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About disposableWebPage What is disposableWebPage? DisposableWebPage is a page you can create that will last for 90 days. That is the maximum lifespan of every disposablewebpage created here since 2007. After 90 days, the page will no longer be accessible or usable anymore. While it is active, you can use it for all kinds of purposes using the tools available to include various media content quickly and easily. All pages upon publishing are publicly viewable, for all to see.

How to install Windows 8 in 7 simple steps More Articles Looking to install Windows 8? Soluto guides you through it in 7 simple steps. You can also learn how to upgrade from Win 7, Win XP, or Vista. By the way, install Soluto on your own PC to improve your Windows experience. Learn More Here. Step 1: Ingredients Before you can get the first taste of Windows 8, you'll need to gather the following ingredients: 1 PC; Internet connection; 1 blank DVD; 1 DVD burner; M&Ms or candy of choice.

Gaming Tweaks Tweaks to optimize Windows for low latency online gaming2014-04-01 (updated: 2015-08-30) by PhilipTags: gaming, mmo, tweaks Online Gaming can often benefit from some fine-tuning of Windows TCP/IP settings and the Network Adapter properties. This article is intended to supplement our general broadband tweaks and list only TCP/IP settings that are specific to online gaming and reducing network latency. Some of these settings are also mentioned in our general tweaking articles, however, the emphasis here is on latency rather than throughput, and we have complemented the tweaks with more gaming-specific recommendations and settings that give priority to multimedia/gaming traffic, and may be outside of the scope of other broadband tweaks that focus on pure throughput. Some proficiency in using Command Prompt/PowerShell and editing the Windows Registry is expected.

How Albert Woodfox Survived Solitary Last summer, five months after being released from prison, Albert Woodfox went to Harlem. It was there, in 1969, during his last week of freedom, that he met members of the Black Panther Party for the first time. He had been mesmerized by the way they talked and moved. “I had always sensed, even among the most confident black people, that their fear was right there at the top, ready to overwhelm them,” he told me. “It was the first time I’d ever seen black folk who were not afraid.” Woodfox had intended to go to a meeting of the New York chapter of the Party that week, but he was arrested for a robbery before he could. Domain Name Search Tool How does Web Hosting work? Once you purchase a Web hosting plan, GoDaddy stores your site on one of our servers and assigns it a unique DNS. The DNS serves as the address that allows people around the world to find and view your website. This unique address is required in order for people to view your site.

Instapaper on the Kindle Paperwhite This is an updated version of an article I wrote nearly a year ago about how you can revolutionize the way to read web content by pairing Instapaper with your e-ink Kindle. This walkthrough will focus on using Instapaper with a Kindle Paperwhite. The Paperwhite is the latest in Amazon’s long line of e-ink reading tablets. It provides dramatic improvements over the previous generations and while not perfect I think it is the best e-ink reader available today. This walkthrough, however, will work in much the same way on older generation Kindles. The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines Written by Charles S. Knight, SEO, and edited by Richard MacManus. The Top 100 is listed at the end of the analysis.

Mencken Was Pro-Nazi, His Diary Shows - latimes BALTIMORE — The previously secret diary of writer and social critic H. L. Mencken discloses virulent anti-Semitism, racism and pro-Nazi leanings, shocking even the sympathetic Mencken scholar who edited it. On Mencken's instructions, the diary, typewritten on 2,100 pages from 1930 to 1948, remained sealed for 25 years after his death in 1956. Marketing on Craigslist From e-commerce websites to furniture wholesalers, small businesses both online and off are realizing the marketing power of Founded in 1996 by Craig Newmark, gets an estimated 10 million unique visitors per day. With an online classified ads format organized by either region or city, Craigslist connects buyers and sellers in more than 300 communities; for the most part, posting on the site is free. If you've never heard of Craigslist or never considered using the site to market your business, the following tips will help you determine whether it might be a good fit for you and offer another outlet for marketing your products and services. What Sells Best on Craigslist From services like tutoring, car repair and real estate to products such as wholesale furniture, consignment goods and retail e-commerce, Craigslist is the ultimate destination for online marketers. Posting on Craigslist, either nationally or locally, requires an understanding of the rules.

Turn Off Unnecessary Windows Services Windows is notorious for having useless features and CPU resource hogging programs/services enabled by default. Today’s post is about removing some of the useless services. Services are kind of like startup programs, they are usually not necessary, they slow down your computer, and they slow down the boot up process; however, some are useful so thats why I have made a list of ones to get rid of.0 To turn off services in windows you go to Start > Run > Type: ‘services.msc’ > Double Click on the service you want to alter and change the startup type to disabled or manual as directed in the list of unnecessary services below.

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