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Cutlery Tray for Jewelry!

Cutlery Tray for Jewelry!
I LOVE Jewelry, real jewelry, costume jewelry, all of it . . . almost as much as I love shoes! I have a small jewelry box for my "real" jewelry. As much as I'd love to fill a wall with gold and diamond jewelry, we can't afford that :( so as far as my real items go, I only own the classics. A small pair of diamond studs, a pair of peal earrings, a pearl necklace, a cocktail ring, a couple of white gold bands, and of coarse my wedding band and engagement ring!! But it wasn't my "good" jewelry I was having a hard time storing, it was my costume jewelry I couldn't make room for! There's nothing I love more than a great long necklace to complete a look but, what I had was a tangled mess of chains and beads. So while at walmart, I found some bamboo cutlery trays for $10 each! Second: I decided on what jewelry I wanted where and Lee started screwing in the hooks, which immediately cracked the back panel. Last: We screwed the tray to the wall using an anchor and a screw (super simple). Total Cost:

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DIY Personalised Clock – A FUN way to learn to tell the time! I found this fantastic idea over on Pinterest here and just HAD to make it. I’m keen to start Master L (5yo) on learning the time so I thought this was a FUN way to get his learning juices flowing! This would also make a wonderful gift too! Nestrest - Hanging lounger - chalk An over-sized bird’s nest offering you a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place: it’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations - NESTREST. NESTREST is made of an especially strong DEDON fiber (4 cm wide, instead of 2 cm), guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave with excellent properties: it shelters those within, allowing them to look out while preventing outsiders from seeing in – a perfect feeling of security! Creators of the NESTREST, an innovative new hanging pod woven from supersize strands of DEDON Fiiber, Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety are two of Paris’s most intriguing design talents.

There Will Be Tables and Chairs… We’ve been desperately needing bedside tables since we moved into our new place. I’ve been looking around for some to buy, keeping in mind that (a)the bedroom is super tiny and (B) we have a malm bed and dresser and wanted something that didn’t look too “Ikea”. So we came up with these. We took a quick trip to the Ikea in Richmond and Home Depot on Friday night and built them on Saturday.

25 Beautiful DIY Ways to Store Jewelry By Jaime Morrison Curtis | Jewelry and organization were two words that didn’t get along with me very well. I really tried to be better about it, but it was always too easy to set earrings on the counter, a bracelet on the craft table and toss a necklace in my purse. Before I knew it I had lost most of my favorite pieces because I had put them in a perfect place where I won’t forget it. Then I discovered DIY jewelry storage and I was hooked. If you dread searching for your favorite earrings or untangling the perfect necklace I suggest you take a peek at these 25 Ways to Store Jewelry…

Homemade Extracts Hi guys! As you can probably tell Jenny and I are way into Christmas and love giving homemade gifts as presents. We already shared with you a cute wrapping situation for one of our banana bread recipes, and today we thought we would do homemade extracts. We are giving you recipes for five different kinds: lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon, and orange. So you can either made all five, or pick you favorite and go with it.

Stainless-Steel Kitchen Accessories We now offer international shipping through global provider, Borderfree. As you shop, you will see prices in your selected currency. You can change where you would like to ship your items in the top right corner of our website. High Functioning Coat Hooks Back in Los Angeles, any old coat rack or a few hooks by the door would do. Most of us would just toss a jacket in the back of the car in the winter months. But here in Vermont we need a little more. Many of the vernacular farm houses I visit have at least a half dozen hooks per person lined up in their mud rooms. My wife and I each will have several different coats, jackets and vests in play all winter long. Add to that assorted scarves, hats and gloves, several of each for both of us, and your average coat rack doesn’t stand a chance.

Hidden Jewelry Box & Picture grace mentioned to me that jewelry storage is a hot topic for a lot of readers, so i set to work brainstorming some possibilities! i realized that there are basically two camps: people who like their jewelry on display (neatly of course), and people who like to hide it away (also neatly). so i am going to do two diys for jewelry storage that can satisfy both camps. the first is an attempt at hidden storage, which in this case is a mega top-secret, ninja-spy, behind-the-painting deal. i’ve always loved the idea of secret hiding places in fat old books, under rugs, and behind old paintings. this is pretty easy to rig up, especially if you have an old painting with a nice wood frame, but really any picture with a relatively wide wood frame will do fine. if you feel like you have too much jewelry to fit, this can also be a great way to store keys and mail by the entryway. or you could pair it with a nice leather bound book with a secret cutout container. have fun! – kate materials: 15. saw

Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman (Hottentot Venus) Oct 9 2013 Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman(before 1790 – 29 December 1815) (also spelled Bartman, Bartmann, Baartmen) was the most famous of at least two Khoikhoi women who were exhibited as freak showattractions in 19th-century Europe under the nameHottentot Venus—”Hottentot” as the then-current name for the Khoi people, now considered an offensive term, and “Venus” in reference to the Roman goddess of love. Southern Africa Sarah Baartman was born to a Khoisan family in the vicinity of the Gamtoos River in what is now the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She was orphaned in a commando raid. Saartjie, pronounced “Sahr-kee”, is the diminutiveform of her name; in Afrikaans the use of the diminutive form commonly indicates familiarity, endearment or contempt.

My version of the Pouf! I love all of the Poufs available to purchase, including the cute Striped Poufs from West Elm! SO Cute, but so expensive! So I figured I could make my own! How hard could it be? I am an expert at pillows! Thrifty and Chic: furniture So, this is one of those stories of getting something and having it sit in your basement for years. Like 7 or so years. Yep. I wish that was uncommon around my house, but it really isn't. But, the bright side of this, is that I actually do get around to making things out of my little findings :) ..even though its more than half a decade later lol.