaking of power, most of the shots during his seminar were taken with the lowest power setting, which is about 33 watts.

Document Scanning Software - Xerox Scan to PC Desktop Nuance and Xerox have developed Xerox Scan to PC Desktop to bridge the gap between your MFP, paper, Microsoft Office, and PDFs. Scan to PC Desktop brings valuable new cloud connectors and mobile support with synchronization across cloud and mobile applications, including Microsoft Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, and Your mobile devices are now as connected as your desktop. Why Choose Xerox? Save time at the Xerox MFP with personalized scanning. Neat Products - NeatDesk, NeatReceipts, Neat Accessories NeatConnect This wireless, touchscreen scanner sends paper straight to the cloud, without a computer! Includes Neat Digital Filing System Software and 3 free months of Neat Cloud Service. Compatible with PC & Mac. NeatDesk for PC Desktop Scanner + Digital Filing System Transform piles of paper into organized digital files, quickly and easily. NeatReceipts for PC Mobile Scanner + Digital Filing System Be organized wherever you go with this #1 receipt scanning solution. NeatDesk for MAC NeatReceipts for MAC Neat Cloud Service Imagine all of your Neat files, always in your pocket. NeatVerify Manual Verification Service for Mobile Scans Scanning with the Neat mobile app is handy, but not every picture is perfect. *Neat Cloud Service Required Concierge Scanning Bulk Scanning Service for Neat Cloud Service Our bulk-scanning service can help you get started with your Digital Filing System, or help you get caught up by scanning your piles of paper right into Neat Cloud Service. NeatDesk + NeatReceipts for PC

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